Y. NTR Ch.17

Ch 17

“It’s really big. This is amazing.”

“I’m proud of it.”

His large hands grabbed Mai’s ample breasts.

She was lying on her back, so her breasts would normally be misshapen and crushed by gravity, but when they were as big as hers, they were still large and firm, even if they were flowing a bit.

This may have a lot to do with her effort and the tension of her youth.

At the end of her pure white, large, raised twin mounds were beautiful cherry-red nipples.

It was like an accent on the fresh snow, attracting the eyes of men.

“… It’s beautiful, as is that place. I thought you’d be doing something more gruesome.”

“It’s not like homosexuals, Rika and I have very cute and sizzling sex. We don’t do anything gooey and nasty.”

Eiji replied, “Heh.”

He was so focused on the tits in front of him that he didn’t really listen to Mai’s words.


He didn’t grab me hard, but just touched me from the side.

Just a light push with the belly of a large finger makes it sway softly.

The texture is good. It was as if I was touching a fine silk.

There were no pimples on it, it was smooth and silky as it should be, but if it was sweaty like now, it would feel slippery.

I start rubbing the tits, enjoying the feel of the flesh.

The breasts change as I think of them as gnarly. It seems to sink everywhere, and I almost want to grip it tightly.

But with Mai, she would only feel pain.

I shouldn’t do that. Let’s develop her body completely and then rub her breasts roughly.


As I squeezed her breasts, her cherry-red nipples grew larger and larger.

It was pointed and shaped so that it could be sucked easily.

“Uh… ku…”

However, Eiji did not suddenly suck on it.

He began to scratch with his nails at the… areola near the nipple, which seemed to want to be touched at any moment.

Of course, even the nails don’t hurt because they are well taken care of and clean.

Crunchy crunchy.

“Huh, uh… ku”

I don’t feel any pleasure.

No, to be more precise, I don’t feel a strong pleasure that makes me scream out in pleasure.

Even the nipple can give you pleasure when caressed.

However, it is impossible for them to climax.

It might be possible if her body is built up by having her vagina loosened and her uterus poked repeatedly, but it is quite difficult when she is only being penetrated as she is now.

If she had been developed, she might have been able to do it, but unfortunately, Mai had only had beautiful intercourse with Rika, and she had not been developed in any way.

However, this man will change that.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh…”

With each twitch and crinkle of her nipples, Mai’s body begins to react.

She twitches and starts to sweat again.

Eiji’s body is quite close to her, and he can smell the heat and the sweet and sour smell of the sweltering female.

When he turns his attention to his lower body, which is so closely packed that his pubic hair is tangled together, the strength that has been tightening around his thick penis has loosened a bit.

I’m sure she has gotten used to it… or perhaps she has loosened up.

It wasn’t just tightening up, it was starting to wriggle and writhe as if it was seeking semen.

Mai must have had a great pussy to begin with.

It was no longer rejected with tightness that it had been the first time she had accepted a man’s cock.

“Mmmm, hmmm, hmmm.”

He stroked her nipple.

It’s weaker than a fingernail scratch, but it’s an itchy sensation.

Then the vagina wriggles more and starts to secrete love juice.

“Huh, huh, huh, huh…”

The sensation of Mai’s exhaled breath was short and hot.

Her whole body was burning red and her eyes were staring at Eiji’s thick fingers playing with her breasts.

His fingers were scratching and stroking her nipples.

I want you to crush my erect nipples with your fingers.

I don’t care if it’s rough, I just want you to pinch it so hard that it hurts.

She was filled with the desire of a M-minded woman.

And Eiji had noticed her gaze.

I want you to touch my nipples. I want you to pinch them. I want you to crush them.

Knowing such a strong desire, she had been impatient.

Drool was already spilling out of Mai’s mouth.

If she was trying to keep her normal appearance cute, she would never show him that she was drooling.

The reasoning in her head was on the verge of breaking down.

“You look like you want something.”


Mai denied Eiji’s words, but as he looked down at her, he had never heard her say anything so unconvincing.

Her whole body was hot and sweaty, her face was soaked with debauchery, her mouth was sloppily open and drooling, her nipples were erect to the point of being bare from the constant teasing of her areola.

And above all, it was the inside of her vagina that was wriggling and tightening.

Mai didn’t realize it, but the amount of love juice she was producing made it seem as if she was peeing.

Not only the cock, but also the lower body of Eiji, which is in close contact with her, is messed up.

Their pubic hair is also sticky.

Who would think that Mai is not in lust right now, showing such a state?

“Don’t worry, I’ll fuck you properly.”

Then Eiji grinned and reached out carelessly to… pinch her painfully erect nipples.


The reaction was dramatic.

Mai’s body bounced up and down as if her spine was about to snap.

Her full breasts swayed as if they were about to burst into a thousand pieces.

At the same time, her vagina tightened around his cock.

Her love juices shot out with a sizzle.

For a while, Mai was trembling with a painful arching of her back like a bridge, but suddenly her whole body relaxed and she fell limp on the soft bed.

Mai’s nipples were pinched and she climaxed deeply.

She wasn’t squeezed or kneaded, just pinched with her index finger and thumb.

It was the deepest pleasure Mai had ever felt.

“I don’t know what this… thing is.”

“Well. You’ve never felt that… with Onizuka, no, sex with a woman. Well, it’s nice to know one difference between sex with a man and sex with a woman.”

Eiji tells Mai, who opens and closes her mouth with a pout, from above.

It wasn’t that he was a man and could make her feel this kind of pleasure.

Make her climax with just her… nipples by hurrying. There are some women who can do that.

But I don’t have to bother explaining such a good theory to Mai, who is in a blank and vague state of mind.

She needs to be drilled in the ways of male sex, to understand from the bottom of her heart that men feel better than women, and to be physically surrendered to men despite being a yuri couple.

Then, it would be easier to do this later on if she misunderstood that she got this pleasure only because her partner was a man.

“But I haven’t shown you the difference between the… best man and woman yet. I’m going to beat it into you now. Prepare yourself.”

Eiji smiled as he looked at his moist lower half.

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