Y. NTR Ch.35

Ch 35

“… Maybe.”

Eiji, who was looked at from close range by Rika’s absorbing blue eyes, quickly turned his eyes away and uttered these small words.

“… Unreliable reply.”

Rika looks at him with jitters at his too feeble reply.

“Honestly, it was too long ago… I’m the type of person who can’t even remember what I had for dinner last night, so that makes it even worse.”


He’s a bad guy. Rika’s impression of Eiji, who was scary in her mind, is rapidly fading away.

He’s just crap, isn’t he…? The same type as Mai.

“I just vaguely remember rescuing a woman about my age. But I don’t know if it was Onizuka or not. You’ve changed a lot, haven’t you, with the dyed hair and all?”

Eiji raggedly scratches his head.

I see, time has certainly passed since then.

I have dyed my black hair blonde to keep men away from me, and Eiji has changed more than anything else.

It is impossible to imagine that he has grown into such a big, muscular man at the same age.


“… Yeah. You helped me. I can tell.”

“I see.”

Rika shook her head and assured him.

A flashback to the moment she touched Eiji’s hand, a memory she should have forgotten.

If he had nothing to do with it, there was no way this could have happened.

Rika takes Eiji’s large, thick hand in both of hers.

This is something she could never do to a man. Perhaps even now, if she tried to touch another man, she would not be able to do it.

But with him, I could.

She traces Eiji’s hand as if she is checking it with her finger.

It was thick, thick, big, and hard. It is completely different and alien to her own female hand.

But I feel no fear, only a sense of security.

It comes from the certainty that this hand has helped me and will continue to help me.

“Finally… I finally got around to saying thank you.”

“… Oh.”

Rika’s smile is calm, gorgeous, and happy.

I wonder how liberating it must be to finally be rid of something that has been bothering and worrying you deep inside for so long, and today it is finally gone.

Eiji was also thrilled to see Rika, who had never shown any emotion in her expressionless, almost blank face, smile at him in such a beautiful way.

It was a very primitive reaction, not unlike the devilish man who spanked Mai’s ass and repeatedly ejaculated inside her.

“I’d like to know if you’d like me to do something in return… I don’t like to be treated all the time.”

“… I didn’t help you for any kind of payback, so I don’t need it, okay?”

Eiji pats the back of his neck as if troubled by Rika’s auspiciousness.

What a man of kind words. Could this really be the man who hunted Mai down?

But Rika also shakes her head.

I can’t make myself feel better by just saying ‘good-bye’ without doing anything.

She is a kind-hearted person by nature, and she is the type of person who cares a lot about this kind of thing.

That is why she takes a step forward.

“… am I?”


What am I? Eiji tilts his head.

He really didn’t understand.

“… Ogiwara-kun, you like women, don’t you?”

“… I don’t know.”

Eiji is drenched in sweat.

It’s too late to make up for it now.

“… Definitely a womanizer. And you took my girlfriend.”

“No, I didn’t take it. No doubt Mai still likes you and thinks you’re her lover…”

“… You fucked my girlfriend, Ogiwara-kun.”

“Ugh… what’s your point…?”

Are you going to demand something?

Eiji feels as if he is being poked with the tip of a needle, and he is skeptical.

Rika smiled at him and put her hand on her chest.

“It’s… so I-“


Eiji can guess what is going on when she keeps saying that much.

In other words, Rika is trying to offer up her own body.

“… I am not attractive to you, Ogiwara-kun?”

“No, You are very attractive, but… is that okay? I’m the kind of guy who fucked your girlfriend, remember?”

Eiji’s face contorts in disgust.

Normally he would not do that. Although the rarity of same-sex couples is one reason for this, if they were having sexual intercourse with their lover, they would not be angry, but they would not want to be friends with him.

However, for Rika, Eiji is her benefactor. That is another complication.

“… Mai cheated on me first, and I think it’s okay if I do a little bit back.”

“Oh, oh… surprisingly belligerent… but choosing your girlfriend’s cheating partner as a target for that…”

Hmmm …… and the lust haunts me.

I want to fuck her to get rid of this feelings. It is because it is not every day that he can do something erotic with a top ball like Rika.

But she will still be a man-hater, and she will still be traumatized.

Is it okay to fuck her on the basis of the fact that I helped her in the past?

Eiji worries as if he were a man of common sense.

“… Don’t you like it?”

“I don’t mind. I look forward to working with you.”

However, Eiji’s rationality quickly melted away when Rika asked him with a worried look in her eyes.

He nodded his head easily and was a lustful gorilla as usual.


Eiji’s answer made Rika a little happy.

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