Y. NTR Ch.14

Ch 14

“What are you doing? Sexual harassment, sexual harassment!”

“You’re naked too!”

Mai covers her eyes with her hands and angrily accuses him.

It was charming to see her fingers open and stare at the manhood between them.

But I can’t help but be curious.

This is the first time I’ve seen the real thing without the internet.

“So big…”

I couldn’t help but let out a thought.

It was the first time I had seen one, and even though it was hanging down, it was still an astounding size from Mai’s perspective.

“What are you talking about? We’re not ready for battle yet. We’re just getting started.”

“Whoa! What are you coming at me with? Stay away from me, you pervert!”

“No, you’re a pervert too, naked.”

Mai jumped up in alarm as Eiji approached her, his lower body slowly revealing itself.

I don’t think this guy is trying to rape me, is he?

It shouldn’t. Because…

“I have a very important girlfriend, Rika! I’m not interested in you!”

Mai puffed out her chest.

Eiji’s mouth moves as his eyes are drawn to her bouncing G-cup breasts.

Because this moment will be his greatest and last chance.

“No, it’s fine if you’re not married, right? There’s no legal obligation…”

“It’s an ethical issue! I would be shocked if Rika had sex with someone else! That’s why I don’t do it either.”

I didn’t tell her that despite her stupid personality, she was still properly chaste.

Even the quintessential Eiji could tell that if he offended her with that, he would lose his chance.

I’m tempted to say what about being completely naked in front of a man, but I guess Mai is the only one who is firm on the last line and not so firm on the rest.

Well, considering her personality, it’s not that hard to cross that line.

Eiji grinned.

“Ho-ho. Well, if you’re going to go that far, I don’t mind… It’s just two women, right?”

“What about –?”

Mai’s face turned horrifyingly cold.

She used to change her expression adorably, but now her face was expressionless, as if all emotion had been stripped away.

The gap between the two gives a frightening sense of fear and intimidation to those who see and are gazed upon.

However, Eiji remained unconcerned even when he received that spine-chilling look.

I was rather pleased to find out that Mai was not just a surface personality, but a woman with a solid core in her heart.

It’s more fun and interesting that way.

“Yeah. Just so you don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not trying to tell you what to do with your relationship. I don’t have the right to say anything about your relationship, because you love it and you’re building it of your own free will.”

“What do you mean then?”

Mai glares at Eiji.

That’s exactly the kind of thing that will get me thrown out of this room if I say something bad.

She can’t physically do anything about Eiji, but I’m sure she’ll take a knife and kick me out of the house.

So, Eiji would not provoke her any more unnecessarily.

His intentions were already accomplished when she turned her attention to me with blood rushing to her head.

It is a powerful phrase that captures attention and leaves a lasting impression.

“Sex between women is not real sex. That’s why I’m here to tell you.”


Mai’s eyes rounded in surprise for a moment.

However, she immediately laughed at Eiji, mocking him.

Because his words were so poorly written.

“Huh… You’re an idiot, you know that? May I? It’s because we’re the same sex that we understand each other’s comfort zone right away. I can assure you that a woman can feel better having sex with a woman than with a man.”

She was aware that there were men who misunderstood her, even though she was on the Internet.

There are men who get carried away and force their way in between yuri couples, and then make embarrassing comments like “I’m going to show you how good a man can be,” and then try to eat both yuri couples.

Mai snickered at the thought that Eiji was one of them.

I didn’t expect him to be such an idiot. After all, that’s what men are like.

Mai’s condescending mentality toward men, which she had always had, was further encouraged.

“Uh… well, maybe you’re right. But, you know, that’s the first thing a woman who’s also experienced a man can say.”


I was at a loss for words.

Indeed, Mai is a woman… that has only experienced Rika.

This means that it is not yet possible to make a subjective judgment about whether a man or a woman is better.

“And, you know. There’s a lot of differences between men and women. The thickness and length of their fingers, their strength, their smell, their heat… and most of all, this is the most different.”

Saying this, Eiji lightly shakes his hips.

It’s a ridiculous sight, but Mai’s eyes are drawn to the bouncing manhood.

It’s not a… toy, but a real man’s sex organ.

“Oh, there are toys, too. Rika and I both offered our virginity to each other with them…”

“I’m not denying that it feels good. But, you know, the real thing is different.”

“Oh, the real…”

Mai gulps and clears her throat.

Eiji was too confident to laugh through his nose.

Is it really that different from…?

Toys and the real thing are…

“Just try it once. It’s not like Onizuka is going to find out about it anyway. Unless either you or I say so.”

Eiji was right, Rika wouldn’t find out unless she or he told her.

We’ve already given each other our virginity. There is no way that she would understand if I were to put a cock in my mouth, as she has never been with a man before.

“And have you ever heard the one about the woman who gets to know the man and peels back her skin?”

“Your charm could be further refined to the point where you could attract not only the guys at the school, but guys on a much higher level as well.”

Mai swayed, deep in thought.

That’s right. The whole point of being with this guy in the first place, inviting him into my room, and being naked in front of him, was to teach him that I was attractive, when he didn’t find me attractive and said that other women were more attractive than me.

There is no guarantee that there will not be another man like Eiji in the future.

If that’s the case, wouldn’t it not be a bad idea to get to know a man once and further improve my own charm?

“Can’t you at least try it once? If you want a man to like you, you’d better know what he’s like.”

“… Then, just a little…”

Mai, who is likely to fall for a scam in the future, nodded, a little confused.

Eiji chuckled at that.

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