IAIK Ch.83

Ch 83

Tama instantly positioned himself in front of Luu Luu, and her hand was placed on the hilt of her Sword.

“Who’s there!” Tama asked with a shout, as she looked towards the door located on the South side of the premises that looked like a large dome, or rather, like a circus tent.

“I know we haven’t known each other for a long time, Tama-chan, but I still hoped that you would have liked me better.”

Alexander entered from the side of the door as he smiled, under his mask, and with a calm atmosphere, as if he had just come from having tea.

“Alex-dono!” Tama snapped out of her surprise, and couldn’t help but let out a very surprised voice and was shocked at the sight of her extremely charismatic Hero.

“Alex-sama won?”

“Mom, Hero-sama beat the bad guys?”

*mumble* *mumble* *mumble*.

Alexander looked towards the large number of people gathered in this place, and then he spoke in his normal voice, once he was a little closer.

“The army of Kuroinu that attacked this City…. I have defeated it!”

Alexander raised his hand and this seemed to break the people’s tension.

At this moment, no matter who it was, whether it was even the people who were previously in the Duel looking at Alexander with hatred, for seeming close to Luu Luu, or anyone else…



Everyone instantly felt a great joy run through their bodies, and started to celebrate with all kinds of shouting or dancing and so on….

The children fluttered about the place, the women sighed as worried as they had been previously, the men, or the few men there, knowing that their lives would return to normal, also began to behave like little children…

In short, absolutely, regardless of age or social scale, they felt joy.

‘By God… the people of this World are too… incredulous, one might say, it has not even proved that what I have said is true, and they all believed it without any doubt… perhaps this is why Kuroinu’s men believe everything that Vault says without any doubt, it would also explain the ease with which women fall in love… although it is also likely that this is not the case, I mean, Olga, Chloe Alicia and all the others, I’ve already checked and they are really people of a strong character, either because of the war or because of the hard conditions of this World… then, why is that?…’

Alexander looked at the people frolicking all over the place, as he fell into his thoughts.

In fact, here our MC Alexander did not realize many things, before he had all the thoughts he had, such as.

In the short time that Alexander was in the City, he managed to concisely and directly win the attention and admiration of every citizen, reasons? There are many, such as the fact that unimaginably defeated Luu Luu-sama in a fight, or how very attractive he is, and the great charisma of a leader or high-ranking figure that radiates from his Being…

Anyway, unlike in a Modern World with internet, and with doubts and conspiracies about everything, in this rustic World, people were so simple that even made the vision of the World, or the worldview of each one of them, more Black and White that unlike the people in the Modern World, where almost everything was had a grayer tone.

And this caused this character in people, so it is not that people were “unbelievers”, in the meaning of the word, but it was simply their way of life.

Also, Alexander did not realize at the beginning the… relative ease with which he was paired up with the women he loved, and after thinking about it for a while, this impressed him, even though… when he thought about it again more intelligently, he realized other things, such as that… His Wives, in reality, were not easy at all, no.

It was mostly Alexander’s disposition, a small effect of the Suspension Bridge, the pure intentions that he had… and centered and mainly, the reason why it had happened… It was about the great need each of them had.

For God’s sake, Olga, a woman who had lived countless years in human life that were full of massacres, Chloe even more than Olga since she was directly involved, even Prim, who is usually the “purest” of them, had already seen so many guerrillas and had personally sent people, that it was totally impossible that these women had no character, or that they were simply “easy”…

For them, Alexander was a fissure in reality, he was a radical change, a descending star that impacted their bodies…

And of course, Alexander knew none of this.

Alexander shook his head a little, and defused Connection when he saw the positive effect it had had on the population, albeit extremely Minuscule, and then turned to Luu Luu.

Who was standing right behind him.

He saw that she was very excited, and seemed to want to hug him, simply by the bottling release of her tensions, and also because of the excess of affection she had achieved towards the person of himself.

Alexander said nothing, just smiled and opened his arms.


Luu Luu first looked blankly, but then a light bulb seemed to light up in her head, and so excited that she wanted to cry with joy….


She nodded and quickly at 300 kilometers/hour, rammed Alexander.

Alexander didn’t even flinch at this, and just hugged Luu Luu by the small of her back.

“Alex-sama, Alex-sama, Alex-sama, Alex-sama!”

Luu Luu didn’t know what she was feeling, but Alexander just smiled.

“Yes, you can hug me all you want, Luu Luu-chan.”

He said and kissed Luu Luu’s forehead, again.

Tama watched this from the side with a flat look, only that the small tear and the almost not noticeable shade of red on her face betrayed her expression.

‘So Luu Luu-sama is already an adult… the rumors were right…’

Tama looked at Luu Luu as if a master watching her apprentice who graduated, or like a mother watching her daughter graduate, as she thought that the rumors spreading among the maids at the castle were apparently true, and of course, what could not be missing was the jealousy that radiated from the bottom of her soul to see that her Princess Knight had gotten a husband, and she hadn’t. she never had, actually…

“All right, listen up!”

Tama recovered herself a little and shouted to the others there who were dressed in the military garb From that World.

“I want the second division to instantly check the battlefield, the first division will be in charge of getting the people to their homes quietly, and the third…”

Tama began to give orders all over the place, to deal with the aftermath of all this, which was finally over, while Luu Luu, on the other hand, was turning into a clay under the Effect of Alexander’s Hands of Rebirth, to the point that…


Inevitably some very hesitant moans escaped him… making Alexander and Tama sweat a little, and in Tama’s case, even blush…

Tama: “…”

Alexander: “…”

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