IAIK Interlude 12

Interlude 12 The Daily Life in Asora (Part 1)

*A little note: this chapter was supposed to be after chapter 80, but the moods of those chapters were not similar to the ones that will be here, that’s why this chapter was moved to the next one after chapter 82.

*stuttering* *stuttering* *stuttering*

Chloe had woken up in a more than happy mood.

This was because she had woken up and noticed that instead of Olga-sama, it was she herself who had her Master’s penis in her uterus, also because she was on top of him when she woke up, and she could his sleeping face from very close in the morning, not only that, but she also happily took his Master’s Boxers without anyone noticing it again, and at the same time she had 3 hours to lick Alexander a lot.

Today, Chloe was knitting a scarf, sitting at the Tea table in Asora’s garden, as she hummed from the bright mood she was in.

“Haaa, Danna-sama’s sleeping face… haaa~”

Chloe was blushing for having so many such “impure” thoughts all the time, even though she knew that she was really and literally, the least scandalous in this realm….

“I’m done with Danna-sama’s chocolate~, it’s ready now and only the day is left to come, so now I’ll make a scarf for him, hopefully he’ll like it…”

Chloe was saying softly as she continued knitting.

She was also surprised, as she herself was never going to think that she could make something so feminine, when her whole life was even taken for a “tomboy”, of course, all this was until she met Alexander, who treated her as a woman from start to finish.

“Ah, Danna-sama~”

Chloe put on an ecstatic expression and stopped what she was doing to slip her hand under her skirt, thinking about her Master.

“What are you doing, Chloe-sama?”


Alice suddenly appeared behind Chloe, and Chloe herself was so startled that she fell off the chair.

“N-no, it’s n-nothing, I was just knitting…”

“Knitting? Wow, that’s amazing, Chloe-sama! Could you teach me?”

Alicia had stars in her eyes as she asked this.

Chloe gave a small low sigh, then smiled and said:

“Hai, sure Alicia-sama, here, take the tools…”

Chloe then smiled as she saw how Alicia looked like a child for the first time with a toy, taking the knitting tools in her hand, and Chloe taught her the same thing Olga-sama had taught her.

“Hm, I wonder if I could enter the Avatar State if I concentrate, or if I master the ability that Husband bestowed upon me.”

Prim was walking around behind the Dojo, in a large, free area that was usually used for training, especially she, who had Elemental Magic granted by Alexander, as she wondered doubtfully.

And this was because, Prim, she had been influenced too much by TV and Animes as she believed that she could enter the Avatar State if she concentrated too hard… She was even thinking about practicing a lot to achieve it…

But apparently, since Prim had only seen the first Avatar series, The Legend of the Avatar Aang! and hadn’t seen the next version, The Legend of Avatar Korra…

She didn’t know that she needed to have some spirit within her called Raava to be able to enter into that State…

So yes, it was impossible.

“Well… never mind!”

Prim masterfully stopped thinking about this as she shrugged her shoulders, and continued happily and almost skipping down the road…

At least…

This was so until…

She saw him…


Prim saw a leg sticking out of a bush… and the unusual thing was that this leg was…. very familiar!

Prim without any fear or anything, went over there and when she saw the whole body…


She gave a raised voice and was surprised because the one with the leg sticking out of the bush? was Alexander!

“Alex-sama are you alright!”

Prim instantly came over while holding Alexander under his head, and she asked him with much concern.

Alexander slowly opened his eyes, and although he seemed to smile when he saw Prim, his face didn’t move, nothing about him moved, only his eyes.

“Alex-sama?” Prim saw Alexander open his eyes and look at her, but nothing else happened.

‘Haaa, I guess I ran out of Energy again…sigh, this is what happens every time it gets to 0, I stay a time of 1 to 3 minutes without being able to move or use skills…’

Alexander was thinking, but he couldn’t express anything, apart from his eyes.

Prim saw him and seemed to understand something.

‘I mean, Alex-sama, you’re fully awake, but running out of Magic? Are you like this? Please blink once for yes, and twice for no.”

She’d certainly heard that this used to happen to Alexander when he overexerted himself too hard with his powers, mainly from a very, very erotic Olga at the time when she was saying this….

Prim never knew why Olga-sama was like this when she said this, but the quick, smart brain of this naughty little girl seemed to notice something, and she couldn’t help but get very excited.

Alexander blinked once.


Prim laughed a little while Alexander looked doubtfully, only to be given a mini shiver that he felt in this state where he couldn’t feel anything…..

“So, Alex-sama, you were practicing a while ago and ran out of Magic?”

Alexander wanted to tell her that it was Energy and not Magic, but still he could only blink once.

Prim smiled, and then said, “I mean, right now because of the reaction from doing that, you can’t move, right? Just your eyes.”


Alexander sweated a little and blinked.

“So, at this moment you can’t move and anything can happen to you that can’t be avoided, even if they are very but muuuuuch ecchi things?”


Alexander was sweating profusely, and blinked again.


Alexander saw that Prim started laughing like Olga, and this was what made him start to feel that this was very strange.

Prim, blushing and breathing a little hard, looked up at Alexander and ran her hand through his hair, with a very sweet smile, so sweet… that Alexander had only ever seen it on Olga…

“I’ll take good care of you right now, Husband~ I’ll make you feel so good~~”

Alexander: “…”


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