Y. NTR Ch.25

Ch 25

“… She is not contacting me.”
Rika is sitting on her bed in her room, looking down at her smartphone.

Her dusky dyed golden hair was wet with water, as she had just finished taking a bath.

The way the drops of water dripping from it flowed down her slender limbs was very sexy.

What she had in mind was her precious lover, Mai.

Normally, she would contact me noisily.

This is true even on weekdays when she has school, and it is especially true on weekends when she has consecutive holidays.

We go out together during the day and call each other in the evening.

However, it was now Sunday, and I hadn’t heard from her even once.

“Did she say she had something to do…?”

Rika tilted her head.

Even though the two of us are very close, there are times when we don’t keep in touch.

Whenever I have to go back to my parents’ house, for example, or for weddings, funerals, and so on, we inform each other in advance.

The lack of it means that it should be business as usual for Mai…

“… Has she been involved in any incidents?”

A sudden thought occurred to me. If that was the case, then I can understand why Mai hasn’t contacted me.

If she is in a situation where she can’t get in touch even if she wanted to…

“… Well, no.”

Rika easily dismisses her fears.

Mai may look like a fool, but she’s smart. She is a woman who is smart enough to live, rather than being academically inclined.

Even the place she lives in is well secured.

I’ve visited her many times as a girlfriend, and she has a full-time janitor and an auto-lock system.

It is conceivable that something happened on the way back to the apartment, but…

“… Ogiwara-kun is there, so she will be fine.”

I remember my male classmate who went to play with Mai, and I feel relieved.

It’s not that I trust him, since I’ve only known him for a short time, but he has that huge body and thick muscles that women can’t get.

Rika thought that if he was next to her, it would be difficult to harm him unless he brought an army with him.

Even if all the men in her classmates attacked him, Eiji would be able to handle it.

If so, then the fact that he had turned on Mai was…


Again, she shook her head and denied it.

Eiji was kind. He forgave me easily, even though I had been very rude.

On the contrary, he even showed a hint of concern for me.

He is also a man. You can’t trust him.

But… was a rare man for Rika who could communicate better than other men.

There was no way that he would do anything to hurt Mai, her girlfriend.

“… We can meet again tomorrow.”

With that thought, Rika laid her body down on the bed.

Tomorrow, I’ll ask Mai what happened.

She would at least say a quick hello to Eiji then.

With that thought in mind, Rika’s eyes closed and she fell asleep.

At… the same time, she didn’t know that her lover was on the verge of falling.

If Rika was on her way to Mai’s apartment at this time.

What if Rika had not gone to the apartment but had at least made a phone call?

However, that can only be said after knowing what the past has been like in the future.

It was too much to ask her to act in the best possible way now.

Sunday, the third day.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah♡”

A corner of a high-rise apartment building. It was definitely not a place where a student could live alone, but there was the room of Mai, Rika’s lover.

And there was the sound of her intermittent, short, winsome voice and the gurgling sound of her love juices.

The room was very large, but the sexual smell and heat was still tremendous, and it was quite dense and stuffy.

I suppose it was the same. After all, they had been locked in this room for the past two holidays, just laying their bodies on top of each other.

They were having sex all the time, except when they ate and slept.

… No, they were having sex while they were eating, connecting and feeding each other with their mouths.

Even when she was sleeping, Mai’s vagina was filled with Eiji’s penis.

They were having intercourse without a break, like monkeys who had just learned to have sex.

There was not a woman in sight, who had never experienced anything like it, looking down on men.

The woman who exuded a debauched, sweltering sexuality was a woman who had been beaten by men and knew men.

She was sitting on Eiji’s lap in a rear sitting position.

That did not mean that they were connected now.

Mai was sweating profusely all over her body and languidly resting her back against Eiji’s muscular chest plate.

She has completely let her guard down. No, she had no choice but to let her guard down.

The only thing that kept her alert was the fact that she was being fucked by Eiji.

Unlike Rika, Mai is not a sportswoman, so she has very limited physical strength.

It was no wonder that after being fucked for three days straight, she became so limp that she could no longer be alert.

I hate it when people sniff my sweat. In front of men, I always want to be the cute Mai Terui.

Mai’s head was boiling and she was so tired that she forgot these feelings.

When she was lifted up by her arms, he smell the sour smell and lick off the sweat that had accumulated, but she could no longer get anything but pleasure from it.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah♡”

The reason why she continues to scream in spite of her condition is probably because Eiji is constantly playing with her private parts.

He made me open my legs and show off my wet pubic area without hesitation.

Even her slightly thick pubic hair was getting sticky.

The innocent spot, which had never been exposed to a man before, had completely succumbed to the man’s touch over the past three days and had become soggy and loose.

She was forced to open her legs and was relentlessly groped.

He was scraping out her overflowing love juices and making clamoring noises, but Mai, who was limp and relaxed, could only shake and moan from the pleasure.

While her vagina was being fondled, Eiji’s other hand went to her magnificent breasts.

Her G-cup breasts were something that most men would never have the chance to see.

Every man would like to touch them at least once, and Eiji was rubbing them unreservedly with his own face.

Her chest was also sweating, and her skin was moist.

If he traced his fingers over her cleavage and lower tits, he could feel a lot of sweat sticking to them, especially where sweat pools are located.

It may be repellent, but the sweat of a beautiful girl like Mai is rather exciting.

I grabbed her sweaty, voluminous breasts and squeezed them rather hard.

The shape of the breast is distorted, and some pain is felt, but Mai turns it into pleasure and drools.

“Uh, hi♡”

When her erect nipples were squeezed, she arched her back.

The warm liquid spurted onto Eiji’s hand as he continued to play with her pubic area.

However, neither of them even showed any reaction to that.

They had fucked so much in the past three days.

I’ve been doing it so many times that I’ve lost all sense of… ethics, like squirting and pissing.

“Ahh♡ Kuhii hi hi hi♡”

When Mai’s nipples were being pinched and she was climaxing, Eiji pushed her even harder.

He brushed away her sticky pubic hair, found her hard and pungent clitoris, and pinched it with his fingers.

Then Mai had another very deep climax.

Her eyes were white and drool was dripping from between her clenched teeth.

Her back was pressed tightly against Eiji’s chest plate, and her whole body trembled erratically.

Her full breasts bobbed and swayed, and her abdominal muscles floated in the air.

My toes tensed up and I arched my back on my toes.

I was sweating, but I was soaking wet as more sweat gushed out of me.

Mai’s eyes and mouth were wide open as if she couldn’t breathe for a while, but after a while she relaxed as if she was dead.

“Ughhhh..! No way, so much… with just your fingers!”

Mai’s face contorts in frustration.

Until just a few days ago, I had really thought that sex with Rika was the best and that I didn’t need a man.

But that has changed.

That way of thinking, and her body, too…

As he watched her, Eiji drank from a nearby plastic water bottle.

“You want a drink?”

“I’ll have a drink…”

Water is handed to me in a heaping puff.

If I put my mouth on it, it would be an indirect kiss.

But I guess it’s too late for that. We’ve been doing more than that for the past few days.

We haven’t kissed in a way where our lips touch each other, so it’s still safe.

With this poor excuse, Mai opened the lid and moistened her throat.

After all she had been through, her body was still craving for water, so she quickly drank it down, not caring about the indirect kiss.

“Oh, man, that smells amazing. I’m seriously going to choke.”

“Pfft. It’s because you didn’t let me take a shower at all. I don’t care about that.”

Mai glared at Eiji.

She had tried to go to the bathroom many times.

She wanted to be prettier than anyone else in front of men, so she was especially concerned about something as sensitive as smell.

However, if she was stopped from going to the shower and kept being fucked while she was there, even Mai could be this rough.

The sweat, semen, drool, and love juices on her body had mixed together over time to create a strong odor, but it was of no concern to her.

If a man didn’t like it, he wouldn’t keep on fucking you in the first place.

“Well, I don’t mind the smell. Now, get down on all fours and point your ass at me. I’ll fuck you in the back.”

“… Are you still going to fuck me? You really are a monkey, aren’t you?”

Even as she said this, Mai followed his words and turned her hips.

The plump flesh of her buttocks and her pubic area, smeared with her love juices, were exposed.

Her voluptuous body had been corrupted to such an extent that she had to expose it.

Eiji grinned and thrust his hips forward.

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