Y. NTR Ch.28

Ch 28

“Ohhhhhh… I have a lot of homework… I’m so unmotivated. Hey, Rika-chan.”

“…I don’t think so.”

Mai languidly leans her upper body on the desk and asks for consent.

Her ample breasts are crushed and her shirt is about to burst open, and Rika wonders, “Won’t that get in the way?” I glanced at it, thinking such things as.

Mai’s words were denied, though.

Rika is not a student who hates to study like Mai, and she is the type of person who does not mind doing homework because she is able to put in the effort and put in the hard work.

“Gah! Rika-chan has betrayed me… She’s an honor student, so what she says is different.”

Mai, who is a bit of an oozy mess.

It’s a little annoying, but it’s also endearing because she’s my girlfriend.

Mai’s eyes, which are the wildest she’s ever shown, are turned to…

“Oi, gorilla. You agree with me.”

There stood a large, muscular man.

Gorilla… and Rika is afraid to speak of him directly, but he is certainly a sight to behold, with his inhuman size and muscles.

His name is Eiji Ogihara. It is hard to believe that they are very much classmates, but they are classmates.


Rika felt a little uncomfortable.

Because Mai, whom she had disliked him so much, was getting involved with Eiji in a strange way.

No, of course, there is not the slightest hint of sweetness in the air, and everything she says and does is rough…

However, it can be said that Mai, who has always been gentle with men and always treated them with a mask, so to speak, is revealing her true nature.

Does this mean that Eiji has become that much of a casual presence?

“(… after just one little play?)”

Of course, there are good people like that.

But at least Mai was not that kind of a simpleton.

Especially at Tendo Gakuen, where she was always putting on an act to gain popularity among the male students, would she allow herself to be taken in by a man after just one play date?

“…You are getting used to calling me a gorilla by now.”

“I see. That’s a good sign.”

“You can say whatever you like… Hey, Onizuka. If you’re her lover, please correct her. This is the bad part.”

Rika is called by name and hastily returns to reality.

A strong, stern face was staring at me…

“… Umm, yes. I’ll do my best.”

I quickly looked away.

It wasn’t that I was being stared at.

It was just that I was still scared. It was partly because of Eiji’s bad physiognomy, but more than anything, it was her own problem.

“Don’t talk to my Rika-chan, you gorilla!”

“I told you it ain’t working… stop chewing!”

It is Mai, her lover, who comes to her rescue.

She jumps on Eiji and starts messing around with him.

As expected, Mai’s behavior is a little strange, but Rika is left with a hazy feeling as she has no certainty.

“… Mai, I’d better get going.”

“Oh, yes. Should I wait?”

“… Yeah I think I’m going to be a little late.”

Mai smiles at Rika, who stands up quickly, and tries to see her off.

She takes her bag and is about to leave the classroom.

“What is it? Aren’t you two going home together?”

“… Uh…”

Rika wonders what to say to Eiji, who curiously asks her.

It is not something to hide, so she can talk about it, but she is not a good talker by nature, especially with men, and her words get choked up, so she is unable to explain it well.

“Unlike you, Rika is busy with club activities! After all, she’s the swimming team’s most promising newcomer!”

It is my girlfriend Mai who always comes to my rescue at such times.

I am relieved to know that she is there to help me.

“You’ve got a lot of free time on your hands.”

“You are so annoying!”

The two of them start to make noise again.

Rika is about to leave the classroom when a voice calls out to her back.

“Onizuka, you too, keep up with your club activities.”

“… Yeah.”

Eiji was cheering me on with a wry smile.

Rika, too, changed her unchanged expression into a thin smile and gave a small nod.

After all, he is different from other men. I am afraid of him, but I can talk with him at least a little.

I can’t avoid men forever.

Since there are only men and women in the human race, and half of society is made up of men, it is essential for us to be involved in our lives.

I can improve little by little by getting in touch with Eiji.

To the extent that I could think so, I allowed myself to be comfortable with him.

“Hurray! Hurray! Ri-kaa-chan!”

“Shut up.”

With Mai’s energetic voice and Eiji’s dismayed voice in the background, Rika turned her attention to the pool facility this time.

“I forgot my… goggles.”

It was good that she left the classroom in high spirits, but Rika was about to return there again.

She went to the locker room and changed into her swimming suit, but then realized that she did not have her goggles to wear as an accessory.

I had no choice but to go back to the classroom to get them again.

It was too much of a hassle to change back into her swimsuit, so she was walking around with a light shirt over her swimsuit, which wasn’t very well groomed, but she was showing off her long, slender legs, which were whiter and clearer than Mai’s.

Of course, this was only possible because it was after school and she had no one to show off her legs to.

However, the male students who shun her because of her expressionless face and demeanor would probably find her as attractive and popular as Mai if they saw her like this.

Unfortunately, Rika herself has no desire to do so, so her charms will never be revealed.

“…have they both left yet?”

It’s been a little while and they probably left.

Walking down the corridor with the sunset shining in, there was no sign of anyone at all.

Mai, however, could not be seen dressed like this by Eiji, so I didn’t want him to be there.

As I was walking with this thought in mind, I was right in front of the classroom.

I tried… to open that door without any kind of spirit.

“….~~ Ah♡”

Hearing a voice coming from inside the classroom, I stopped my arm that was about to open immediately.

What I heard was a woman’s voice. A voice that sounded as if it was being squeezed out.

It could have been a scream. If it had been, Rika would have gone to call her teacher.

But she did not, because her voice was clearly joyful and somewhat sweet.

It was impossible to detect any feelings of rejection or fear.


My heart is racing deep within my moderately swollen breasts.

It’s better not to look. I should leave this place quickly.

That’s what her rational mind was telling her, but Rika couldn’t do it.

Rather, contrary to that, her body was trying to look into the classroom….

“Ooooh ♡!”

The sweet, charming voice made my body tremble.

And most of all, the fact that the sound of the voice was familiar made Rika’s body tremble.

Fearfully, she peeked into the room so slowly that it became tantalizingly slow, taking care never to emit any sound or sign…


She witnessed her own lover being raped by a man in a fantasy classroom with the setting sun shining through.

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