Y. NTR Ch.26

Ch 26


Bikun! Mai’s sweat-soaked limbs twitched.

She clutched the sheets tightly, her back and neck arched, exposing her unprotected figure.

Batun! The G-cup breasts were very heavy and swayed with the movement.

A drop of sweat splashed on the sheet. The other various bodily fluids were soaking wet.

Mai’s whole body was tense, but she finally collapsed, plopping down on the bed.

It must have been extremely painful for her ample breasts to be crushed, but she didn’t seem to have time to worry about that.

She looked stunned and continued to exhale roughly.

“Ha… I’m tired of it.”

Eiji then removes the rubber from his penis.

Even though Eiji had already been fucking and ejaculating many times, there was still a lot of semen in there.

Although the thickness and quantity of his semen had decreased, he still had the sexual desire of an ape, as Mai had said.

“Oh, it’s gone. I’ve been fucking her for a long time. I guess I don’t have a choice.”

Eiji was rushing for a plastic shopping bag, but he confirmed that he had run out of spare condoms.

Now, normally, I would stop here.

He had already devoured Mai’s ample, student-like limbs, and her body was almost completely degraded.

However, Eiji could not stand “almost”.

“Hey. I’ve already run out of condoms.”

“Whew, whew…! Oh, I see. Well, then, we’re done…”

Mai replies with a sniffle while lying face down on the bed.

However, Eiji was not the kind of man who would listen to her.

He lifts her limp and slumps over, lifting only her buttocks as if to raise them, and then pulls her body closer to him.

“Kuhi hi hi hi♡

Mai’s head went up and down with a clunk.

Her long, beautifully groomed black hair swung wildly.

It was due to the pleasure of Eiji inserting his penis into her vagina again.

However, the problem was not only the fact that it was inserted.

Eiji is now inserting himself without a condom. That is the problem.

“Hey, why…?! Raw is an absolute no-no…!”

“I don’t have a choice. We’re out of condoms.”

“Then I’ll go buy some more! I’ll go get some…”

“I’ve already put it in. Don’t worry, it won’t be that easy. Is today a dangerous day?”

“That is…”

Mai floats a calendar in her head to make sure that today is not a dangerous day.

But so what? The probability may be low, but it is not zero.

And I had no intention of becoming a mother while I was still a student.

I wanted to be pampered more.

“I don’t care! Please… I’ll do anything…!”

“It’s a very tempting proposition coming from you. But right now I just want to fuck you raw.”

“Hey, you chimpanzee…!”

“It’s probably more damaging than being called a… gorilla.”

Exhaling a sigh, Eiji slowly inserts his penis deep into the vagina.

The soggy, loosened up area, which is also secreting a lot of love juice, does not resist or create pain at all, but only produces and accepts pleasure.

Against Mai’s will… No, what about her true feelings?

Deep down inside, deeper than she is aware of, she may already be willing to choose the risk for… pleasure to accept Eiji.


As if to show this, what leaks out of Mai’s mouth is a squeezed-out, charming voice.

It is neither anger nor sadness, but pleasure. She is feeling happiness as a female who is being fucked by a man.

“I won’t put it inside. So don’t you think I could do it raw?”

“Uh, uh…!”

“This one definitely feels better than the one with the condom.”

The words Eiji whispered in my ear were truly an invitation from the devil.

If Mai were normally strong-minded and firm, she could have easily shaken off these sweet words.

To be more specific, if it had been her before Eiji had taught her about a man.


Mai breathes roughly as her cervix is pushed up.

Her sweat-soaked limbs tremble.

Pleasure. It is foolish to indulge in this, and in fact, she had thought so until now.

There is no way she would make a stupid decision for pleasure, and anyone who does is truly a fool.

For example, she also thought it was a horrible thing for a woman to accept a man’s request to fuck her raw for the sake of pleasure.

But when… she finds herself in that situation, her mind is as if in a haze, unable to take in normal thoughts and wanting to move her body for pleasure.

She is not even aware that she is trying to push her ass toward Eiji.

But it was not that Mai was weak against such things.

It was just that she was with the wrong person.

It was a man named Eiji Ogihara who had his eyes on Mai, and he had his body on her. If it had not been for him, Mai would not have been entangled in such a bottomless swamp.

And time was also on his side.

Three days. Three long days of being fucked.

It was more than enough time for her body to be remade into something lewd.


“… Yes, fine.”

At Eiji’s question, Mai finally nodded.

She opened her plump asscheeks with her fingers, revealing to him the obscenely contorted secret slit where she had sucked the man’s cock into her mouth.

Her asshole, which had been completely remade over the past three days as an organ for pleasure, was twitching and wriggling.

“Absolutely, please let it out…”

Mai looks back at me anxiously and stares at me.

But it was a bad move, as it did nothing more than stimulate and arouse the man.

Eiji grins and…

“Yeah, I got it.”


Pang! The two hips slammed into each other so hard that the buttocks squealed high in the air.

It was a familiar sensation. But even though I was not wearing a condom, the pleasure of being slammed into was several times stronger.

“I still feel better when it’s raw, What do you think?”

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah♡”

Eiji asked her a question, but Mai did not have time to answer.

He gripped her buttocks with his hands, squeezing and squeezing them, while he pushed his cock into her forcefully.

The only thing I felt was a sense of humiliation and pleasure as I was violated inside my vagina by the huge, gorged, and huge penis.

Mai’s sexual preference is quite unusual, since even the humiliation is a pleasure.

When her buttocks are squeezed so tightly that the flesh leaks out between his fingers, it also leaves a mark.

This is even more so because her skin is so white and beautiful that there is not a single blemish on it.

That could only be one of the factors that excited Mai.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh♡ I’m cumming! I’m cumming again…♡”

In the end, Mai had been corrupted by Eiji.

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