C.F. Ch.27

Ch 27 Don’t ring anymore (Kanae’s POV).

“Long time no see, Kanae. All of a sudden, I’m in trouble. At my school, there’s a girl who’s been following me around… and she seems to like me. I told her it was just a misunderstanding, but she kept coming on to me. I’m not sure if she’s going to be my girlfriend or not.”

I was surprised at the sudden email with a picture.

It was the first time Souta-kun had contacted me since he left to study abroad, and it was even more so because it said he was about to have a girlfriend.

However, Souta-kun had encouraged Yuki and I to get together, and as a childhood friend, I was happy.

“I have to let Yuki-kun know about it!”

As I was cleaning the second floor of our house, I trudged down the stairs to Yuki-kun in the living room.

Yuki-kun was using a handy mop to remove dust from the furniture. Being able to do housework with someone I love like this makes me fantasize about so many things.

A week ago, Yuki and I got into a standoff over whether or not he would live with us while my parents were away, or if he would come check on us often. I begged, I got angry, I sulked, and in the end, I clung to him with tears in my eyes and pushed him as hard as I could.

That’s why Yuki-kun and I are now living together.

I won’t let him go home for the rest of the term!

Thinking about this, I went straight to Yuki-kun and hugged him.

“Oh? Did you finish upstairs already?”

“Yes, thank you for cleaning up Yuki-kun, you’ve been a big help.”

I pressed my face against Yuki-kun’s chest and hugged him.

I’ve been with him for the past week, and I think we’ve come to be able to do this kind of skinship quite naturally.

Of course, I’m still a little nervous, but I’m more than happy and relieved.

As I was enjoying Yuki-kun’s scent and body heat, he asked me,

“It looks like you came down from upstairs in a hurry, did something happen?”

Oh, that’s right.

“Yeah, that’s right, Souta-kun is about to get a girlfriend!”

I completely forgot about it for a moment, but I took out my phone and told Yuki-kun.

“What, Souta has a girlfriend? He’s only been there for about a month?”

“Yeah, that’s amazing! She looks like a Hollywood actress!”

In the midst of the commotion, I rub up against Yuki again, and this time I guide him into a position where I can rest my back against him – as if he’s looking into my phone from behind.

I love the feeling of being hugged from behind.

“Wow, She really does look like a model or actress.”

The blonde-haired beauty smiled as Souta-kun held her by the shoulders. Her arms and legs are long, her face is small, her breasts are large, and she has a nice body with an amazing waistline.

When I see such an amazing person, I feel sorry for Yuki-kun because everything of mine is so ordinary…

But just then, I saw Yuki-kun muttering in a really faint voice, “Huh… but Kanae is prettier…” with a slightly evil look on his face through the reflection of the phone screen, and I was both happy and embarrassed, and I wanted to argue with him to hide my embarrassment, but–Oh, Yuki-kun, Yuki-kun, Yuki-kun…!

I spun around and squeezed Yuki-kun from the front.

“Oh? –Oh, yeah, shouldn’t we call Chris?”

With that comment, I regained my composure for a moment.

That’s right, Chris-chan told me that together with Yuki-kun. She wanted me to let her know if I heard from Souta-kun.

I wonder if I should tell her now? I casually rubbed my cheek against Yuki’s body and operated my phone with one hand.

Then I thought of a good idea.

“Oh, yes, Yuki-kun, why don’t we take a picture and send it back to Souta-kun?”

I wanted to report to Souta-kun that we are getting along well thanks to him, and I also wanted to show off to someone that I am living with Yuki-kun.

Yuki-kun shyly nodded at my suggestion.

Then, the two of us made a few preparations.

“Alright, alright, let’s take pictures~”

“Yes, yes…”

Yuki hugged my shoulders and stretched out his arm to take a picture of me with his smartphone.

I’m a little embarrassed when we take pictures together like this.

But Yuki was surprised and said, “Oh, your face is blurry!” and I said, “I’m meditating!” We took a lot of pictures together.

“Do you like this picture?”

“Yeah, I think it’s a good shot.”

I checked with Yuki-kun and attached the picture.

“She’s so beautiful! I think Souta-kun and she are a good match! Thanks to Souta-kun, Yuki and I are also getting along well. Now that my parents have given us permission, Yuki and I are living together, and it’s fun!”

With that text, I sent a reply to Souta-kun with Chris’s name attached to it.

“I took so many pictures.”

Sitting side by side on the sofa in the living room, Yuki-kun and I looked at the photos together again.

On the phone, there were a lot of me and Yuki-kun cuddling each other, with red faces and shy smiles on our faces.

“Hehe, I’m so happy…”

My face is hot and tight, and I’m sure I look very sloppy right now, but I turn from the phone in my hand to Yuki-kun.

“Thank you, Yuki-kun.”

Before I knew it, my happiness had turned into words of thanks to Yuki-kun.

At that moment, Yuki-kun suddenly grabbed my arm and pulled me closer.

The thought of being caught in those big, burly hands and not being able to escape makes my heart squeeze tightly and makes me throb painfully.

Yuki-kun’s glaring eyes are staring at me as if they don’t want to let me go, and that look alone is enough to send shivers down my spine and stomach…

Eventually, Yuki-kun’s face approached mine and I closed my eyes, knowing what he was going to do to me.

The raw feeling of his lips on mine made my body burn and my head melt.

As it is… with Yuki-kun…

As I froze, half in anticipation and half in fear of what was to come, my phone rang.

Before I knew it, I had dropped my phone on the floor and it was buzzing.

–What the hell!

Yuki-kun and I looked at each other in surprise.

I don’t want to pick up my phone, and I’m sure Yuki-kun doesn’t want me to pick up my phone.

I want to continue, I want to continue … Although I was a little scared a while ago, my body and feelings that I was afraid of ached as if to encourage continuation.

The two of us stare at each other, Yuki-kun and I know we both want to continue, but somehow we feel compelled to pick up our phones…

We grabbed each other’s clothes and arms, determined not to let each other go, and I picked up my phone to see what was on it.

“Oh, baby?”

On the screen of the phone was a picture of a baby sleeping in an incubator.

It was my sister’s baby, born much earlier than the due date I had heard about, but according to the text message from my mother, it was born safely.

I was relieved, and at the same time I was smiling at the sight of the baby.

Then Yuki-kun came up to me and looked into my face. I couldn’t help but want to suck on Yuki-kun’s cheek as he approached me.

“Oh, he is so small!”

I’m a simpleton, and I’m so excited that Yuki’s cat-like voice makes me think that he will take good care of our child in the future…

“Hey, hey, Yuki-kun…”

I whispered in a small huff and sagged against Yuki’s body. I think it was my throat that gulped first.

“Baby is cute…?”

Yuki-kun’s body, which is transmitted through his clothes, is so strong… I can’t stop being spoiled and flirting.

“Yuki-kun… baby is cute…?”

I whispered again, the tips of our noses touching, and he seemed to get the point.

Yuki-kun is able to wear it properly… He pushed me down, huffing and puffing.

I was happy to see that Yuki was planning to do the same, and suddenly realized that I still had my phone with me.

I turned off my phone and dropped it on the carpet.

In front of me, Yuki-kun is coming to cover me.

So, from here on out, don’t make a sound–

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Souta is gonna die of anger!
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In this chapter, Yukiya learned about the danger of adolescent girls

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