IAIK Ch.85


Alexander was running at sonic speed, but quietly, in the direction of the Sixth Fortress, further north-west of the Fifth Fortress.

It had been a few minutes since he had set out, and he more or less calculated that the distance he had traveled at this time, if it were a normal journey of this World, would be about 10 days.

Still, at first he did not notice anything specific, no footsteps or anything else that spoke about the Kuroinu’s army marching towards this place.

Of course, Alexander knew that they might not even be able to take the completely direct route, as he is, since even walking through some of the places he had passed over was very difficult for a normal person, let alone an entire army of thousands.

Presently he had already passed through the long and extensive forest behind the Fifth Fortress, and was now rapidly finishing a savannah that was drawn up in long relief on the road.

As more and more time passed, Alexander only grew more and more worried as he saw no sign of an army, until for a moment, he stopped his movement.

He looked sideways, and could notice a large mountain not so far from his current position.


Speed x150.

Previously, Alexander was traveling at almost exactly supersonic speed…and at this moment, his body had a speed rating of 140 times what it was.


Alexander blinked and in less than a second he was already over the hill, on an elongated rock jutting out to the north.

He thought he saw some animals over there, but he paid no attention to this.

His body, instead of being injured or damaged by the reaction of the great speed he had just used, was completely fine, as Alexander’s base was incredibly solid, so much so that it could withstand the current limits demanded by the Ability Plus-More.

Law of ???.

Then, already standing on the tip of the rock, Alexander activated the strongest Ability in his possession, and a derivative of his Race, to strengthen his eyes.

“It can’t be…”

He managed to see the boundaries of the Sixth Fortress, an incomparably large City, which seemed quite huge to Alexander’s sight.


What really surprised Alexander, and made him furrow his eyebrows, was that a large amount of smoke could be seen over different areas of the large City.


Alexander was annoyed.



Speed x500.

Alexander put a measure of increased speed he was familiar with, and one that wouldn’t put too much strain on his current body and organs.

*Zzztttttttttt* *Zzztttttttttt*

He activated his Abilities and his skin began to be covered in lightning hissing from all sides, to support the great increase in speed.

A warm current of his own Energy poured into his body, making a direct course through specific areas in him.

The Energy that proceeded, came from his Dantian.

“Here I come.”

Alexander spoke and then stood still….

It was not correct to say that he stood still, that is, he was in the same position….

But after about 30 seconds…

Little by little, as if someone had disappeared from a Thanos Snap, though not in pieces, but just fading into nothingness…

Alexander’s figure blurred until it disappeared completely.

He had reached such a speed, that the secondary image he left behind by inertia… seemed so vivid and lasting, that it seemed like himself.

For, a lasting image, created by the illusion of the speed that one attains, the more it can last in the eyesight of normal people is one second, or less, although it was also due to the capacity of the person’s eyesight itself.

And this is assuming that their speed is no less than supersonic.

And it is also without saying that for it to last 2 seconds, you don’t simply have to go faster, or double the speed, no. Since for the image to last 2 seconds, compared to the previous one, you should go at a speed 5 times faster than the first one…

That’s right, each second is magnified in a disastrously large way…

Physics explains it clearly.

The only thing that can’t be explained with understandable limits, at least for the people of this World, who did not know the formulas of light-like velocities, is the velocity at which Alexander was moving at this moment…

0.003212 Units of seconds since he emerged from the rock at the top of the mountain….

Alexander was now on top of the great walls of the Sixth Fortress.


Alexander quietly deactivated his Abilities, and he swore that for a moment he thought he stood on a wall from the Anime Attack of the Titans, as he looked where he was…

Alexander patted his cheeks and looked around, or down, from where he was standing.

“I see, I was too late…”

With anger and furrowed brows, Alexander made a complicated expression.

Law of the ???.

Human Area.

Alexander strengthened his Area Skill, and then closed his eyes.

“Hm? There are still a bunch of people left in the Castle… or downstairs…”

Alexander detected in his faded vision, dozens, and no more than 200 of corpses, all over the City, something that seemed very strange to Alexander, since this City was enormous as to have thousands and thousands of inhabitants, though apart from that, it was empty, making it extremely silent, like a dead City, but at the bottom of the castle located in the center of the city, he saw that no more than 20 people remained there…

There were also several Dark Elves and two Ogres among them, as well as 3 small demons.

“So they’re doing the same thing that happened in Olga City…”

Alexander felt that he had grown very cold.

His eyes had a glint in them and that they were deep Indigo blue only assured more, this coldness.

“Hey hey, did you see the look on that Princess Knight whore’s face when Grave-sama killed her husband right in front of her, hehehe, her expression was unbelievable.”

“But even so, I would still fuck her, that body is simply a delight, her loose pussy must be of divine level like Celestine-sama’s, I knew that following the leader Vault-sama was a good choice.”

Two people guarded the entrance to the dungeon, on a floor at the back of the castle.

They were lowly mercenaries, and their voices were very sarcastic.

“Haha, now Grave-sama was going to rape her over and over again, after he gave her the aphrodisiac, until she become pregnant… and later it’s the other group’s turn, ay, maybe when it’s our turn she’ll be broken and dirty by that time, especially because of the Ogres there.”


“Well, at least they’re better than the shitty Lycans that are with Vault-sama right now, the dog shit smell they’re bringing is disgusting. And I’ll give Claudia-san a good fucking, her body, her ass and tits are too big, I haven’t even seen such a whore, though maybe I’ll clean her first before fucking her, hahaha.”

They were talking and laughing dirty as if they weren’t talking about exactly what they were talking about…




Alexander, without so much as a smudge of blood on his clothes or his weapon, followed through the entrance of the dungeon quickly.

Without so much as pausing to think about what these mercenaries, now with their heads separated from their bodies, had said.



He killed everyone else he saw, both human and non-human in a swift fashion, and finally located the entrance leading to the cage room at the end of the dungeon.

Then, enduring a bit of the stench of the dungeon in general, he entered.

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