Y. NTR Ch.23

Ch 23

Saturday, the second day.

“Hmm, huh, huh, oh♡”

A small, short, strangled voice rang out.

It seemed to come out of Mai’s mouth with every breath she exhaled.

Eiji was sitting on a large, soft, luxurious bed.

Mai was straddling his sweat-soaked body face-to-face, accepting his cock and giving a small shake of her hips.

It was a position called face-to-face sitting.

Their bodies were so close to each other that it was almost as if they were overheated.

Sweat was sticky on both of their bodies and they were rubbing against each other.

The smell was also tremendous, but that could only be one of the factors that excited them both.

The male scent from Eiji made Mai’s lower abdomen tingle, and the female scent from Mai made his penis throb.

“Hmm, guh, oh, oh♡”

The sizzling sound of the water was disgusting and viscous.

The vagina that was pierced by the hard penis was so wide that it could not spread any further, but it was still contained.

The obscenely distorted cleft is very lewd.

The love juices pouring out of it made the part of the penis that I could see every time I moved up and down sticky, and our pubic hairs were soaked with moisture.

At first it had been a tight squeeze, but now it had learned the shape of Eiji’s cock so well that there was no pain, only pleasure.

It was only one day, but it was still a day, and if she had been fucked all night without being able to take a break, she would have learned the shape of it.

The inside of the vagina tightens around the penis like a sword sheath.

The shape of the vagina is so luscious that it could be called a masterpiece, but Eiji does not ejaculate so easily.

“Ah, uh, uh, uh♡”

Mai did not fall in love with Eiji.

Rather, she disliked him for teaching her about such a man.

But the way she looked at him now, it was hard to believe that she disliked him at all.

She put her arms around the back of his thick neck and hugged him tightly, her face contorted in sadness.

She pressed her full G-cup breasts against him, not caring if they were squashed.

They continue to have lazy sex as if they were mating like molluscs.

“Mmmm, phew…♡”

Eiji’s large hand, which had been rubbing her back, slid downward.

Then, he grabbed a handful of her plump buttocks, which were bobbing up and down.

He opened up the plump butt cheeks and enjoyed the feel of the gnawing.

“Hee!? I told you, you can’t go there…!”

Mai, who had been drooling and soaking in the pleasure sent by Eiji with a look of euphoria on her face, jerked at the finger she felt on her asshole and stared at Eiji’s face up close, her cheeks puffed out.

Her meaty butt tab was open, and he was poking her asshole with a thick finger.

From his point of view, the part of the body that everyone is too shy to perform sexually is also an object of excitement.

“One day, you’re going to be accepted here. If you don’t prepare and unwind properly, you’ll be in a lot of trouble.”

“Don’t do it! That’s the hole you put out…”

“Whoa. You’re going to take it out too, aren’t you? Of course you do.”

“Oh. I don’t do it. I don’t take a piss, I…”


Eiji was bewildered by Mai, who sounded like an idol from a long time ago.

They were having sex at close range, staring at each other, and you’d never guess it from their conversation.

“You don’t need to do any prep work then, so it’s even better.”


With a thud, one of Eiji’s thick fingers was inserted into her asshole.

Mai’s eyes widened and she screamed.

She couldn’t help but hug Eiji tightly, her full breasts pressed even harder against him.

It felt good to have her nipples rubbing against his hard, slick and sweaty chest plate, but the foreign sensation in her asshole was stronger than that.

“Noooo! Let me go!”

Mai is always trying to be pretty no matter who sees her.

Therefore, the outside is perfect… but even the quintessential girl does not take care of the inside of her asshole.

This is the place where she produces what she considers to be the dirtiest excrement, so having a man play with it is repellent.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. You’ll feel better soon, don’t worry.”


Eiji gently supports the back of Mai’s head as she struggles and presses her face against his hard chest plate.

Unlike her own full and soft breasts, pressing her face against them only hurt, not felt good.

So she should be able to rage more and make him pull his finger out of her asshole…


Mai had a look of utter debauchery on her face.

Her little nostrils were flaring and she was sniffing repeatedly, making soothing noises.

Yes, the smell of Eiji’s male body, sweaty and even stronger than usual.

More masculine than most men, his scent was so pheromone laced that it made Mai’s head bob with gusto with just a light inhale.

The way she pressed her face against his sweaty, strong body and frantically sniffed him, it was hard to believe that it was Mai Terui, one of the two most popular idols at Tendo Gakuen among the male students.

But this was her.

It was definitely Mai, with her debauched face, rubbing her body closely together, and tightening her vagina around his penis.

“Hmm, hi, oh, oh♡”

Her body was bobbing up and down again with ease.

A thick finger was still plunged into her asshole, even though she had rejected it.

Rather, it was being pumped in and out in time with Mai’s up and down movements.

Fortunately, there was no brown stuff sticking to the finger, but it was being acclimated by Eiji so that it would expand to accept the penis, and most importantly, so that she could get pleasure from the asshole.

It was an act like plowing a field before planting seeds.

“Kuhii! Ah, ah, ah, ah♡”

And Mai had a talent.

In this short amount of time, she was able to get a good amount of pleasure as well as a foreign sensation from having her asshole played with.

Her vaginal walls were scraped, her cervix was gently pressed, and her asshole was nibbled to widen it, and Mai slobbered and devoured the pleasure with a look of debauchery on her face.


“Kuh… ha ――♡”

Mai’s body tensed up.

She hugged Eiji’s strong body with all her strength.

She hugged him so tightly that there was no space between her and the man she hated so much, whom she had mocked as a gorilla, but she did not seem to hate him.

The sweat-soaked breasts of the G-cups squashed together and moved slipperily.

Her legs, which were wrapped around Eiji’s back, were stretched high and tight.

Shaking, breathlessly, Mai was in the throes of a huge climax.

Sweat was pouring out of her body, and she was squirting.

Eiji’s body was sticky with Mai’s fluids.

But he was also hugging Mai’s soft limbs tightly and ejaculating into her vagina.

…However, since he was wearing a condom, no semen would be poured into her.

But frustratingly, accusingly, Mai’s body tightened around the penis against her will, sizzling and wistful.

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