Y. NTR Ch.32

Ch 32


Standing in front of a certain train station was Rika, dressed in casual clothes that she rarely has a chance to wear.

It was not that she was putting a lot of effort into being fashionable, but rather that she had chosen to coordinate her outfit without any particular fervor.

She was dressed in an outfit that sold itself on its cleanliness and lightness.

There is no reason for her to be here in front of this station.

She is basically an indoor person who stays at home except when she has a date with Mai, and she was waiting for someone here.

Rika, who has few friends, would do that kind of thing with Mai almost 100% of the time before, but not today.


I glanced around and saw a glass store nearby.

She walks up to it and peeks through the glass.

Not to look at the merchandise to attract customers, but to check her reflection in the glass.

Her dull golden hair was not dyed very carefully, so it might not be beautiful.

She used her thin fingers to part her bangs, which were almost in her eyes.

It is a very rare sight to see Rika paying attention to her own hairstyle. If Mai, her lover, had seen it, she might have gone crazy.

Rika does not care about her appearance and would even shave her head if she wanted to.

The fact that she is even a little concerned about her appearance could be a harbinger of a natural disaster.

While impatiently playing with her bangs, Rika noticed a man staring at her, grinning, reflected in the glass.

It was Eiji, the man she had been waiting for.

“Sorry, I’m late.”

“… Because the promised time is not yet.”

I glanced at my watch to see that it was thirty minutes before the appointed time.

I was pretty early, even for me who had arrived first.

“So, what have you been up to?”

“… Nothing.”

“I see.”

Eiji smiles with a grin. Even when he smiles, his face is scary.

Seeing him like this, Rika creates an atmosphere of dissatisfaction, though she has no expression on her face.

You absolutely know what I’m talking about, but he asked. He is enjoying hearing my response.


She feels embarrassed, which turns into anger toward Eiji.

Well, it wasn’t serious, but it was cute.

“Well, let’s go.”

“Yeah… pool.”

They walked to the station.

In a play to alleviate Rika’s man-hatred, they were headed to an indoor swimming pool, a huge water theme park.

“Did you bring your bathing suit?”

“… yeah, I’ve got it on.”

“Oh… you’re all set.”

“… hmm.”

Eiji can’t help but laugh when he sees Rika sniffling.

Rika would not have been so enthusiastic if it had been a normal game, but the pool was a different story.

She is a member of the swimming club and loves to swim, and she loves places like the pool and the ocean.

Therefore, she was not too nervous about the idea of playing alone with a man, and she was able to enjoy herself.



“… Well, I didn’t tell you what kind of swimsuit to wear, and when you said you did, I kind of had a hunch.”

Eiji gave me dumbfounded jitters that he had never shown me before.

His stern face had changed to an expression that was somewhat anticlimactic, and Rika, to whom it was directed, tilted her head slightly.

“…? Is that funny?”

“No, it’s not, but it’s…”

Rika twists her body to look at him as if to check her condition.

Eiji continues to make an indescribable expression toward her.

In a manner of speaking, even though they are students, one man and one woman are out alone together, so it could be called a date.

And if it is a swimming pool, it is natural for a man to expect to see the woman in a bathing suit.

Eiji was no exception, but the swimsuit Rika wore was neither a bikini nor a one-piece, but a swimming suit.

It was a stiff swimming suit used by the school’s swimming club.

Eiji was disappointed for a moment because it had much less skin tone than a bikini…

“… No, is there anything?”

Upon closer and closer inspection, I found that it was not that disappointing.

The swimsuit fitted snugly against her body and exposed Rika’s healthy limbs.

The gently curving bosom was more than enough for a student.

There are others who boast of breasts of a different dimension, such as Mai, but she is special because she has a style that rivals that of gravure idols.

Her abdomen seems to be free of excess meat, and she can be said to be a member of the athletic club.

Mai is rather pudgy, which shows the difference between the two of them.

Her buttocks were plump and pointed up against gravity, and looked taut.

Her slender legs were moderately fleshy, yet long like a model’s.

Even though she is a swimmer, she is not sunburned because Tendo Academy has indoor facilities, and her white skin, without a single blemish, could be described as a true fairy.

Her dull golden dyed hair also matches her blue eyes.

Rika’s appearance stands out in the pool, which is crowded with people, and the women are cawing at her, but the men are especially excited and want to talk to her.

Unfortunately, no one had the courage to look at Eiji, the big, beastly man standing next to her, and try to talk to him.

His body was magnificent, a veritable mass of muscle.

Whether such muscles are practical or not, it would be quite tough for a normal-sized person who does not train his body to win.


Rika tilted her head when Eiji stared at her and froze.

She did not feel fear in his gaze, probably because she too was drawn to his body.

It would be a lie to say that she is not particularly interested in macho, but she is interested in his body, a body that a woman’s body can never attain.

“Oh, it’s nothing. It suits Onizuka, and I think that’s fine.”


What swimmer wouldn’t be happy to be told that she looks good in a swimming suit?

Rika did not change her expression, but she seemed somewhat pleased with herself.

“But no swimming as fast as you can. It’s not a facility for that.”

“… I know.”

Eiji’s teasing words made it all the more cold, though.

Thus, the two began an adolescent-like date at the pool.

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