Y. NTR Ch.30

Ch 30

What should I do now?

Rika walks alone in the darkened school building after club activities.

Normally, she could forget about the unpleasant things by swimming mindlessly, but she could not forget what she saw today.

It was sex between her girlfriend and her classmate, the only one of the guys she had been able to talk to for a while.

When I saw this, of course I felt anger and sadness.

But what was greater than anything else was the excitement that made my heart pound so hard.

“… am I a pervert?”

Rika shakes her head, “No, no.”

It is true that I have masturbated myself by peeping at my lover’s infidelity, but now is not the time to think about it.

What face should I make when I meet them from now on?

Eiji is still fine. They are just classmates, and if I avoid getting involved with him, I probably won’t have to deal with him too much.

But Mai is different. She is not just a classmate, she is her girlfriend. There was no way she could stay out of it.

In the first place, what should I do?

Should I pursue the fact that she had sexual intercourse with Eiji?

Or do I hide it and continue our relationship as before?

“(I don’t know what to do…)”

Rika staggered and walked alone to leave the school gate…



Standing leaning against the school gate was Eiji Ogiwara, one of the two people who had been bothering her.

“… Eh, what?”

Rika asks, stepping back a little and revealing her wariness.

I don’t think so, but if he attacked me… I wouldn’t be able to put up much of a fight with my thin arms.

Seeing Rika’s reaction, Eiji opened his mouth without changing his expression.

“You saw that thing earlier, didn’t you?”


The one from earlier. To others, it would be totally unintelligible, but to Rika, she understands.

It has to do with us, and when it comes to what we just said… that’s all we can say anymore.

I gulp nervously.

I have never been so nervous, not even at swimming meets.

I wonder what Eiji will say… or maybe he will threaten me.

The thought of it almost made my throat dry up.

“At this rate, you have no idea what’s going on? Let’s go to a nearby park and talk. I’m not going to forcefully attack you, so you can rest assured of that.”


Eiji then turns away.

I think really big… and explore his intentions.

I wonder what he is thinking…

“If you insist on telling me you don’t trust me, I don’t blame you.”

“…No, I’ll be there.”

Anyway, we need to talk to them.

I also have to ask why Mai was raped by Eiji.

That was more of sexual intercourse than rape.

In order to know these things, Rika followed Eiji, even if she took some risks.



“Are you okay wit tea?”

“… orange juice.”

“You’re surprisingly selfish too… You’re her lover, after all.”

Chuckling, Eiji walks to the vending machine.

They had come to a nearby park.

In the daytime, they could see children playing happily, but now that it was dimly lit, there was no one there.

She received the orange juice she had requested from Eiji when he returned, and they both sat down on a bench together.

Of course, there was enough space between them for two people to sit down.

Both of us are somewhat thirsty, and a little time of silence passes.

It was Eiji who opened his mouth.

“So what do we do? Either I tell you some of the story, or you ask me what you want to know and I answer. Either way is fine with me.”

He gave me a choice.

If it were true, it would be better to let him explain everything from one to ten and listen to him, but the idea of being with Eiji for such a long time is also…

“… Well then, I’ll ask. Was it Mai’s intention to do… such a thing with you?”

She looks at Eiji with cold blue eyes.

From the way she reacted, it seemed unlikely, but… if he was forcing her to fuck him, Rika was going to do everything she could for her own lover.

…Well, if Mai was… of her own volition, it would be a normal affair, and I wondered in the corner of my mind what that would be like.

Under Rika’s sharp eyes, Eiji did not show any gesture of fright, but scratched his cheeks as if he was troubled.

“Ah… that’s a hard one. If anything, I’m the one who forced myself on her. It’s not her fault. At least, she wasn’t actively trying to betray you.”

“… is that so?”

Rika blinks her eyes.

For a girl with so little emotional expression, she still expressed a rather large sense of astonishment.

This was because Eiji had said something in defense of Mai.

Normally, I would have thought that he would try to make himself look as good as possible by putting all the blame on Mai…

This didn’t make her feel better or let her guard down, but at least it didn’t worsen her feelings or his reputation.

“I’m sure Onizuka knows this, but she’s a narcissist, isn’t she?”

“… yeah.”

Rika nodded cockily.

Indeed, Mai is a narcissist. To the point of being ultra narcissistic.

She is absolutely adorable and tries to be so, and she has a very strong sense of… awareness than other girls.

She probably also looks down on Rika in terms of cuteness, as I know from being close to her as a girlfriend.

She is not particular about such things, so she doesn’t think anything of it, but it is very rare for someone their age to think that way.

That is why she is disliked by many of her female classmates…

“Well, she sure does look good. Maybe she’s selling a flirt, or maybe she’s behaving in a way that makes him feel like it, and I don’t think there’s a guy who didn’t get what she wanted.”

“… yeah.”

Again, Rika nodded honestly.

She had been by Mai’s side all her life and knew that no man had ever failed to be smitten by her own lover.

She has a figure that is prettier than an idol and a style that is better than a gravure idol.

And if she made gestures that tickled a man’s fancy and acted in a meaningful way, a student with little experience with such things would easily fall for her.

Even adult men, such as teachers, were attracted to her, so Mai’s attractiveness was tremendous.

Rika did not understand the pleasure of being pampered by men, so she did not sell such flirtatious charms.

“So I didn’t find her that attractive. As I said before, Onizuka is more attractive to me.”

“… Uh-huh.”

The compliment was so direct that even Rika’s cheeks turned slightly red.

Although she is not particularly particular about her appearance, there was no reason for her not to be pleased by the compliment.

That is even more so when you are told that she is… prettier than Mai, who thinks she is prettier than her.

“I said that when I played with her. Then I guess she couldn’t back down either. Then she called me into her room and tried to drop me with… erotic stuff.”


The atmosphere changed to one of dismay, although there was no expression on her faces.

The image of Mai, who was so distraught that she couldn’t pull herself away, clearly came into view as she was taking off her clothes while screaming and yelling.

“I’m sorry Onizuka, but I couldn’t take it anymore. That’s why I did what I did.”

Eiji turns his face away as if he is about to be punished.

I don’t think that men act on the lower half of their bodies, and I don’t think that much of quicksand, but I can certainly understand that they would do such a thing if they were heavily tempted by an attractive woman.

“…So, the one who was… doing that… thing in the classroom earlier was… “

“… from Terui, right?”

“… I see.”

I let out a small huff.

Now she could no longer take her anger out on Eiji or appeal to the police or other authorities.

However, the feeling of loss was not so great in Rika’s heart, but rather the feeling of “I can’t help it…” toward Mai.

“I don’t know how to say this, but if you can, please forgive that guy. After all, it was my fault for putting my hands on her.”

“… phew, I get it.”

Eiji, who is trying to protect Mai, erupts into a small gasp.

It was the first time she had smiled, even if only faintly, in front of Eiji, and it had been a very long time since she had even smiled in front of a man, with the exception of her father.

His beautiful smile was so beautiful that he couldn’t help but notice it.

He was tempted to go up to her, but… now was not the time.

Eiji was well aware of this. 

“I’ve told you everything I wanted to… and it’s time for me to go home. I’ll walk you home. It’s getting a little dark.”

“… yeah.”

Rika nodded her head in response to Eiji’s offer.

A proposal she would never have accepted before. She couldn’t imagine walking down a darkened street with a man, let alone letting him know where she lived.

However, Rika accepted Eiji’s offer with a small nod.

The two of them started walking together.

However, there was still a delicate distance between them.

It was not a distance that would indicate clear wariness like with other men, but at least it was not a friendly distance either.

“You’re still scared of… No, I mean, you were doing those things, so how could you not be afraid?”


Eiji laughs bitterly, and Rika can’t help but feel sorry for him.

She didn’t have to feel that way, but it showed her good nature.

Wouldn’t it be disrespectful to Eiji, who is treating her with goodwill if she continues to do so?

She was kind enough to think so…

“… will you listen to me?”

She decided to tell her own secret.


In response, Eiji nodded his head cockily.

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