Y. NTR Ch.20

Ch 20

She was in a deep reverie.

She felt as if she were floating in a calm sea, dizzy but comfortable.

Of course, she wasn’t in the ocean, her body was in her bed in her room.

… There is a gorilla, a dangerous beast of prey, near my room, so I can’t be immersed here all the time.

I don’t think he’s the kind of guy who would mess with a bankbook or anything like that, but I do know that he’s the kind of guy who would play tricks on my unconscious body.

I can’t deal with him anymore today. I have to get up…

But even with that thought, I couldn’t get up and…

“Hey, are you okay?”

I felt a light tap on my cheek, and my consciousness rushed to the surface. It was the worst kind of awakening.

I woke up to a close-up of a gorilla instead of Rika’s adorable sleeping face. Is it torture?

“There’s no way I am okay…”

Mai’s face twisted in annoyance, but she couldn’t seem to get up yet.

Nor would she be able to. She had been subjected to the most intense pleasure she had ever felt, and she was helpless to do anything about it.

She had been taught what it meant to be with a man, and her body was still reeling from the pleasure.

In the end, Eiji was only able to reach her once, which caused Mai a great deal of discomfort.

“Oh, you’re awake.”

“What’s that…?”

Instead of answering Eiji’s words, Mai’s eyes were drawn to something he was holding.

It was a plastic bottle filled with water.

I wonder if there was anything like that in the refrigerator. It tastes better if it’s flavored, so I should have only put that kind of thing.

“Mineral water. It usually tastes better when it’s flavored. It tastes better after I’ve had sex with a woman and brought her to her knees. I couldn’t just raid the fridge, so I bought some at the nearest convenience store.”

“… You’ve got a lot of common sense for someone who messes me up so badly.”

Mai let out a sigh of exasperation.

If the refrigerator was opened without permission, I could use that as a reason to kick him out of the house… but it seems that she can’t do that either.

“So, How was it?”
Eiji asks with a smirk on his face. It’s disgusting.

I want to smash my fist into his nose as hard as I can, but I’m afraid it would hurt more to hit him, so I’ll hold back.

Mai turned away and decided to go along with the conversation.

“It’s not a big deal. I still don’t like you or anything, and I love Rika.”

This was my true feeling.

She did not have any faint feelings of love for Eiji.

Her strongest emotional interest was all in her lover, Rika.


“Well, that’s just great.”

Eiji goes near Mai and brings the penis to her mouth.

She was limp and immobile, and could not escape.

But she should be able to turn her face away and show her rejection.

But… Mai did not do that.

On the contrary, she put her face close to the penis…

“Mmm, chu…”

She took it into her mouth.

When Eiji’s penis was at its most excited and tense state, it might have been difficult for an inexperienced woman to take it all in her mouth, but now it was squishy and cute.

Well, it was still quite large.

She didn’t know how to move it after it was in her mouth, so Mai just licked it off and on.

“You can do whatever you want with your body, but you can’t give in to your heart? I like it.”


What should I do?

I was surprised that I didn’t feel more rejected than I did.

I thought I’d vomit and never be able to take a man’s penis in my mouth, but it was so smooth…

Rather… because I had the right qualities, I may have become attached to this thing that pushed me to that point and made me feel good about myself.

“You don’t have to overdo it. I’m sure you’re not used to it yet, and I’ll get you used to it.:


Eiji saw that Mai was having trouble deciding what to do, so he lightly swung his hips back and forth and pulled out his penis.

He didn’t put it in her mouth to squeeze the semen out of it.

It was just a cleaning blowjob to clean up the stain of semen and love juice.

He doesn’t care if it gives him pleasure, as long as she cleans him up.

Well, there is a difference of opinion as to whether or not it is beautiful to be covered in saliva.

Even though he didn’t have an erection in my mouth, I was still being moved by a man’s sex organ.

It was no wonder that she felt nauseous, but Mai let out a somewhat sweet voice.

If it had been her just a few minutes ago, she would have vomited without a doubt.

She had been remade by Eiji in such a short time.

Mai’s mouth was still glistening with saliva as he pulled it out.

Mai followed it with her eyes and finally decided to sit up.

As Eiji watched her, he muttered to himself.

‘Well, I was wondering if we could have another round of…”

“What? I can’t do it anymore! Do you have any idea how many times you’ve made me cum?”

Mai’s eyes widened.

I’m already a wobbly wreck of myself. I don’t know what will happen to me if I am hit with that kind of intense pleasure again.

I was going to refuse at all costs.

However, Eiji also shook his head.

“Well, listen. I don’t have a condom to begin with. Do you have any more of those?”

“No, I don’t have any…”

There might have been a few more, but Mai denied it for the time being, since she would be fucked again if she said so.

As I was thinking about this, I noticed something sticky on my body.

It was the condom that had been used earlier.

Mai finally picked up the semen-filled condom that had been discarded on her ample chest.

I made a disgusting face from the bottom of my heart, and after I got it, I threw it in the trash can.

“So, without further ado…”

Get the hell out of here.

I had included that in my words, but he, who had decided to take this opportunity to corrupt Mai, naturally did not nod.

“What are you talking about? You’re going on a holiday tomorrow. Of course we’re going to fuck all night.”

“What? I can’t, I can’t! It’s torture to spend time with a gorilla!”

“That’s it…”

I thought she didn’t want to have sex without a condom, but she said she didn’t.

… No, it’s probably more damaging to be told that you don’t want to be with me.

But, of course, Eiji wasn’t thinking of fucking without a condom.

That’s a story for later.

“So I thought I’d go buy some condoms. Let’s go.”

“What? I said no…”

“If you don’t mind fucking without a condom, you don’t have to go.”

“No! If you went to the convenience store in the first place, you should have bought some condoms as well…”

Mai gritted her teeth at Eiji’s absurd logic.

The fact that they were supposed to have sex in the first place was ridiculous, but even if she wanted to beat him up, it would be too difficult for her, who wasn’t physically fit, to get rid of him.

If you need a condom, you should have bought one when you went to buy water earlier…

When Eiji met Mai’s gaze, he smiled and said…

“Wouldn’t it be… erotic if an erotic woman who was doing something erotic just a moment ago came to buy rubbers?”

“Don’t get me involved in this nonsense!”

Mai stomped her foot on the ground.

Eiji was happy to see her breasts bouncing and swaying.

For now, Mai decided to go look in the mirror.

She wanted to be prettier than anyone else, so of course she had to make sure she looked good, even if it was just a trip to the convenience store.

After watching her disappear into the bathroom, Eiji was in a daze when he saw her…

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! What are you writing on my pretty forehead? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Mai jumped out of her skin, screaming loudly, something she had never let out even when she was being fucked and climaxing all over.

On her forehead was the all too classic and overused word “meat”.

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