IAIK Ch.100


Alexander: “…”

Claudia: “…”

When they least expected it, they saw that right in front of them, a harmless magical beast, resembling a small primate, or some Macaque, was carrying on its back another Macaque, who seemed to be his wife…

It was as if it was a message from the Universe….

“People normally carry other people on their Back!”

It seemed to say the Universe.

Claudia and Alexander, looked at each other, and then….

… There was no then.

Simply Claudia settled into Alexander’s arms, as usual, so that the armor she didn’t interfere or bother, and Alexander just started running as before.

Both, Claudia and Alexander, had a small smile on their faces, and also, a slight blush.

“From the looks of it, they strengthened the entrance.”

“No, it’s not like that, Alex-sama, that group is the Castle Knights, it’s usually only like that when receiving a Princess-… wait, wouldn’t that be…?”

They looked ahead, where underneath the grand entrance was gathered a large group of people in Armor, only slightly different from the normally erotic Armors…

They seemed to be more noble, or something like that.

“As I understand it, Celestine-sama has the gift of seeing the future, doesn’t she?”

Alexander asked, and Claudia nodded, but said:

“Even if she did, Celestine-sama herself has said so, the future she can see is not real, and presents a great deal of probabilities, as it is almost always something totally random… so in order for you to know what we were seeing today, then it’s definitely something special.”

Alexander understood what Claudia said, and after looking at that group some more, he started to walk.

Claudia walked slightly behind Alexander, like a good girlfriend, she thought to herself, or as someone who shows respect to the “Hero”…

Anyway, it didn’t take long before they were spotted.


“Hey, it’s really sunny, isn’t it?” A Woman in Armor, with long blonde hair, asked.

“Hnn.” The one who answered with a hum, was the one next to her, who looked younger.

“We’ve been here for five hours, huh?”


“And still no sign of Hero-sama…”


“So it’s okay if we take a little break, isn’t it, are you with me, Tita?”


“W-what? Don’t scare me like that, baka!”

“Hero-sama.” The young girl pointed to a spot with a small blush.

“Hero-sama? What are you talking about Ti-…. wait… It’s Hero-sama! And also… Claudia-sama!” The blonde looked towards that place thinking it was nothing, but was surprised to see a man with red hair, handsome and

red-haired, handsome, masked man walking in front of what appeared to be Claudia-sama, towards there.

“Hey, what?”

“What’s the matter? I’m not playing again.”

Slowly, the others began to notice the two people who walked and stopped in front of the welcoming group made up of themselves, about 20 female knights in a formation.

So naturally each and every one of them was surprised to see Alexander.

Even, a woman Knight, who looked like a girl, walked a little in front.

“Are you the Hero-sama~?”

The little girl in Armor, who looked like a Loli, asked Alexander.

“…” He sweated a little.

“FOOL!” A Female Knight shouted and hit Loli in the head with a roll of paper.


“Excuse our manners, Hero-sama, please wait a moment, and welcome back, Claudia-sama.”

That Knight Woman bowed to Alexander, and greeted Claudia in the same manner.

“””Excuse our manners, Hero-sama, and welcome back, Claudia-sama!””””

The whole group of Women Knights behind followed the action, and also knelt down.

Then Claudia walked in front.

“It’s good to be back, thank you for this welcome, girls, now Maly, may I introduce Alexander Smith-sama, the Hero of Eos.”

The remaining Women Knights greeted Alexander, then Claudia told him to wait there a little while, and she went with the girl she had called “Maly,” into the shop at the side of the entrance to the City.

The girls looked extremely nervous, as they had never really had the opportunity to meet a “Hero” up close, no, in fact, possibly no one in the whole Kingdom had ever had such an opportunity, besides…

Alexander’s image, his half-face, his eyes, and his hair…

They seemed to have a stunning ability on the girls, as almost all of them were raptly gazing at him.

He was almost like a figure that somehow, seemed to be legendary…


Alexander sighed, thinking that with so much attention, his Normal Aura would be totally useless.

Since his Ability worked similarly to Yu IIhan’s, as long as he wasn’t spotted, then there was no problem, but once discovered, the cover would be blown and everyone would be able to notice him.

“Ano, Hero-sama, are you very handsome underneath the mask~?”

Suddenly, Loli Knight stood next to Alexander, and asked him with a heavy blush on her little face.

Alexander: “…”



“How sorry I am, Hero-sama, please excuse this stupid Knight!”

“No no, lose care, I don’t mind…. Claudia, did you warn?” Alexander asked Claudia who was coming behind the Knight Woman who had the Loli loaded like a sack of potatoes, the so-called Maly.

“Hehehe, you’ll see, Alex-sama.”

Alexander didn’t understand what Claudia meant.

“What do you mean-….?”


Alexander was interrupted by a shrill sound that sounded close to that spot, and as he looked further he noticed it was one of those giant horns that he occasionally saw in movies of ancient times.

“That sound is…”

“If it was just once, then it means…”


After that sound ended, Alexander could even hear people from several

meters away shouting, and he noticed that the City that was previously slightly quiet, had become completely disordered…

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