IAIK Ch.86


Some time before.

In the Sixth Fortress.

Inside the Castle, and in Claudia Levantine’s Office.

“We have to defend the City with all our might.”

Claudia Levantine, a brown-haired, blue-eyed woman with a fine, noble face, with a mole under her left eye that made her more sensual, along with a body of infarction almost at the same level of Celestine, only maintained by the “armor” of this World, she told her army, both the one of the jurisdiction of the Church of the Dawn, of which she was Captain, as well as that of the City and under her command itself.

“Hai, Claudia-sama.”

Margaret, the girl below Claudia in the military ranks, replied energetically.

“First we will defend this Fortress, and then we will go to the capital to complete the defense there, as I need to protect both this Fortress and the Capital, after all, I am the guardian of both, although there is also waiting for the arrival of the Hero-sama, we just don’t know exactly when he will arrive… that’s all, retire to prepare the troops, and to make sure that the evacuation is already is over, Margaret.”


Claudia watched as the girl, who was one of her most beloved subordinates, walked out the door of the room, and then turned her gaze to the person who had not spoken, on the right side.

“General Grave, please I ask you to help me in this combat, to be victorious with your wise advice of war.”

Claudia bowed her head, as she gently spoke to her father-in-law, Grave Levantine, a man of nearly old age, but with a well maintained body from being in the army, as well a slight beard, in a formal manner and respectful of rank and age.

“You can count on me, Claudia-sama, I will support you in anything.”

The man replied firmly.

“Thank you, that’s very good.”

Claudia smiled and replied, then thought a bit and continued:

“By the way, will Klauss have arrived and evacuated with the other civilians in the City by now?”

“I’m not sure, Claudia-sama, although since I haven’t seen him all day, it must be so.”

The man replied with a slight twitch in his “straight” expression, this was due to the contempt so great he had for his own son, Klauss Curtis, though Claudia didn’t even seem to notice. In fact, she had never noticed it.

“Haaa, thank goodness… so I can give myself completely to the battle… uhh.”

Claudia sighed and said with relief, only eventually putting her hand to her forehead from a sudden headache that greeted her.

“Oh, is something wrong, Claudia-sama?”

The man asked with a joy in his voice that Claudia overlooked.

“No… although I’m feeling very…. very… I’m also very sleepy… why would that be…?”

Claudia spoke with her face growing redder and redder the longer she went on, looking feverish and somewhat erotic looking, even without noticing it.

“Oh, I see, now it’s just started to kick in, hasn’t it? Wow, it had taken quite a while, a lot much longer than I thought, I almost lost my patience, I guess being the strongest person of Humanity, just isn’t a title, hehehe.”

“Huh? What are you…?”

Claudia was holding her head and trying to speak.

“Oh? Well I mean of course, the potent aphrodisiac I gave you, along with a pill that makes you sleep, so now you must be feeling very horny and very sleepy, right? Don’t worry, later I’ll take care of you, hahaha.”

The man, Grave, spoke in a very funny voice and at the end he laughed darkly.

“General Grave…? Father-in-law…?”


Claudia looked at her father-in-law, Grave, one last time, until her body gave way and with a noise caused by her “armor”, or the metal part of what little armor itself she had, she fell out of the chair at her desk, all the way to the floor.

The last thing she could see was the evil laugh her father-in-law had on his face as he watched her faint…

Claudia Levantine, the Knight Princess charged with protecting both the Sixth, and Seventh Fortress, the last one or the Capital of the country, had been warned yesterday in advance about an attack coming.

She knew that there was a Mercenary group that was in rebellion and at war against the Seven Shields Alliance Strongholds, but it was only not long ago that she learned about the repeated attacks of this same group that had the potential to be a fearful army capable of toppling a kingdom.

And yesterday, she received a message from the Seventh Fortress, from Celestine-sama herself, telling her that the group full of men of all kinds of races, would attack in her City.

It was at this moment that Claudia regretted not having had more magicians specializing in the magic used to send long distance messages, although of course, this in itself was something unavoidable, since this type of mages were extremely rare, so much so, that she couldn’t even

send a reply to Celestine-sama, and the message received would be quite abrupt.

Claudia remembered the Halfling mage the half Dark Elf that existed in the Fifth Fortress, and her abilities, surely the message would have arrived there much better, since the Magical capacity of the User itself would allow her to use different magical artifacts such as Transmitters, capable of directly receiving a person’s image and voice.

Knowing that an attack would occur here, Claudia feared for the fate of the previous Fortresses, since it was almost always herself who went to the Fortresses farthest from the capital, which was almost like a small country in itself, for guerrillas against the Dark Elves, or against all kinds of magical creatures that threatened an entire Stronghold.

She especially felt bad for Prim and Alice, who were the furthest away from the whole country, extremely close to the border. Claudia loved them as little sisters, and she liked them very much, but now…

Up to this point, Claudia thought that they were possibly already captives, since war slaves with as politically important as they were, they would not be executed, only that…

According to what she knew of Kuroinu, and of their objective, she feared for the worst…

These were Claudia’s thoughts until seconds after she received the message, and to her pleasant surprise, the message sent had a second part.

Almost incomplete and abrupt words were the ones she received, but between the lines Claudia deciphered the main thing.

A Hero had descended to Eos, and he had also saved from the First, to the Fifth Fortress…

Claudia had been intensely astonished by this, for in the first place, the Heroes were simply fictitious characters in stories, and Claudia more than anyone else, she knew, rather than heroes or the like, people who stood out from the masses in some way, such as herself, for example, tended to be herself and the other Princess Knights, secondly, just the fact that he had saved the First Fortresses, or at least minimally helped, to save them, was something that spoke volumes about the ability of this “Hero”, also, that because of Celestine-sama’s strange way of speaking of the “Hero”, someone whom Claudia knew very well, she could discern the importance this man had for all of Eos…

Claudia was not completely convinced, since this seemed to her something almost… unreal, but she decided to trust Celestine-sama’s words, even though she had tried to check them more than 20 times…

Claudia lamented again for the scarce communication capacity that existed in this Nation, if she had to say, the only thing she envied about the Dark Elves was the great magical ability that race possessed.

So, with one less burden on her shoulders, Claudia very quickly set out to agitate and begin the preparations for the invasion that this City would receive, she didn’t know how many there were, she didn’t know the direction in which they were coming, so Claudia prepared absolutely everything, taking the last and worst scenario into consideration…

That it would be an overwhelming Force that would leave no chance of defense.

One of the first things, that Claudia did, was about the safety of her citizens, that’s why, since the afternoon of that day, she had begun the movement of the civilians, towards an area behind of some mountains to the West of the City, which looked like a Bunker, only it was naturally so.

Protocols had already been carried out long before, plus this was an important part of the education in the City, so even though it involved thousands of inhabitants, the process, to Claudia’s knowledge, there had been no setbacks, and the children and adolescents were excited, in spite of the situation, since they had never done anything like this before because they took it as a simple trip to the mountains, or in this case, an excursion.

Claudia hadn’t even been able to say goodbye to her husband, Klauss Curtis, since she hadn’t seen him for several months, as he was on a business trip to the capital, although by his letter, the day of arrival would be tomorrow at dawn.

Time went by and Claudia just strategically prepared her Women Knights, with different formations and so on, while the mages of the Church of Dawn were in the rearguard in case there were any wounded.

And because the largest number of members of her state army was in the Seventh Fortress, in addition to the fact that she divided the army of this City to follow the group that was going to the refuge, in the City there were only not more than 400 Women Knights, both light cavalry, heavy cavalry, and all other branches of the army.

They were not too many, but Claudia was firmly confident that she could hold off an army of 4500 attackers, with this many people under her command, and all this advance preparation.

And there was also the male division of the City, which contributed another 100 warrior souls to this whole board, commanded by her father-in-law.

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