Y. NTR Ch.18

Ch 18

Mai’s breasts were caressed impatiently and her nipples were pinched, and she experienced the deepest climax she had ever felt.

He had already loosened her pubic area with his mouth and tongue, so she was well prepared.

The lower half of his body, which was closely packed, was sticky with Mai’s love juices.

And more than that, thanks to her burning body, the area where they were in close contact was quite hot.

The amount of sweating was also higher than in other parts of the body, and the beads of sweat that appeared on the skin were rubbing against each other’s body.

“Okay, let’s move. It probably feels better than a toy.”

Saying this, Eiji held Mai’s arms down on the bed.

Losing the means to hide her face and breasts, Mai looks away in embarrassment.

He smirks at her messy reaction and…

“Hey. Don’t look away on your own. Look at me.”

When he said that, Eiji swung his hips, which he had not moved since he had inserted himself, pulled out once, and then plunged his cock to the very back.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ♡”

The reaction was the same… or even better than the one I had when her nipples were pinched after being impatiently tortured earlier.

Mai’s body jumps up and down on the bed. Her breasts swaying with a heavy bounce is spectacular.

The way her vagina was tightening, he could tell that she had climaxed after just one thrust.

Eiji smiled in satisfaction as Mai stared into his eyes, black and white.

“No, It’s a lie…! Because I’ve never been with a guy before…!”

“That’s just because you’re a slutty little pervert. It’s not every day you get to feel something from the start. You should be proud of yourself.”

“No, no, no…!”

“And when you’re fucking a woman with… Onizuka, can you make her come with just one thrust of the toy? Now you know the difference between a man and a woman.”


He looks down at Mai, who is at a loss for words, with a lecherous smile.

“I don’t care if you like Onizuka and see the same sex as a romantic interest. It’s up to the individual, and I’m not qualified to say anything about it…”

Eiji keeps Mai’s hands taut on the bed while he brings his face close to hers.

Her G-cup breasts felt good as they crushed against his chest plate.

Enjoying the feeling, he whispered in Mai’s ear.

“I’m going to remake your body into something so erotic that you won’t be able to stand without a man in your life.”

“Wait, wait, wait… Aah!”

Mai’s face paled and she tried to stopl Eiji, but he began to shake his hips faster than she could.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah♡”

Jup, Jup, Jup, Jup!

As Eiji covered her, Mai moaned as he gouged her vagina in small increments.

She was not in a position to swing her hips so violently, as her hands were held down, but the first time she was rubbed by a hard, hot object was giving her a great deal of pleasure.

She tried to turn her face away, embarrassed that he was staring at her face, but when he thrusted deep inside her, she easily revealed her debauchery.

Every time she was stirred by a man’s cock, her love juices made a lustful sound.

She was so excited that she was secreting a large amount of it.

The heat was so intense that Eiji could smell the sweet and sour scent of sweat and female in his nose.


Also, Mai’s body jumped and jumped.

It was like a fish washed up on the land.

Since Eiji was holding her arms, she couldn’t jump violently.

However, the fact that he was holding her down made her feel very horny.

“You’re coming so fast. I haven’t cum once yet.”

“No, because… I’ve never done this before…!”

“I think it just turns men on.”

Mai is out of breath, looking up at me with moist eyes.

The only thing I have for her is the desire to push her even harder.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah! No, no, no! Not again…!”

“If you’re going to cum, say so.”

“Hey, why should I have to tell you that…?”

Mai is breathing hard, but still maintains hostility.

While he liked her bravado, he had to teach her about hierarchy.

Eiji raised his body and released the hand that had been holding her down.

Mai’s wrists had been clamped down with such force that they had left marks.

“How dare you leave a mark on my beautiful skin…”

I could have yelled at him, but for some reason I was excited that he had left a mark.

It was a strange and hazy feeling.


But soon after, Eiji grabbed Mai’s hand, which he should have released.

He grabs her and pulls her towards him .

The pressure of the two arms further accentuated her voluminous breasts, creating a high mountain.

As her arms were pulled, her body was naturally pulled as well, allowing Eiji’s member to penetrate deep into her.

Mai huffed. Isn’t this a position from which there is no escape?

This is a position where you can’t escape, a position where you can be devoured by a man.

“Wait a minute…!”


I desperately pleaded with him with a coy smile, but Eiji simply cut me off.


Phan! Her hips slammed down hard.

It was a much stronger thrust than the one I had just been covering and shaking my hips with.

The slight change in position made all the difference.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah! Ouch, ouch! Don’t scrape the walls…♡”

Phan, phan, phan, phan!

He grabbed Mai’s thin arm and pulled her to him and used to recoil the hips.

The pistons were harder and more violent than ever, and her body, which should have been in pain, was devoured by the intense pleasure.

Her breasts, bouncing and swaying between her arms, were a sight to behold, and the tips of her nipples were dripping with sweat.

“Say it. I’m coming.”

Eiji coldly tells her.

She is usually competitive and proud to the point of being haughty, but she never follows orders…

“Ah, ah, ah, ah♡ I’m coming! I’m coming! I’ve been poked and prodded so many times! I’m coming♡”
Mai’s mind was now completely blank.

She felt as if sparks were flying in her vision, and she was being driven back and forth by the pleasure she was feeling.

In such a state, Mai’s cervix was repeatedly crushed by the violent pistoning, and she spat out words that she did not want to say.

The fact that she was being forced to say them excited her, and her unwilling body became aroused…


Mai’s body jumped.

The penis tightens in her vagina like never before, and Eiji bites down hard on his teeth.

He resisted the wriggling as if seeking ejaculation and calmed himself down with a deep breath.

Mai, on the other hand, was so overwhelmed that she couldn’t breathe, and she had to exhale all the oxygen in her lungs.

Sweat poured out of her, and a sour smell filled the air.

She even squirted out a squirt, and her lower body was now a mess.

“Ha… ha…!!!”

Mai’s eyes were black and white as she felt an intense pleasure that she had never felt before.

I’ve never felt this kind of pleasure before.

What kind of pleasure makes you almost lose consciousness? What is it about my body that makes it react in a way that I can’t believe is my own?

What could be more euphoric than having sex with —— Rika?

“It’s not a big deal…! If it was this much, I’d be feeling it from the sweet sex I had with Rika!”

Mai, out of breath, blurts out a big lie.

Of course, Eiji can easily see that it’s a lie.

Did he feel annoyed because she told a boring lie?

No, not at all. Rather, he is impressed and even excited by Mai’s competitive spirit.

If she was going to be a cuckold, she had to be as stubborn as this to be interesting.

And it’s not a normal man’s cuckold, but a yuri couple… a woman’s cuckold.

Eiji was almost intoxicated by the sweetness of the situation.

“I see. I’m sorry I talked so much about teaching you to be with a man.”

“That’s true.”

“But you know what, Terui? Have you noticed?”

A beat later, Eiji said.

“I haven’t cum once yet.”


Mai shuddered at his words.

“That’s a lie…!”

“I’m not lying. Look at that.”

With that, Eiji pulled out of her tightening vagina and showed her his rubberized member.

Indeed, there was no sign of semen in the rubber.

The rod was just white and stained with Mai’s love juices and precum.

“Then, then. Still…”

Mai clears her throat.

This is not the end. They say that a man wither away once he put it out, but instead, he stays excited until he puts it out once.

I hate it. I feel like I’m being repainted. I feel like I’ll never be able to go back to Rika.

But Mai didn’t run away, she gulped in anticipation.

“There’s more to come.”

With that, Eiji inserted his manhood into her vagina again.

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1 year ago


Alex Kennedy
1 year ago

This novel doesnt have a great plot, only ero. Know what you Reading so you don’t feel dissapointed when it not reach up to your expectation

1 year ago
Reply to  Alex Kennedy

i mean with the title of this novel, expecting anything other than wish fulfillment sex would be quite dumb.