C.F. Ch.18

Ch 18 I’ll save you (Souta’s POV).

At the back of the classroom, the class’s cheerful group was making a lot of noise.

Apparently, they’re making a lot of noise about Yukiya and Kanae.

I don’t know why they’re making such a fuss.

But well, that’s their way of life, and I won’t deny it.

However, I can’t help but feel uncomfortable and angry at the atmosphere that seems to support the relationship between Yukiya and Kanae that has spread throughout the class.

It’s a childish delusion of romantic supremacy, a lower-class intuition, an irresponsible stunt: …… Good grief.

Of course, I never show such negative emotions. I basically keep my mouth shut and my face expressionless in the classroom.

By doing so, I minimize the amount of time I waste interacting with others.

At any rate, I made it through the dreary morning with a poker face, and soon it was time for lunch.

“Hey, Kanae–“

I turned to Kanae to tell her about my plans for lunch break.

I don’t have time to bother Kanae today, because I have to go to the student council to prepare “something” to fight against Yukiya’s bad behavior.



Despite my attempts to explain the situation, Kanae once again runs up to him, calling out loudly for Yukiya.

In addition, the irresponsible and indifferent flirting of the girls in the class, saying “Go ahead” and “Be happy”, amplifies my disgust.


My dark side, hidden in the shadows, came out and the girls nearby seemed to have noticed.

“Um… what’s wrong…?”

But I was a bit of a loner, so I just answered briefly… and left.

In the back of my head, I hear voices saying, “If you look closely, you’ll see that he has a pretty good face…” and “If it weren’t for that, he’d be good-looking…”

Well, I’m used to being treated poorly and unfairly low in the hierarchy. That’s what it’s like to be a loner. I don’t want to stand out in the first place, so I prefer to be at the bottom of the ostensible caste in my class.

Besides, I don’t have time to worry about that right now. I had to take action for the sake of my duty and my childhood friend.

So, I headed to the student council room for starters.

There was no one in the student council room. Normally Azaka-senpai would be there, but she was probably out with Rinka and Chris to call Kanae after school.

“That’s convenient.”

I borrowed the printer in the student council room to print out “something” – a kissing scene with Kanae that might be photographic evidence of Yukiya’s misdeeds.

Black flames swirl in my chest at the thought of my childhood friend being defiled, but for now, I’ll just have to live with it as a disgusting part of the story.

Besides, this is just an insurance policy. I don’t know if I need to do this, but I’m the type of person who will show no mercy if I decide to do something.

So, I prepared several prints of photographic evidence and put them in a handy envelope to hide them.

Meanwhile, it was late in the lunch break.

I decided to wait for him in front of the stairs leading to the courtyard to nail him clearly.

I waited for a few minutes.

Just as I had hoped, I succeeded in putting myself in a situation to confront Yukiya one-on-one after he left Kanae.

I gushed out my fighting spirit.

“Hey, Yukiya. You’d better stop following Kanae around.”

I glared at him with a strong will.

“As I said before, Kanae has someone else she cares about, so it’s not good for her to have you hanging around.”

In response, Yukiya showed a sorrowful expression and spoke of his fondness for Kanae as if he were coughing up blood. He also said that he had been rejected once and still couldn’t give up, and that Kanae had asked him out today, as if it was an excuse.

I was surprised that Yukiya had confessed, but I refuted, refuted, refuted all of it–!

Finally, Yukiya turned over with a dark look on his face.

Oh man, he needs another push.

“I don’t know who Kanae’s crush is, but your actions might cause her trouble if her crush misunderstands her.”

Then, this time, Yukiya spat out, with a thoughtful look on his face, “That’s right…”

Hmmm… I can’t believe I had to go that far… to get that. This is why I hate dealing with strangers. But now you know your place, don’t you, Yukiya?

Also, the reason I’m not directly accusing him of forcing Kanae to kiss him right now is because I want to hear how she feels about it, and also out of mercy for my childhood friend, Yukiya.

But when the truth comes to light, you will have to take the brunt of it. After all, you messed with my childhood friend, I won’t show any mercy–!

Hahaha, it’s getting hot again. I can’t help it, I seem to get all hot and bothered when it comes to Kanae. I’m really in trouble, my childhood friend.

“Well, since that’s the case, refrain from irresponsible behavior, Yukiya.”

I felt satisfied for the time being and left the place.

After school, Azaka and the others are going to call Kanae. Let’s bring everything to light there.

I walked into the classroom feeling refreshed. I was no longer disturbed by the vulgar noises in the classroom.

The time from then until after school was a game of elimination for me. And even I couldn’t help but laugh at how painful it was to see the dejected Yukiya trying to keep up with the others.

Kanae also seemed to be concerned about Yukiya, even though she was surrounded by her classmates… Well, Kanae is sweet too, I thought as I looked at her with a forgiving heart.

All of this is going to happen until after school today anyway.

Class was over and it was time for school to end. I secretly followed Kanae as she left the classroom, and watched her enter the student council room.

I guess the fact-finding process is about to begin.

In my position, I should be there, but I’ll leave that to the girls.

So I went into an empty classroom next door to see what they were talking about and listened carefully to the voices of Kanae and the others coming from the student council room.

“Chi… It’s really hard to hear.”

I could hear voices, but I could only understand fragments of what they were saying. And it seems to be getting more and more lively as time goes on. Have you already heard about the coercion from Yukiya…?

If this is the case, I should have been there– No, it’s not too late.

As I left the empty classroom, Kanae was just coming out of the student council room.

Hahaha, I can’t believe she came out at the same time, it seems that Kanae and I are related. It seems that the world won’t allow Kanae and I to be separated any longer.

What a mess!

My heart was burning, and I called out to Kanae as if I were following my own destiny.

“Hey, Kanae.”

“What, Souta-kun?”

For some reason, Kanae clutched her phone and turned to look at me restlessly.

I was struck by the melancholy expression on Kanae’s face, and spontaneously began to speak.

“I don’t know what happened to Kanae… but you have me and the girls with you.”

Then Kanae distorted her face into a swoon and muttered.

“Souta-kun… Yuki-kun, Yuki-kun is…”

It seems that I was right after all. Yukiya, you’d better brace yourself…!

My heart swings wildly and I naturally release my fighting spirit, but for now, my first priority is to follow up with my childhood friend.

I calmed myself down and spoke to Kanae.

“Hey, Kanae… you don’t have to worry about that Yukiya guy.”

As I said this, my heart began to burn.

“What’s important is how you really feel, right?”

And words that make your soul tremble.

“You just need to express your honest feelings to the person you love.”

I spin.

“They will always respond to you! I guarantee it!”

As soon as I said that, I felt a shiver run through my body, and I was filled with strength.

That’s right, none other than… myself! I can vouch for Kanae’s feelings!

I’m on fire, and today I’m going one step further.

“I also think… Kanae is very special to me…”

If I say this much, even the dull Kanae will be able to guess. I think it’s really sweet of me to give Kanae such a straightforward pass…

Kanae’s cheeks flushed, teardrops pooled in the corners of her eyes, and she covered her mouth with her hands as she let out a cry of emotion.

“Souta-kun, thank you…!”

I could feel it! Souta-kun understood me! –that’s exactly what her voice sounded like.

And so, on this day, the relationship between Kanae and I was decided…

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2 years ago

Souta-kun bout to get jebaited
Thanks for the chap!

2 years ago

That narcissist is also a megalomaniac… I can’t to read about his fall into reality (despair).
Thanks for the chapter.

Suger dady
Suger dady
1 year ago

This light novel really remind me about shimotsuki

1 year ago

Looks like people outside of those three(and the girls deceived by souta) are sensible enough to see through their nature