IAIK Ch.84

Ch 84

After a while, after everything was finally over, Alexander proceeded to explain to Luu Luu the reason why he believed he should hurry to the Sixth Fortress.

Also, he spoke to Luu Luu and properly explained to her about what he thought of her.

Alexander: “Listen, Luu Luu-chan, I really can’t take you as a woman yet, since you are very young and pretty, I have to wait until you are of age, for that.”

Luu Luu: “… I understand, such a great warrior like you is special, normally I would be already making children with my Husband or the person I… I…”

Alexander: “…”

Luu Luu: (… The one I fell in love with…).

Luu Luu whispered with her face all red.

Alexander: “…”

Luu Luu: “But I understand, Alex-sama is a Hero who is even more powerful than the heroes of Legends, so I’ll follow what you say.”

Luu Luu spoke while still shocked at the sight of the large amount of corpses of those of Kuroinu, in front of the City.

She knew very well that such a great Force could not simply be repelled by one person.

By God, Luu Luu thought that only if she had a lot of time, and was in her peak state of battle, then she could take on a single Ogre…

And her future husband, he had taken care of hundreds of them…

Luu Luu even acknowledged that although she was physically stronger than Claudia-sama, she would still lose to her because of the Sword skills she possessed, but still….

Not even with the two of them together, who were the strongest in the entire Seven Shields Alliance, they could take on 5 Ogres, let alone hundreds…

That was why, upon seeing the torn up parts of the Ogres, in addition to other emotions flowing through her head, there was solid pride for the person who did all this, for the person who would be her Husband, and the person from whom she would have the children.

Luu Luu began to imagine herself making children with Alexander, and then fighting with each other, and apparently she couldn’t realize it, but her face had a very… very unique laugh that gave chills down Alexander’s spine.

Alexander: “…”

‘Ah… how nostalgic…’

That’s what he thought as he felt the chills.

Alexander: “That’s good, Luu Luu-chan is a good girl.”

Alexander patted Luu Luu’s head.

Luu Luu: “Uh~”

Alexander: “That’s why, Luu Luu-chan, until the time you are my Wife, would you like to be my adopted younger sister?”

Luu Luu: “Uh~ Huh? Little Sister?”

Alexander: “Yes, my Little Sister, my Imouto.”

Luu Luu: “…What do Little Sisters do?”

Luu Luu asked with a very pure, very cute face, and Alexander for some reason felt like a big bad wolf…

Alexander: “The Little Sisters are always together with their brother, they always eat the brother’s delicious food… they always love brother very much, they play together with brother-…”

Luu Luu: “Hai! Hai! Hai! I accept to be your little sister, Alex-sama, hehehehehe~”

Alexander: “Oh, that’s good, Luu Luu-chan!”

Alexander hugged Luu Luu tighter, and Luu Luu did too, while secretly smelling the very pleasant smell that Alexander gave off.

She also had slight tears in her eyes, as the closest thing Luu Luu had to a family was Tama, and the other Princess Knights.

Which made her feel very lonely, all her long life.

So even though she had no parents, she now had a brother!

Now she had a person she could depend on!

After a few minutes in that position, and Alexander giving warmth to Luu Luu, as well as gently massaging her back with Renaissance Hands, they separated. Apparently to the displeasure of Luu Luu who seemed to want to stay there in that position for 80 more years.

Alexander: “Then, I will send you to Asora, Luu Luu-chan, I have already spoken to Olga and the others, who are waiting for you there, so I will leave for the next Fortress.”

Alexander said, remembering that it had already been decided that Luu Luu, would accompany the Hero (Husband) on his journey, where he should be, to save the other Fortresses, and that Tama would remain

commanding the City, also, he laughed a little because Tama’s reaction when she learned that her Princess Knight had to leave with the Hero, was very funny…. And he was still surprised at the number of men who were crying tears over this, some even cried blood as they looked at him… Alexander didn’t know what to think of something like this….

Luu Luu: “Umu.”

She nodded.

Luu Luu: “Ah! Alex-sama.”

Alexander: “Yes, Luu Luu-chan?”

Luu Luu: “From now on then, since you’re my brother…. I’ll call you Onii-sama~ Alex onii-sama~”

Luu Luu gave a little jump and said energetically.

Alexander: “…”

Luu Luu: “Alex-oniisama, are you okay?”

Luu Luu bowed her head adorably as she asked Alexander when she saw that he had remained silent.

Alexander: “…”

Luu Luu: “Hm~?”

Luu Luu adorably tilted her head the other way.

Alexander: “Pffft!”

Luu Luu: “Ah, Alex-oniisama!”

The sight of Alexander flying backwards and spurting blood from his nose was what shocked Luu Luu at that moment, and that even she hadn’t let out her heroic roar…


“That was dangerous…”

Alexander spoke as he pulled the small papers out of his nose.

“Well, at least Luu Luu is safe in Asora now, and the City is safe.”

Alexander looked out into the great distance, in the center of the City square, and saw that at this moment, as in the other Fortresses, the prevailing atmosphere was one of joy and festivity on all sides.


Although he still broke out in a sweat at the sight of an Elderess rudely throwing a tankard of ale to the floor, as she raised her flabby arms and everyone shouted in response… since she had beaten a large, muscular man  in a drinking contest who was passed out on the floor.

“Well, I’m still worried about what I saw, I’m going to hurry to the next Fortress…”

Alexander mentioned low, as he thought of the Princess Knight of the Sixth Fortress, Claudia Levantine, and the only one of them who was married.

Though he also couldn’t help but think that Claudia Levantine should already know of his presence, if in this Fortress and especially Luu Luu already knew about it.

“So I have a little sister… an Imouto… I feel like a character from the light novels, hehehe.”

After some thought, Alexander laughed at the realization.


Alexander began to think of Luu Luu dressed as Maid and saying, “Welcome, Master~”

“Lolis and Little Sisters are to be feared, I think I understand Shiba Tatsuya a little more.”

Alexander spoke while thinking of the MC of the Anime Mahouka Koukou no Rettsousei, dubbed as one of the most Sis-con Onii-sama’s in all of Anime.

“Hehehe, I guess Tanjiro fits that description too.”

Alexander chuckled as he got ready and got his clothes ready.

But just as he was about to start running with speed….

He was startled by something he remembered.

“… That’s right, Yosuga no Sora…”

Alexander had seen that Anime and he could tell that the MC there had been the brother who had gotten the most out of a little sister… in many dangerous ways…

Alexander shook his head of all those impure thoughts, for when he thought of those things, he would put Luu Luu and himself in that position….

Mainly because he had never had a younger Sister…. Well, not even a family, but now that he had her, especially with his power, the power to go to any story out of all the ones he knew…

Alexander couldn’t help but think that he would have to pay more attention to the logic of Anime…


Speed x10.

Alexander felt the familiar circulation of Energy through his body, and then…

He disappeared in the blink of an eye, from where he was.

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