Y. NTR Ch.22

Ch 22

“You Idiot! I’m going to kill you!”
“Hahaha, it works, it works, stop biting.”

Eiji, who had been taking Mai’s punches with a goofy smile, broke out in a cold sweat when she snarled and pointed her fangs at him. A wild child.

Even though he’s been working out for a while, he can still feel the pain when she bites him with her sharp canine teeth.

Well, that’s the end of it.

“Isn’t it all over? I can’t use that convenience store anymore!”

Mai yells at him with tears in her eyes.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t affect Eiji.

“There are plenty of convenience stores out there, so it doesn’t matter if we can’t use that one anymore. Besides, it’s not like that part-timer will be working at the same place forever, so it’s not something to worry about.”

“It’s nothing to worry about… There is a significant discrepancy in perception between me and the gorilla…!”

It makes me want to scratch my throat with the whites of my eyes.

What am I going to do with this gorilla…?!

While I’m thinking about this, Eiji for some reason starts to take off his clothes right in front of Mai.

His rugged, muscular body, which no woman could ever create, is exposed once again.

She is then stunned by his words.

“Well, well. I’m going to fuck you again.”

“What!? Wait… are you serious? I mean, let me take a bath once! I’ve only been able to take a quick shower a while ago, so my skin is still chapped!”

Of course, Mai, who is prettier than everyone else and wants to be prettier than everyone else, dresses well, even if it’s just a trip to the convenience store.

… Well, even if you are not as conscious of yourself as Mai is, it is quite dangerous and courageous to go to a convenience store at night with so much sexual odor in the air.

She had been made to climax so much by Eiji that she couldn’t even put on the light makeup she usually wears, and was humiliated to go to the convenience store without any makeup on.

However, she has such a good figure that even without makeup on, the clerk at the convenience store can’t help but notice her.

When she said that, Eiji sniffed and said…

“… Sure, you smell pretty good, don’t you? Because your bodily fluids are amazing…”

“No, don’t you say that.”

“Tone of voice…”

Eiji is a little surprised by Mai’s rough words.

Even though it is a bodily fluid… it doesn’t smell much like semen. This is because Eiji had only ejaculated once after all.

In other words, most of the sexual odor was Mai’s body fluids.

Sweat, love juices, and urine… were all not good smells for her to emit, as she was confident and proud of her cuteness.

“All right, let’s go in together then.”

“Are you stupid? Humans are not supposed to bathe with gorillas.”

Mai gave him a furtive look.

But Eiji was unfazed.

“You can talk like that while you still can. After all, it’s Friday… and we’re going on a holiday weekend. I’m looking forward to it…”

“Oh, you…! Don’t tell me you really are going to try to fuck me for the past two days…!”

Mai shivered.

Is this man really going to stay here and continue to fuck her for the rest of the holidays…?!

For just one day, even just a few hours, Mai was pounded with so much pleasure that she almost lost herself.

And that for several days…?

I’m not sure I can stand it…

“Come on, let’s go.”

Eiji grabbed me firmly by the arm.

I failed to escape, but there was nothing I could do against his strong arms and power.

I felt the difference between a man and a woman here, and my lower abdomen tingled with fear.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let me go! Give me back to Rika!”

Mai flailed around like a mess.

However, Eiji dragged her towards the bathroom…

A few moments later, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh, the sticky… sound of water, and the high-pitched screech of a woman’s voice rang out from the bathroom.


“Oh, that’s.”

The man who said this was a part-time pizza delivery man working at a national chain pizza shop.

Today, he was riding his motorcycle to deliver pizzas to customers’ homes.

He was fed up with the bland nature of his job.

“Seriously, let’s stop this. That’s the last of it.”

I was determined to do so as I held the pizza.

If I carried it from time to time, what flew at me was not thanks but curses.

‘You’re late! Give it to me for free!’ Or, to put it another way. The stress was getting worse.

“…That’s a big apartment building. Even people who can live in a place like this eat this kind of food.”

Today’s delivery was to a magnificent skyscraper… where the rent would have blown hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It looks like the most expensive of all the apartments I’ve ever delivered to.

Anyway, I called the number of the room I had heard about.


Then a muffled voice came back.

It was a woman’s voice, but why was it so muffled? It was as if she was holding her mouth while talking.

It could be a bad connection, the man thought, easily dismissing his suspicions.

“Oh, I’m here to deliver your pizza.”

“Ha, yes.”

I took a breath, made sure the auto-lock was unlocked, and went inside.

As expected, the apartment was as luxurious as it looked, and everything from the lobby to the elevators was kept clean and luxurious.

I’d love to live in a place like this someday… he thought as he arrived in front of his room and rang the intercom again.

He then heard a rustling sound from the intercom.

“… Hey. You’re the one who should go!”

“Just go… They’ll never know.”

“It was the same with the… convenience store!”

“…I wonder if it’s okay to come out quickly.”

There seems to be some kind of a dispute, but please don’t let it affect me.

I want to report to the manager that I’m quitting as soon as I finish this.

As I was thinking this, I heard a rattling sound and the door was opened.

“Oh, thank you for waiting.”

“Oh, this is 2300 yen… it’s going to be…”

He glanced up at the woman’s figure, as if she was bothering him… and was stunned.

“Uh… then I’ll start at 3,000 yen…”

This was because the woman’s appearance was very sensational.

To begin with, the woman’s appearance was extremely well-groomed.

Her beautiful long black hair was the embodiment of Japanese beauty.

Her large, slightly drooping eyes, clear nose, and fresh lips were all attractive features.

But what made the man’s throat clench more than anything else was the strong sexiness that overflowed from her entire body.

She was sweating profusely, and her hair was sticking to her forehead and cheeks.

She was wearing a simple t-shirt, and was sweating profusely as she looked down at her breasts.

And best of all, she wasn’t wearing anything on her lower half.

No, maybe she is wearing short pants hidden by the shirt.

But obviously, the man’s shirt is too saggy and roomy on her body, and because of that, it hides her thighs, making her look like a lascivious woman wearing only a shirt.

The large size of the shirt made it easy to see her deep cleavage.

The sweat trickling down her body disappeared into her cleavage.

“What’s wrong…?”

“Oh, um… no…”

The woman asked hesitantly.

She must have felt afraid of the man who stared at her dumbly without taking the money she offered him.

However, the man’s heart was still pounding and his mind was occupied with her.


The woman let out a small scream and backed away.

She is frightened that his eyes are glistening and he has a male face.

“Oh, um!”

I call out to the woman.

If he could, he was thinking of having a shot with this erotic woman… but then a voice arrived that cooled his head at once.

“Hey, are you ready yet?”

A large man appeared from behind her.

He had a stern appearance and a muscular body. It’s not just that he’s a man… it’s that he’s a monster with clearly superior fighting abilities.


“Gorilla! (That’s a demon!)”

The woman’s face lit up and she hid behind him.

For a gorilla, she seemed to be quite fond of him.

On the other hand, the one with the embarrassed expression on his face was the delivery guy.

He had come on to a woman with a boyfriend. And he’s such a strict boyfriend. I don’t think I can get away with this.

I shake my knees and shudder.

“Ah… Can I have some change”

However, the big man who was scratching his head and talking was very intelligent.

His voice was definitely low-pitched, but there was no anger in it.

“Oh, I’m sorry! And the pizza…”

“Oh, that’s okay, he took it.”

“Whoa! It looks delicious!”

Before I knew it, the woman who had been staring at me from the shadow of the big man had taken the pizza from him and was quickly running inside.

I can hear such cheers from places I can’t see.

“So, if you’ll excuse me.”

“Thank you for your time.”

Anyway, it was awkward as hell, so the man quickly left the place.

I left my apartment and straddled my bike to go to…

“…How can I meet a woman dressed like that?”

I remember the woman’s appearance again.

She had beads of sweat all over her body and wore only a thin t-shirt that clearly showed the undulations of her body, emitting an overflowing atmosphere of eroticism.

It’s only in this kind of delivery business that you can have a… encounter like that.

“Okay, let’s just keep going!”

The charm of… Mai was so great  to easily change his thoughts, which until just a moment ago had been all about quitting.


“Hmm, huh, huh, huh♡”

In the room after he left the part-timer, the sound of water and muffled female voices leaked out.

In a room filled with stifling heat and a rancid sexual odor, men and women… were piling their bodies on top of each other again.

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