Y. NTR Ch.13

Ch 13

“Okay, arms up.”


Eiji lifted her arm, and Mai cheerfully raised her hand.

I was not ashamed anymore.

He touched my breasts this way and that, and now I was wondering what was wrong with my arms.

“It’s smooth…”

“I’ve been taking care of that as well, you know. Where are you touching…?”

However, when Eiji started stroking her armpits, Mai was flustered.

I hurriedly tried to lower my arms, but they were gripped so tightly by Eiji’s arms that I couldn’t even move them.

“Ku… this gorilla…!!”


Eiji seemed to have gotten used to being called a gorilla by now.

He stroked her slippery armpit over and over again.

“…You’re sweating a little.”

“Ugyaa ah ah ah ah!?”

Mai freaks out when Eiji stares at the liquid on his fingers.

Abandoning her, Eiji put his face even closer… to her armpit.

“… I knew you smelled a little sweaty. It smells sour.”

“Stop it!”

I sniffed, and the smell of sweat filled my nostrils.

After a full day of studying at the school and then playing at the arcade with Eiji, it was only natural that she smelled of sweat.

That’s why Eiji smelled it too. I’m interested in the smell of the bath water… but I’d rather be able to smell the smell of Mai itself now.

I always wondered if men and women were different.

If it were a man, the sweat would be stinky and unpleasant, but a woman’s sweat, even if it smells pungent, somehow tickles a man’s heart.

Are they secreting some kind of pheromone that we can’t see?

With this in mind, Eiji furthermore put his face to Mai’s smooth armpit…


It was much bigger and longer than Mai’s tongue that I had just seen, and it licked up the hollow of her armpit.

“Oh, my God… you! Are you out of your mind? No, no!”

Mai flailed about, but Eiji was unfazed.

He continued to licked her armpits carefully.

There was no feeling of jolting hair growth, so I guess she must have taken very good care of it.

Certainly, the number of men who would pull away rather than get excited at the sight of a woman proudly growing armpit hair would be greater, so Mai, who is trying to gain popularity with men, would make sure to take care of it.

Sweat is salty. Even Eiji doesn’t want to eat a man’s sweat.

But for some reason, Mai’s sweat tasted wonderful to him, like nectar.

“Mmm, hey, hey, mmm…”

Mai’s voice changed from confused to wet.

She watched as Eiji buried his face in her armpit.

The resistance that she had shown earlier was now gone, and she was shaking her body at the new sensation of having her armpits licked.

When Eiji finally licked all the sweat and let go of his face, Mai’s armpits were stained not with sweat but with the saliva of others.


Mai looked at it dumbfounded.

It probably smells pretty bad. If it was the saliva of my girlfriend Rika, it would still be the saliva of a man who looked down on me. It had to be stinky.

But why? The smell, and the awareness of being defiled… made Mai’s body hot.

“If you want, I can lick your other armpit as well.”

“… Huh, don’t be silly!”

I hesitated for a moment.

Eiji was satisfied with playing with her armpits, and went back to observing her body.

“You’ve got a retracted belly, too. Is this also…?”

“It is! A certain amount of exercise is a must.”

Mai boasted as she stroked her belly.

The abdomen is very delicate, and that’s where a lot of important things like organs and uterus are packed.

It’s not easy for humans to let people pet them unprotected there, but you can see that… Mai unconsciously trusts Eiji quite a bit.

Of course, there’s no such thing as a belly flop, so Eiji just drops his hand and goes on…

“You’ve got rather thick hair, don’t you?”

“Shut up! It grows back rather quickly even when I treat it!”

Mai blushes as his fingers are plunged into the dark bush and her pubic hair is pulled gingerly.

It is not so thick as to give the impression of filthiness, but she herself is aware that it is rather thick.

Because Rika’s is much thinner.

“I don’t mind. I can get excited with or without hair.”

“What? Really? I’m not asking your opinion about..!”

Mai laughs happily for a moment and then yells at him.

Ignoring her, Eiji finally made his way into the main circle.

“It’s so thick…”

“Ugh… just look at it quickly and get it over with…”

“I don’t want to.”

He crouched down and put his face to Mai’s… secret place, the most important place for a woman.

Mai also covered her face with her hands and was embarrassed. Eiji looks down to see her massive breasts crushed by her arms, and once again thinks that she has amazing breasts.

But now it is the pubic area.

When he opens the crack with his thick fingers, he can see the beautiful color of the vagina.

If he smells it, he can still smell sweat in the air. A little stingy, is it the smell of urine?

“It’s surprisingly clean. I thought it was more used than this.”

“That’s awful! I’ve only allowed Rika to have sex with me!”

I wondered what it would be like to show my nakedness to a man… but I didn’t say anything because it was a delicious experience.

When I open and close her secret cleft…


There was a liquid that dripped from the inside of the slit.

Eiji spotted it and scooped it up. Playing with it with his fingertips, he could see that it was a sticky, viscous liquid.

“… are you excited?”

“Huh, huh ah ah ah!? Why…!?”


“Uooo oh oh!!”

If I show her my wet fingers in front of her, she jumps at me.

However, Eiji is not so weak that he can be pushed down with the strength and body of Mai.

He received her with his strong muscular body and held her in the air as if he were carrying her and restrained her.

“Let go of me, let go!”

“You’re a wounded beast, you…”

Eiji lets out a sigh as Mai flails furiously.

I’m not going to let her go, of course.

If I let go of her, she would scratch me, and more importantly, I would be able to enjoy the softness of her body by holding her tightly.

I breathe in the feel of her full breasts, and the sweet and sour smell of sweat and womanhood into my nostrils.


“Fugya!! You shouldn’t continue observing me, oh oh oh !!”

She flailed about, but she didn’t falter when she was hugged by the strong Eiji.

Mai’s heart jumped a little as she was shown the difference in power between men and women.

In addition, the smell of the man up close, the feel of his thick muscles… and above all, the fact that she was bound so tightly that she could not move, made her drip love juice again.

In his embrace, Eiji reached his arms out and around Mai’s back, stroking her plump buttocks.

The buttocks bounced with the lightest of movements, and were as soft and firm as her breasts.

When I squeezed it with both of my big hands, my fingers buried themselves in the flesh.

However, if I let go of it immediately, it would shake and return to its original shape.

It was a wonderful buttock for a butt lover.

As I kneaded the butt tab, I opened it and felt the heat on my fingers.

Unfortunately, I can’t see it, but now that the buttocks have been raked, I can probably see the wet pubic area and the small, squished asshole.

“… Yeah.”

After showing some thought, Eiji nodded once and opened the butt tab and extended his finger…


He poked her small, puckered asshole with a thick finger.

Mai is stunned by this and looks at Eiji’s face from his thick chestplate.

Eiji smiles back at her.

“Hey… you!”

“What? You’ve never used this place before?”

“Of course not! I’m not that abnormal and neither is Rika! I mean, that’s not the place to do it!”

Why does this man touch me only in embarrassing places?

The armpit is the same, and the asshole is outrageous. There is only death.

“No, no. I hear it feels good when you’re properly prepared and developed.”

“I have no intention of doing that!”

Eiji releases Mai, who is flailing about.

I had already had enough of observing her body.

Huffing and puffing and sweating, Mai glares up at Eiji up close.

“Well? How was it? How did it feel to observe you while playing with me?”

“No, it was good. I could definitely see the appeal in you.”


Mai’s eyes rounded at the unexpected response.

I was expecting to be told that I was not attractive again.

“Well, I prefer Onizuka’s personality to yours. But I definitely understand why you’re so popular with men. You have an erotic body, and your ranting and raving is just as lively as it sounds.”

“Oh, really…?”

Mai blushed and scratched her head in embarrassment.

To tell the truth, he didn’t give me much of a compliment, but anyway, when he gave me a little compliment from someone who denied her and didn’t call her cute, it was heavier and more pleasing than the people and words that always lifted me up. It’s so easy.

Mai said and tried to put on her underwear.

If the charm is conveyed to Eiji even a little, that’s enough for today.

She tried to hide her body in an excited mood.

I’m still a little bothered by the fact that he said he preferred Rika, but I’ll just have to take my time and let me color him.

Let’s at least play again. It was fun.

Mai thought, unaware of the fact that she had been robbed of her lips, kissed intimately, and seen completely naked.

But unfortunately, Eiji wasn’t going to let her get away with it.

“Yeah. Well then.”

With that, Eiji took off his pants and exposed his manhood to her.

Mai rounded her eyes and looked at it…

“Gya ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!?”

Naturally, she screamed.

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