Y. NTR Ch.15

Ch 15

Eiji laid Mai down on her back on a very large bed.

He straddled her as if he was covering her.

When I was covered by the huge, muscular man, I felt a sense of pressure as if I was about to be crushed.

It’s not that I don’t like it…

“Wait, wait, wait! I’ll take a shower first…!”

However, I must return to normalcy from this state of pounding.

I want to take a cold shower to recover myself, but Eiji shakes his head.

“No, it’s a little late for that. I have already smelled your armpits, right?”

“Before you!”

Don’t tell me it smells.

I mean, even if it smells bad, it is bad manners to say so directly.

“Okay, fine. If it smells like sweat, I’ll get excited.”

“Heh, pervert…”

Mai ponders if she really wants this guy to teach her about a man.

But it was impossible to escape from this situation anyway.

Even Eiji wouldn’t have let her go.

I don’t care what’s going on inside, her body is great.

Eiji leaned over from his covered position and moved closer to her plump lips…

“Ahhhhhhh!! Wait a minute!”

“What is it…”

Eiji frowned, wondering if there was more to it.

With such an exquisite body in front of me, I’m forced to wait all the time. It’s no wonder I’m a little frustrated.

Mai does not make eye contact with him, but says while fidgeting and lacing her fingers.

“No kissing, please…”

“… isn’t it a little late for that? I’m about to do something even more amazing.”

“It’s all about feelings! After all, only kisses are for Rika-chan…”

Eiji didn’t listen carefully, his eyes focused on the full breasts that were being crushed by his arms as she squirmed.

After all, Mai’s maidenly thoughts were that only her lips belonged to her lover.

It’s not that I don’t think it’s a good idea to have sex, but my lips are…

“Besides, if you’re going to teach me about man, you don’t have to kiss!”

“Well, that’s for sure… It’s just that kissing you feels better, you know? If you don’t like me very much, that’s one thing, but if you’re willing to have sex with me, it’s not so bad, is it?”

“I hate you!”

There was no way I was going to like Eiji.

I don’t dislike him as much as Tanaka, who was physiologically incapable of doing that, because… I chose him as the one to teach me about a man.

Besides, he has a point.

When I have sex with Rika, I basically kiss her as often as I can.

It’s not so much a pleasurable feeling, but more of a spiritual feeling that fills my heart.

Just being in contact with Rika makes me feel warm inside. It makes me happy.

“I can assure you that I won’t feel that happiness when I kiss you.”


“So, no kissing.”

Eiji didn’t reply to Mai’s huffy, uptight attitude.

She’s rebellious. I’m tweaked.

But… that’s good. The man’s pleasure will make Mai succumb and give in to him… as she continues to be cocky about saying such things.

Eiji’s penis twitched as he imagined such a future.

“Well, that’s good. I’ll make you want to do it yourself.”

“Heh! That’s absolutely not true!”

Eiji laughed at Mai’s smug expression.

If he can’t kiss her, he’ll take her face further and further down…


I grabbed Mai’s plump thighs and opened them, revealing a wide leg spread.

Underneath the fluffy pubic hair, there was a tightly closed cleft.

It was slightly wet. She must have been excited to have her body observed so closely.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“What do you mean, you have to get it… wet for it to feel good? You don’t want it to just hurt, do you? I’m not twisted enough to be excited by your screams.”

“Yeah, that’s true, but I thought… guys were supposed to go right into it…”

“What do you think a… man is?”

When Eiji looked at her, Mai turned her gaze away from him.

I don’t think all men are like that, but the man in front of me is at least a better man.

“But why are you making me open my legs again?”

“No, I was just trying to loosen you up with my mouth. If you want, you can wet this with your mouth too, but you can’t, can you?”

“No, I can’t. It’s dirty”

Eiji smiles at Mai, who easily calls it dirty.

Well, at least it’s not clean. No, it’s not dirty because I wash it properly.

“Well, it’s just like kissing, I’ll make you want to do it.”

“Ha! That’s impossible! If that happens, I’ll become your girlfriend!”

“No, that’s okay.”


Mai glared at Eiji, who refused with an immediate answer.

This time, Eiji put his face close to Mai’s pubic area, thinking that he would not be able to do this forever.

“Soon, I’ll have you asking for it.”

“Hmm! If you can do it, you can do it. I’ll never let you beat me!”

Mai gazed firmly into Eiji’s eyes and declared in a high-pitched voice.


Mai’s winning voice echoed through the room.

It was a good thing that the room was soundproofed, but if she had moved into an apartment with thin walls, she would have been subjected to a series of wall banging.

Mai squeezed out such a voice from the mouth that spit out the bullish words earlier.

She sounded like a female cat in heat.

On the bed, she covered her face with her arms and twitched her body.

She also tries to use the springs to bounce her body like a fish, but only her upper body bounces as Eiji holds her tightly in his arms.

She deflects to the point of breaking her spine and makes her body bounce dangerously.

Her dappled, plump breasts shook violently, and beads of sweat sprinkled the air.

Mai was sweating from all over.

Her body was burning hot, and her beautiful skin, without a single blemish, was turning red.

“No, stop it…! Ah ah ah ah ah♡”

Mai’s body convulsed again.

She was drooling and unable to speak and tried to stop him, but he kept his face buried in her crotch and refused to stop at all.

He held her thighs, which were moist with sweat, and continued to lick her pubic area, making a slurping sound.

No, licking was not the right word. I was devouring it.

He was devouring Mai’s private parts.

He opened his mouth wide and bit into the folds, licked and sucked at the crack with his tongue, and slurped up the overflowing love juices, trying not to leak a single drop.

Because of all of this, her private parts were now soggy and unraveled.

No, rather than being loosened, she was being trained.

Something that is never done in the beautiful, clean intercourse of trying to make each other feel good with Rika.

She was held back, prevented from escaping, and the pleasure was pounded into her.

It was too violent, too heroic sexual intercourse.

“Hmm… Ahhhhh…♡”

It wasn’t just the love juices that leaked from her pubic area.

Despite her repeated climaxes and repeated pleas for him to stop, Eiji continued to caress her pubic area with his face buried in her crotch.

As a result, not only did Mai squirt for the first time, but she also pissed herself, which was the worst thing that could have happened.

She urinated in front of the man… at a very close distance.

Once I let it out, there was no stopping it.

Her pubic area was so soggy by then that she couldn’t muster up the strength.

I had done a terrible thing, pissing on the man’s face.

She felt sorry for Eiji, but the biggest thing was her shame.

Most people don’t like to be seen by others when they defecate.

Of course, Mai also felt intense shame that made her want to die.

Before she could cry out, push Eiji out of the room and try to… do something like that, he was splashed with urine and began to devour his pubic area again.

In the meantime, Mai was once again overcome by an intense pleasure that made her squeal with delight.

This went on for a long time.

As the sun went down and the sunset began to light up the world, Mai finally said something other than screaming.

“Wow, I understand…! I understand… Stop…!”

Hearing those words, Eiji pulled his face away from Mai’s crotch for the first time.

His face was soggy and wet with a variety of her bodily fluids.

Love juices, piss, sweat… all came from Mai, and they all mixed together to give off a smell.

His face could have been contorted, but Eiji had a wry smile on his face.

He was dressed up, but he was a pervert who had spent several hours with his face buried in a woman’s crotch, sucking on her private parts.

“What did you find out? Tell me.”

Eiji admired himself as he looked down at Mai’s limbs.

It was the fact that he had immersed her so far into the sea of pleasure.

Sweat was emitting from all over her body, and it glistened like pearls, making Mai’s voluptuous limbs even more attractive.

In addition, her body temperature has risen to the point that her whole body has turned red and she can breathe fire.

Her face is a mess, drool dripping from her sloppily opened mouth, tears and snot leaking.

Her breasts were taut and her nipples were painfully erect, even though she had never been touched in all this time.

And her pubic area looked miserable after being attacked by Eiji for several hours.

Her slit was writhing and squirming, slick with love juice, urine, and Eiji’s saliva.

Her pubic hair, which was a little thicker than usual, had become sticky with moisture.

It had never been used for anything other than jerking off or using toys with Rika, but now it was loosened and surrendered enough to easily accept a man’s penis.

She was limp, her whole body relaxed, and her legs were still open.

She looked so shabby and pathetic.

I wondered what the boys of Tendo Gakuen, who yearned for her and were in love with her, would think if they saw her.

Would they despise her? Or would they fall over at her almost swoon-worthy sex appeal?

Since it was he who had done it, Eiji’s pride was tickled and his self-esteem was satisfied.

“… I want.”

“What? You should have said it better.”

Mai gritted her teeth and glared at Eiji.

However, her eyes were sludgy and debauched, and it was clear that she was giving in to this man behind her eyes.

“I want you to… rape me…!”

It was a way to escape the pleasures that Eiji was pounding into her.

No, that was part of it, but Mai couldn’t resist.

Even though she was being made to come over and over again by Eiji’s mouth and fingers, her cocky body still wanted a man’s… cock.

Her gaze was drawn to the large object and she couldn’t let it go.

Men are inferior to women, and all this time they’ve only been dancing in the palm of her hand… Now Mai was begging for a man.

I’m not sure how shameful that is.

“Yeah, okay. I have no choice but to fuck you.”

When Eiji said that, his face was really twisted in a vicious way.

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