Y. NTR Ch.29

Ch 29

Mai had her hands on the desk and was thrusting her buttocks out in an offering to Eiji.

Eiji grabs her buttocks with his own hands and inserts his penis as a matter of course.

“Ra, rape?”
Rika’s face turns pale and her body begins to tremble.

For her, it was a horrifying fear that made her body stiffen.

No, it must be terrifying for both women and men to be oppressed and raped by such a force.

But for Rika, the fear was unparalleled.

It was in her past experiences…

“I have to call someone…!”

It is a shame to say it, but my own strength would be no match for the mighty Eiji.

If I were to let my emotions get the better of me and rush in and incapacitate myself, I would be unable to truly help Mai.

It is regrettable that I cannot help my girlfriend with my own strength, but it is the best course of action.

“I almost trusted…”

The fact that it was Eiji who was raping Mai also caused a small ache in Rika’s heart.

He was the only man to forgive her heart, but… after all, he is just like any other man.

The only thing he cares about is his sexuality, and he is a shameful human being who acts with his lower body.

Let’s get a teacher and have him expelled.

No, that is not enough. I should file a complaint with the police and impose social sanctions.

That’s what I should do…

“Ah, ah, ah, ah♡”

“… why…”

Rika could not move as she had thought.

This was because the expression on Mai’s face, the atmosphere, and the sound of her voice did not seem to contain the color of rejection, even though she was supposed to be forcibly held down and raped by a man in the classroom she was peeping into.

Her eyes were downcast, her cheeks were raised, and her slackly open mouth was smiling.

She was being pleasured by a strong man thrusting his manhood violently into her from behind, and she was devouring the pleasure with an appearance of being too lewd.

Her sex appeal was so strong that even Rika, standing at a distance, could guess it.

“…Why do you look so happy?”

Mai was delighted. The man she had looked down upon and made fun of so much had brought her to her knees, and she couldn’t have been happier.

There was no way she could be happy to be at the mercy of a man. There was no way she could be happy. It couldn’t possibly feel good.

Because I was like that. I never had such feelings.

It was disgusting, depressing, and painful…

“… why…”

With a start, Rika found herself reaching for her crotch.

The area, covered by her swimming suit, was moist, even though she had not yet entered the pool.

“Ugh, lie…”

Rika was astonished to find that her body was responding in a disgusting way.

Strange. Normally, she would have been terrified or angry, and should have turned her back on this horror and gone to call her teacher as soon as possible.

Rika, in her rational mind, was also thinking of doing so.


“Ugh, ku…”

Her slender fingers had begun to gently and slowly trace over the damp secret cleft on top of her swimming suit.

Slithering, slithering. It was not an intense masturbation.

It was not a messy, noisy one, and the sound and stimulation should have been very small.

However, the tingling sensation running down Rika’s spine was the strongest she had ever felt.

Was it from a feeling of misery or immorality that she was masturbating while peeping at the scene of her lover being raped by a horrible man?

“Oh, geez, hiiiii! I’m cumming, I’m cumming♡”



Mai’s plump, comfortably shaped buttocks bobbed and swayed as her hips slammed down hard.

Her love juices were also being pumped out violently, making a messy sound and dripping down onto the classroom.

Drool spills from between her teeth as she bites down hard, and drips down onto her plump breasts, which are bobbing and jiggling.

Mai’s face, which had been contorted in pleasure, changed to one of grief.

Bachin! Eiji slapped Mai on her big buttocks with a loud sound that made even Rika shudder.

“What are you trying to do? I told you to ask me for permission.”

“Oh, hey! Ow, ow! I’m sorry!”

Bachin! Bachin!

A strong, thick arm swung down repeatedly.

Mai’s high-pitched scream rises with an ear-splitting pop.

Her soft buttocks, which swayed to the left when struck from the right and to the right when struck from the left, were painfully stained bright red.

Mai was in tears, probably from the intense pain she was experiencing.

“I have to stop…!”

Rika was masturbating to the sight of her lover being raped, but the slaps made her face pale and she tried to act.


“Hi! Aggi! Ah ah ah ♡”

“Did you cum again? You really are a masochist.”


Along with a voice so sweet that it was hard to believe she was being violated by a large man, I could hear Eiji’s dismayed voice as well.

Fearfully, I peeked into the classroom and saw a smack! Mai’s body was shaking and climaxing as she was slapped on her large, red, swollen buttocks.

Pushing and shooting liquid from her pubic region, she was staining Eiji’s body and the classroom.

And Mai’s face was pathetically debauched.

“Ha, does it make you feel good to be slapped…?”

Rika is stunned. Since she has no predilection for the oppressed, if Mai is really getting pleasure from it, she does not understand it at all.

However… She stops her leg, which was about to call her teacher, and starts playing with her pubic area again.

A squeaking sound is made and the swimming suit becomes damp.

The sound should not be heard. Forgetting that I was peeping at her, I managed to hold back the urge to masturbate myself so hard that I would scream.

Even so, I am getting much more pleasure than when I usually have sex with Mai.

“I’m about to cum. Where do you want me to put it out?”

Eiji moves his hips tightly against the swollen buttocks, kneading them.

Mai makes a faint, charming sound as her cervix is pushed up.

She exposes her white throat to his thumbs as he pry at her twitching asshole.

The hole has been completely transformed into a place for pleasure, not just an excremental organ.

“Where is…?”

Rika huffs and puffs.

No way, are they fucking her raw without a rubber?

When Mai is having sex with a man, she is heartbroken, but raw…?

It’s a dangerous act. Even if he doesn’t ejaculate, there is a possibility of having a child.

And yet…

“… Does it feel so good that you can’t even think about that?”

The finger rubbing the pubic area on the top of the swimsuit becomes faster.

The moderately swollen breasts move back and forth as if to indicate a huffing and puffing breath.

Outside… outside. Even though he’s raw, Mai absolutely begs to be let out.

She acts like an idiot too, but she is not inherently stupid. I’m sure she has properly considered the possibility of pregnancy and knows how much it would affect her if she did.

That’s why I’m sure…



Boom! Rika’s heart jumped.

Sweat poured down her throat and her throat tightened.

It’s a lie. Mai is, Mai is…

“Please let it out in me…♡”

“What, oh…?”

Hearing Mai’s words, Rika’s body trembled.

Her vagina stirred and her womb tingled.

Mai’s words of betrayal gave Rika a tremendous sense of anxiety and pleasure at the same time.

“Ok. Then, as you wish.”

Eiji grips Mai firmly around the waist and prepares his for the violent movement to come.


“Whoa, whoa, whoa♡”


The intense pistons of Eiji caused Mai to begin to make animalistic and charming noises.

She seemed to have forgotten that she was in a school and that teachers might be coming to the school.

The sounds of her plump buttocks flexing, the viscous sounds of her love juices stirring, and the jiggle of them as they fall to the ground.

All of these sounds were enough to arouse Rika.

“Mmmm, hmmm, hmmm♡”

The movements of Rika’s masturbating fingers also intensify.

She rubs the swimsuit as if she is pushing it into her secret passage.

As if that was not enough stimulation, she begins to scratch her erect clitoris with her fingers through the swimsuit.

The sensitive bean is kneaded hard, and Rika’s body is aroused all at once.

She also scratches her nipples, which are poking out of the swimming suit on her chest, with her fingernails.

When the light pigmented nipples become hard and erect, she kneads them with her fingers.

“I’m about to let it out. Let’s cum together.”

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!♡”


Bikun! Mai arched her back and climaxed.

Her G-cup breasts swayed heavily.

At the same time, Rika also climaxed, desperately biting down on her charming voice.

She spurted out her love juice, which could not be sucked in only by her swimming suit, and it spilled onto the ground.

“Ah, phew…♡”

Semen poured into the vagina without hesitation.

It could not be contained within the uterus alone, but flowed backwards and spilled out with a popping sound.

“Haa, ah…♡”

Like Mai, who was stunned and shaking with pleasure, Rika was also shaking with such strong pleasure that her thoughts were in a haze.

She looked up into the air and felt as if she were going to fall down.

If someone were to walk by here now, it would be a tremendously lascivious scene, but I didn’t even have time to worry about it.

And again, I peeked into the classroom and…


Eiji and I had perfect eye contact.

Rika immediately got her body down with the agile movements typical of the sports club, but that was definitely…

“Oh, no, I’ve been exposed…?!”

All at once, my mind cools down and my rationality returns.

Then I realized that I was in a very bad situation.

The shirt I was wearing on top was ripped off, exposing my swimming suit.

My chest was covered with protrusions, and my crotch was wet and soggy with my love juices.

It was so wet and damp that it was dripping onto the ground.


Rika turned her body with a snap and ran with her back to Eiji and her lover who was being raped by him.

I shouldn’t be here. That was what she strongly thought.


And Eiji grins when he hears the sound of footsteps pattering away.

His clutches were about to be turned on one half of a beautiful yuri couple.

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