Y. NTR Ch.34

Ch 34

“Damn, you’re back. Bad timing.”

“No, no. Nice timing.”

Eiji’s face is very calm in contrast to the men who glare at him. It’s because he is afraid of the former.

There was a difference between Eiji and the men who had to stare at him with all their strength and bluff, and Eiji was able to show his composure even when dealing with such men.

“Hey…, hey! Let go of me, gorilla!”

“If you take your hand off Onizuka’s arm, I’ll let you go.”

Eiji’s thick fingers digging into the man’s arm, just barely.

Along with the rather strong pressure, his fingers are digging deeper and deeper into the skin, causing extreme pain.

He yells at me and tries to intimidate me, but Eiji still only smirks at me.

“Ha! Why should I take orders from you? I absolutely hate it.”

“I see. Well then…”

Perhaps the attitude of a man who continues to be blustery despite his greasy sweat is something to be admired.

But, of course, Eiji does not praise him.

Rather, he tightens his grip even more forcefully.

Then, the man’s arm deforms to the point that it is no longer twisting, and he experiences even more intense pain.

“In, in, in! Oh, It’s breaking, it’s breaking, it’s breaking!”

“Oh, hey!”

The other man unexpectedly stops him, but Eiji is unperturbed.


“Look, just let go of her. Or I’ll break it for real.”

Finally, the man can only scream.

The man’s arms were tightened with such force that his arms were twisted and his veins swelled and floated until they were on the verge of bursting.

“Whoa, okay! All right, let me go…!”

Finally, the man raises his roots.

He released Rika’s slender arms from his grasp.

“Here you go.”


Eiji confirms this and, as promised, releases his hand from his arm.

The released man’s arm was left with a clear bruise.

He passed by the struggling man without looking at him at all and leaned close to Rika’s side.

“Are you alright? Sorry, I’m late.”

“Uh, yeah. Thank you for saving my life.”


Eiji holds out the hand that was just about to grip the man’s arm.

Of course, she couldn’t believe he was going to do that, so she reached out and touched his hand as well.


The moment Rika took the offered hand, a flashback occurred in her mind.

She felt an electric shock, and at the same time, a clear image appeared in her brain.

The moment Rika took the offered hand, a flashback occurred in her mind.

She felt an electric shock, and at the same time, a clear image appeared in her brain.

The man who was covering her with his own body, and then, with a thud! The body shakes with a strong sound and falls down with all its strength drained from its body.

Crushed by the huge body, she screams and tries to escape, but her slender arms are still too weak to do anything about it.

However, there was a boy who reached out to her.

“Are you alright? Sorry I’m late.”

Dripping tears and snot, the girl who was being attacked at that time —- Rika looked at the hand that was offered to her.

She looked up at the boy with her vision distorted by tears as she took his hand in a sloppy manner.

He was smiling, a little apologetic, but happy to have been a help…

“Look, you guys get the hell out of here.”


“Let’s go.”

Next to Rika, who was looking down, Eiji was waving his hands troublesomely to get the men away.

No matter how attractive Rika was, they did not have the guts to confront a large man who had also seen a bit of his power in quicksand, and the men left, their faces contorted in disgust.

“Fu… it’s hard to play from here, isn’t it? So much for getting over your man-hating today, shall we go home now?”

Eiji, in his own way, is concerned and says so.

It is no wonder that this spurred her dislike of men.

That’s what I was thinking when I made the suggestion…

“This way.”


Eiji rolls his eyes at Rika, who pulls hard on his arm.

To be honest, this doesn’t really scare him, but Eiji respects her wishes and follows her arm as she pulls on it.


Apparently, they are leaving the pool.

Will they go home, after all?

With that in mind, he was brought into…

“……. Oh?”

It was in the shower room where they bathed after playing in the pool.

Rika brought Eiji into the shower room where she would normally go in alone.

“What’s wrong?”

Eiji’s voice is upset, probably because he is quite close to Rika.

No, he doesn’t have the cute personality to be nervous because he is close to a woman now, but he is dealing with a partner.

She is as much of an upper ball as Mai, and more importantly, she hates men, so there has always been a certain amount of physical distance between us.

It would be no wonder that he was upset when he was brought into such close proximity all at once.

Because of the height difference, from Eiji’s vantage point, I could see the white nape of her neck peeking out from between her golden-dyed hair, and I felt a hint of sex appeal.

The softly good smell also wafts in the air, and her well-proportioned body wrapped in a swimming suit seems to be touching my own body.

When Eiji is feeling a little nervous, which is not unlike…

“… Ogiwara-kun, I want you to tell me the truth.”


Rika opened her mouth to say so.

As I craned my neck to see what it was, she looked up and stared into Eiji’s eyes.

It was very rare for her to look directly into each other’s eyes, as she was a man-hater and rarely even let men out of her sight.

As I was about to be sucked into those blue eyes, her pursed, fresh lips opened.

“Was it you who saved me that time?”

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