Y. NTR Ch.21

Ch 21

“Ah, such a hassle…”

At a certain convenience store, there was a man who looked and acted like a troublemaker from the bottom of his heart.

He was a part-time store clerk, and he frequently worked the night shift.

After all, the hourly wage was better than during the daytime, and since he was a university student, he had more time.

However, he doesn’t like to work, so it’s a hassle for him.

Besides, he was thinking of quitting soon because of the frequent visits of monstrous customers.


The guests came again. It’s nighttime, so why don’t you just go to bed?

I thought to myself, but I made an unwilling call.

The customer seemed to have already decided what he wanted and headed towards the display shelf, disappearing from his sight.

“… You want me to pay the bill?”

“… Just go. You want me to peel your hoodie off?”

“… Come on!”

He hears this voice whispering to him.

“(Don’t start a lovers’ quarrel here.)”

I want you to stop at the right place, because if you get into trouble, I will have to intervene.

As the man was thinking about this and trying to stay out of it, a woman came to him alone, as if she had talked to him.

“I’m gonna need this…”


The woman offered him a condom.

This is not a strange thing.

If it is late at night, not in the daytime, it is common.

But that’s not what surprised the man.

He looked up with some interest at the woman who had brought out the rubber, and was astonished to see her.

“(What is this woman who has an air of eroticism about her? She looks very pretty and has a very erotic body…)”

It exudes something that is so sensual that it seems to be irritating.

The woman’s appearance was surprisingly neat.

Her beautiful black hair, which was gathered to one side, was well groomed and silky.

She had large, slightly slanted eyes, a clear nose, and fresh, pouty lips, and her face was as pretty as an idol’s.

Her cheeks were tinged with red and sweat, perhaps she was feeling the shame of offering me a condom.

If that had been all, I would have ended up envious of the man who was doing something like using a condom with her.

The problem was the way she was dressed.

The woman was wearing a thin hoodie.

The fabric of which was puffed up at her chest in what must have been a voluptuous and selfish style.

The zipper was not all the way up, so I could see her deep cleavage, which was covered with beads of sweat.

She was wearing very light clothes.

It was not the middle of summer, and it was even cooler at night, but the woman was wearing only a thin hoodie, exposing her lit-up, uneven body.

Seeing her like that, the man realized with a huff.

“(Well, you’re not wearing anything under that hoodie, are you?)”
As he watched the fabric of her breasts being pulled together in a big heap, there was a particular part of the fabric that was raised in a wispy way.

It had to be a nipple.

The product she was looking for in this burning situation was a condom.

She was blatantly telling me that she had been doing something erotic just a few minutes ago.

“(This is a condom…)”

The man looks at the product offered to him and gulps it down.

It’s not that he’s a virgin, but the thought of a woman who radiates an erotic atmosphere around him and asks for a condom makes his blood boil and he loses his temper.

“What’s wrong…?”

“Oh, no, no…”

I hurriedly shook my head at the cute woman who asked me with a fearful look.

“(I should definitely talk to him…)”

It was a bit like picking up a girl, but there was no way I was going to let this girl go.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get close to a woman with such good looks and excellent style, and the fact that she’s coming over here with a lascivious look on her face is just like a duck coming over here with a leek on his back.

That’s why I have to talk to her…

“… You’re coming here too!”

“Ah, yes, yes.”

“(Her boyfriend is so big!)”

A large man appears at the call of a woman.

Seeing this, the man’s cheeks tensed up.

It may be wrong to try to talk to a woman who has a boyfriend, but at this woman’s level, he can’t give up just because she has a boyfriend.

But if the man was much bigger, stronger, and sterner than he was, he couldn’t try to talk to her.

He was so tall that I had to look up at him to feel the pain in my neck, and he was so muscular and thick.

He was so muscular and thick-boned that you thought he might lose consciousness with a single bump.

…It’s strange to see the expression “devilish man” in this era.

“Er… It will be 1080 yen.”

So, even though he had the most beautiful woman in front of him, he couldn’t talk to her or even look at her.

If he did something wrong, I knew that if the big guy next to me said, “What are you doing to my girlfriend?” I would inevitably become incontinent and faint.

“Come on, get the money out.”

The beautiful girl in front of me, the one who could not be missed, threw away the kind and somewhat embarrassed look she had been giving herself and kicked the big man next to her in a rather violent tone.

“(Yeah… okay…?)”

If she was behaving like this to a stern big man who might have been convinced that he was a yakuza, she might have been subjected to domestic violence…

I was a little shocked at the fact that such a pretty woman would behave in such a violent manner.

That would mean that she was more into the big guy than the other guys, but he didn’t know that yet.

“No, you take it out. You’re the one who wanted it, right?”

The woman and the clerk were startled by the big man’s words.

The woman, in particular, screamed like a cat that had been stepped on, and her face boiled red.

But of course, the shopkeeper was astonished as well.

After all, the two of them must have had a nasty relationship, but it was the woman who was happy to use it…

“Hmm. You’re getting so big. I’m going to eat you again, aren’t I♡”

In his fantasy, the woman who seduces him with her buxom body slumped over, radiating an incredible sex appeal.

His nose almost bled from the fantasy alone.

“Nya, nya, what kind of nonsense are you talking about! You’re in front of people!”

…But he cools down when he sees her, clearly upset and rambling. 

Oh, this is the kind of woman who is being played by a man and made to give in. There was no way she could be seduced like that.

“What are you talking about now, when you’re giving off such an erotic vibe? I already know.”


At the man’s words, the woman’s body trembled and she looked at me with fear and trepidation.

But I can’t do anything but scrunch my cheeks and adopt an ambiguous attitude.

I don’t know what he is talking about, because I don’t know what he means.

That she is not wearing anything under my hoodie? That they had been having sex just a few minutes ago?

Either way, a lot is wrong with this couple.


Perhaps she couldn’t stand his gaze any longer, but she snatched the condom without paying for it and ran off.

No, she is going to take the condom home with you… and the clerk with the cheeks drawn together.

“Oh… the receipt is fine. I’m sorry.”

“Oh, no, there’s…”

The big man paid easily and left quickly, unlike what he had said earlier.

The shopkeeper, who saw them off, watched their backs in a daze for a while…

“I’m so fucking jealous!!!!”

The volume of the scream was so loud that it made the driver of the truck, who was about to stop in the parking lot of the convenience store, tremble.

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