Y. NTR Ch.19

Ch 19


A wild and charming voice rang out.

It was Mai, after all, who was raising her voice. Well, it would be weird if Eiji, a burly man, were to raise his voice like that.

The intercourse is still going on… but things have changed a bit.

In the past, the sound of bodies colliding was high-pitched, and Mai’s charming voice was high-pitched, and it was emitted in small increments over and over again.

But now it was different. It was a long and relaxed voice, as if she was squeezing out her voice.

It was a sign that the intercourse that was taking place now was a far cry from the intense one that had just taken place.

“Ooohhh… ♡ Nya, nya, what’s this…?”

“What do you mean… normal sex?”

“I don’t know anything about this… aaaaahhhh♡”

Mai’s neck was turned away, exposing her throat, a weak point for any living creature, and her body trembled with jittery pleasure.

Eiji and Mai were still connected, but they weren’t engaged in the beastly intercourse of slamming their hips together.

Eiji held one of Mai’s legs on his shoulder.

He was not a foot fetishist, but he was attracted to her legs, which were plump and slender like those of a model.

With her legs wide open, her slightly thick pubic hair and soggy pubic area were in full view.

There, in a combined position, was Eiji’s member.

It was the so-called “pine crutch” position.

“Kuhiiiii…♡ Please Stop…♡”

“Why? You said you didn’t like the intensity, so I’m just pushing you without moving to give you a break.”

“You’re the only one who can rest! I’ve been made to cum so many times before… I’m going to cum again♡”

When she was pushed into the cervix with the glans, she turned her face away again and shook her sweat-soaked limbs.

The amount of sweat wasn’t half bad.

It wasn’t the fresh sweat from being violently fucked, but the sticky sweat from being slowly loosened up.

Both the smell of the sweat and the sweet smell of the woman were quite concentrated.

“Why can’t you come? Are you a slow ejaculator?”

“Don’t be rude. That’s not true.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle at Mai’s words.

“Your body feels great. You’ve been fucking Onizuka for a while now, and you’ve got a really tight, wriggling pussy.”

“Then why…?”

“No, it’s because I put up with it like a normal person, okay?”

“Don’t do that!”

She jumped up and down, trying to hit his breastplate as hard as she could. But when her cervix was kneaded, she sank back down on the bed with a squeal of delight.

“Why are you holding back? My body feels good, doesn’t it?”

“That’s because I’m trying to get you to give in.”


Even though she was being fucked by a man with a penis in her vagina, Mai laughed at Eiji as if he was truly a fool.

“Surrender? Are you still saying that ridiculous thing? Just so you know, my heart is 100% with her, Rika.”

“I’m sure you’re right. But…”

When he says that, Eiji thrusts his hips forward even more.


Her cervix was being pushed in and drool spilled from her clenched mouth.

The amount of her love juices increases, and every time I move my hips around, I hear a squishy sound.

“But your body’s almost gone.”

“Ah, ah, ah, ah♡”

The legs that were being carried on Eiji’s shoulders stretched out.

The cooing and tightening of her vagina was a true indication that she had reached her climax.

“Why is…? Why is my body so…?”

“I don’t know if it’s because you’re a good match with me or because you’re a slut… or…”

Eiji said and stretched out his arm.

His large, thick hands were nothing compared to Mai’s clean, thin ones.

Such a hand was placed on one of her most tender and important places, the lower abdomen… on her womb.

“What, uh… uh…?”

He pushed it in as hard as he could without hurting her.

Then an indescribable feeling hit Mai.

It’s like a thrill, or a chilling sensation of electricity… like the calm before a violent storm that is about to… blow.

Then it became clearer as Eiji moved his hips and penetrated the cervix with his penis.

The pressure from the entrance, from right above, by the man, sent a jolt of pleasure directly into Mai’s brain.

“Kah… hah…♡”

Mai’s body jumped dangerously, as if she had really been electrified.

She had a ghastly look on her face, with white eyes and drool dripping from the corners of her mouth, not the cute idol look she usually had.

She looked like a beast. It was a beast that was simply devouring pleasure and being controlled by it.

After experiencing a climax so deep that she couldn’t even breathe, Mai couldn’t come back to life right away.

“I have not cum yet.”

Eiji chuckled and withdrew his manhood.

After all, he still hadn’t reached ejaculation yet.

Of course, he was holding back, so if he didn’t do that, he could ejaculate right away.

“Well, I think I’ve managed to make you cum to some extent, and I think I’ve hammered home the general hierarchy. Now it’s time for me to cum, too.”

I glanced at the manhood, which still showed no signs of fading.

It was wrapped in brightly colored rubber, and was white with Mai’s love juices.

After the first violent intercourse, the intercourse was moist, as if it had been hurried and allowed to mature.

Mai, who had never known a man and was inexperienced, had completely surrendered her ample limbs through these two intercourse sessions.

“Here we go. Oh, you have a pretty soft body. I’m glad to see that you can do so many different positions.”

Eiji moved Mai’s body, which had not yet recovered from her deep climax, on his own.

He takes her long, slender legs and hooks them around her elbows, then covers her up.

Her legs are facing the ceiling and her pubic area is also facing upwards, which is the so-called “piledriver” position.

“Ugh… what’s…?”

The position is rather tight, so Mai is pulled back from the afterglow of her climax.

She was lifted up so high that her legs were crushed by her ample breasts, making it quite painful.

Mai’s face turns red as she realizes that she is exposing her soggy pubic area and her twitching asshole.

“What? What are you doing?”

“I think it’s time for me to release. Okay, here we go.”

“What? Wait, can you explain… ooh…♡”

Zupupupupu…Mai raises a screaming voice to the penis that is inserted

The pressure of being penetrated from above was also tremendous.

The fact that she was being held down and fucked by an existence far more powerful than her own made Mai leak love juice again.

The current position was a bending position… where the man held the woman down to beat the pleasure into her.

From that point on, there was no conversation.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh♡”
Dochu, dochu, dochu!

The penis slammed into her from above like a nail gun, penetrating her vagina with ease.

Even though she had been untied and violated a lot in the past few hours, she still had very little experience with men, so the tightness was very strong.

It must be very tough to move a man’s cock in such a situation, but it doesn’t seem to affect him at all, and he gouges out her vaginal walls and G-spot.


Pshhhhh! and the squirt started.

It was like a fountain as it leaked out of her pubic area, which was facing upward because her legs were held and turned over.

She has already spurted many times.

Even so, the pounding of the penis was so violent that Mai finally pissed herself.

The stench of ammonia would have made anyone who smelled it frown.

However, Eiji was excited by the unethical sight of the popular idol urinating in front of others, and it made his penis even harder.

“Ah! Oh, no! Hmm♡”

Mai’s voice was not that of a human being, at least not one that could be heard.

Her voice, which sounded like it was coming from deep in her belly, was not very inviting.

But to Eiji, the man who was fucking her, it was a tremendously attractive moan.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Ah♡”

Mai’s face was more disheveled than ever.

Her eyes were white, her nostrils were wide open, and her tongue was spilling out of her slack mouth.

Tears, snot, drool, and all kinds of other bodily fluids were leaking out.

Looking at her face like this, there was no way she would be as popular as an idol.

But to the man who was pushing her like this, it was the best expression he could have.

“Uhh! Aaah! Guhiiii♡”

Mai’s body is on a rampage.

Her body is rejecting the violent pleasure that is being pumped into it.

This is why she is jumping unconsciously, and because she is unconscious, she is exerting a force that she would not normally exert.

It is a power that an ordinary man could easily be blown away by.

But that doesn’t apply to Eiji, who is the strongest and biggest of all men.

He holds her down from above and does not hinder her in any way from continuing the seeding press.

So no matter how much Mai raged with pleasure, she could not escape in any way because she was held down by Eiji’s body.

Sweat, love juices, and a variety of other bodily fluids were sprinkled all over her as she let her luscious, voluptuous limbs dance beneath Eiji’s body.

“Okay, I’m about to cum. It’s inside a condom, but you need to concentrate and feel it.”



From Eiji’s declaration, the slamming of the penis becomes even more intense.

Mai moans like a beast… no, she’s no longer a beast.

Love juices, squirts, and urine splashed like a fountain, and then…


Gakun! and Mai climaxed with a dangerously violent reaction.

At the same time, Eiji also ejaculated, spitting out his semen into the condom.

Mai also sensed the man’s ejaculation in an instinctive part of her as it swelled the condom at once and pushed up the vaginal wall that had been sucking on the penis without any gap.

Rationally, She has no idea because her mind has gone blank and sparks are flying all over the place, and she has no idea what to think.

Mai’s body shakes with a jolt.

“…Are you okay?”

After pulling out his cock and releasing her from the severe position she had been in during the seeding press, Eiji laughed at Mai’s condition despite what he had done.

Mai lay on the bed, limp and weak, unable to warn the man nearby.

Her breathing is so deep and heavy that she looks as if she might die at any moment, and the amount of sweat on her body is unbelievable.

She has vomited out various bodily fluids such as love juices and urine, ruining the luxurious bed.

Her pubic area, which should normally be hidden from public view, was unsparingly exposed by her legs, which were spread open like a squashed frog.

He was wearing a condom so there was no semen flowing back, but the gaping hole showed that she had completely given in to the man.

“…Shall we wait a while?”

Eiji muttered to himself as he looked at Mai, who had fainted.

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