Y. NTR Ch.33

Ch 33

“… is-…!”

Rika, who had been diving into the pool, opens her mouth wide in search of oxygen.

Her lips, which were already wet, are even plumper, attracting the man’s attention.

She usually wears a cap on her head, so it was a strange sight to see her golden hair floating in the pool. 



I turned to see Eiji approaching, wading through the zapping water. 

“No well, I’m sure you’re not swimming at full strength. But, you know, it’s a problem if you submerge and swim forward. I usually can’t catch up.”

“… sorry?” 

In fact, if you look closely, Eiji also looks a bit tired.

Rika is still totally fine, but she is a very talented swimmer who has achieved very good results in the swimming club.

With her like this, even if she swims for fun and not seriously, the distance between her and Eiji would be quite big. 

“In the meantime, I’m talking about relieving your hatred of the man. Can you stay with me as long as you can?”

“… yes.”

Rika is rejected and depressed.

Eiji didn’t want her to have that look, so he sought to break the ice somehow.

This is clearly a different response than Mai’s, who glares at him and bashes him for his masculine desires.

Well, maybe it’s because Mai has a masochistic tendency to get turned on when she’s dominated by a man she despises like that, but if she saw Eiji fuming for Rika’s sake, she’d be outraged.

He would probably be able to make it go away, though

“Yeah. Why don’t we play with that?”

“… that?” 

Rika looks in the direction Eiji points.

There was a giant water slide, the biggest selling point of this indoor pool theme park. 



“… high.”

Waiting for her turn on the water slide, Rika peeks down the stairs and gives her impressions.

It is so high that it is no wonder it is so popular.

Of course, it is probably well designed and safe, but those who are afraid of heights will have a hard time peeking down. 

“…Why do you keep looking up?”

“Because men are supposed to look up and crawl up.”


Someone who is clearly afraid of heights is right next to Rika, but she just tilts her head.

Meanwhile, the line kept moving forward, and finally it was Rika and Eiji’s turn. 

“Can I go first…?”

“Of course.” 

I told her so, and Rika tried to go ahead of me…

“Oh, are you a couple? If so, please use this two-seater.”

“… what?” 

The attendant, wondering whether they misunderstood when they saw Rika and Eiji, led them away with a smiling face.

The two rolling their eyes were quickly set up in the meantime, and they were now riding together in a two-seater.

Eiji sat in the back, with Rika’s slender body between his legs. 


“Hey, are you okay?” 

Rika’s body shakes with a jerk.

Her past experience of almost being raped by a gangster has turned her into a man-hater.

Naturally, she is not comfortable with the idea of touching a man, as it would remind her of that trauma.

She almost pushes Eiji away from her and tries to run away, but Eiji is worried and takes her hand before she can do so. 


At that moment, there was a flash of light in my head.

A flash of a scene from the past came to mind. 

“Are you okay?” 

A boy called out to me and reached out his hand to me.

Rika, as a child, took his hand with tears streaming profusely all over her face.

It was the same man, but with a sense of security and warmth that was unmatched by that man who had held her down… 

“Hey, are you sure you’re okay?”


With a snap, I am snapped back to reality.

In front of her is a stern man staring at her with concern. 

“… It’s not okay, it’s not supposed to be okay.” 

I can’t touch the man. The trauma is recalled, and my whole body loses strength and greasy sweat begins to ooze out.


“… You’ll be fine, maybe.” 

Rika quickly rested her back against Eiji’s thick body.

Physical contact with a man, and yet showing her unprotected back, is something that is never considered.

But now that she had a flashback to the past, which she should have forgotten, for some reason she did not feel a sense of avoidance toward Eiji.

Rather, I feel relieved? That’s absurd. 

“I see. If Onizuka is okay with it, let’s just go with it.” 

Eiji, for his part, had no reason to refuse Rika’s advances.

He was pleased to have her buttocks pressed against his body, which were well toned and taut, probably from swimming.

And so, together they slide down the waterslide. 



Eiji, who is afraid of heights, of course, was also afraid of sliding down with great force.

So why did he suggest going on the slider himself? Perhaps he was trying to cheer Rika up in his own way.

Rika turned her head slightly to look at him.

I wonder why. Just by looking at his face, I feel a sense of security. A warm fire in my heart.

In the end, I landed in the pool without knowing why.

Her head cools down at once, and she does not notice that just a few moments ago her face was lightly burning and her eyes were moist.




“I’m going to go… and get some drinks. What would you like?”

“… orange juice.”

“You’re not shaking.”

Eiji, a little pouty-cheeked and gaunt, laughs goofily at Rika’s response.

Walking away with his wallet, Rika also steps ashore for a short break, smiling a little as she watches his back. 

“… is fun, isn’t it?” 

Stretching out, she mutters quietly.

Her well-shaped breasts are highlighted through her swimming suit, attracting the attention of the men.

It’s fun. I never thought such feelings would come to mind outside of swimming and dating Mai.

 No, I knew that since it was a swimming pool, I would be able to have a little fun, but since I was having so much fun talking with Eiji, it was not a surprise.

“… What was that all about?” 

What comes to Rika’s mind is a flashback to the past that occurred the moment she touched Eiji.

Moreover, it brought back memories that she had supposedly forgotten.

Why? Rika shook her head, thinking that perhaps…

“… if I tell you one more time that I want to go to the slide, will you follow me?”

Rika’s mouth corners up in a wince as she remembers Eiji, who was so scared.

I never thought I would be able to smile at the thought of a man.

I was wrapped up in such a peaceful feeling… 


“Hey, hey. Are you alone right now? Are you free?” 

As if to counteract such feelings, two men approached.

They looked like they were having fun.

Even the fresh-looking guys were not good enough for me, and even more so with their appearance. 

 “I’m not… alone. I’m with a man…” 

This way, most men will back off.

Rika, who had heard this from Mai, clearly refused. 

“Oh… that burly guy, right? But you are alone now, so that’s not a problem, right?” 

… But unfortunately, they were not men who would give up that easily.

One of the reasons was that Rika’s appearance was not something that could be given up so easily.

Her neatly shaped face and slender style encased in a swimming suit are hardly something to be seen. 

“That is…? Um…”

“Hey. Leave him alone and come play with us.”

“I’ve been here quite a bit, so I’ll show you more fun ways to play!” 

Rika rolls her eyes at the fact that they don’t expect her to back down, and the guys tell her more.

However, Rika’s eyes grow cold at the disparaging words about Eiji. 

“… No, thank you.”

“Ew. Isn’t it boring to play with him? I mean, he’s a gorilla to look at.”

“It’s true. Gorillas don’t know how to play with humans.”

He mocks Eiji, who is not here with a goofy grin.

Rika thinks to herself, “That sounds like Mai,” but she is miffed and angry.

Yesterday, she would not have been angry, if not in a good mood, but after her earlier experience, she has grown quite fond of Eiji.

Therefore, Rika opened her mouth, even though she understood that it was unlike her and not a good idea. 

“Please don’t speak ill of that man. I am having fun with him and it warms my heart. I think he is different from… you guys.”

Rika’s icy eyes and words, which sent chills down their spines, made the men involuntarily take a few steps back.

… But what struck them next was their anger at being intimidated by the slender woman. 

“Tsk. Heh, yeah.”

“Then you’ll have to play with us extra hard to compare.” 

The men’s voices lower somewhat.

I knew it was a bad idea. I thought so and tried to run away, but I couldn’t… 


He grabs me firmly by the arm.

The power of a man. Even though I belong to an athletic club, I am no match for him because I am not a martial artist.

And the lust-drenched eyes they turn on me.

It is exactly what reminds me of the man who once took me to the park and tried to rough me up…

The strength of Rika’s body is drained from her.

The men mistakenly think that she has finally come to her senses, but in reality she is just letting her body shrug in fear as her past trauma is awakened.

The man-hatred that had begun to fade after her interaction with Eiji has hardened again, and she is sinking into a bottomless swamp.

Once she sinks to the bottom, she will never be able to pull herself back up again.

The light fades from Rika’s blue eyes and her body becomes dizzy.

Thus, she will also become more evasive and disgusted with men and will never understand them again—- 

“No, no, that’s okay.”

However, there was one man who brought Rika back to reality.

He utters a low voice and grabs the man’s arm that was holding Rika’s arm. 


The man said this out loud because his arms were thicker and more well-trained than his own.

He turned around to see the big man’s stern face turned into a grin.

“Hello. I’m a gorilla.”

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