IAIK Ch.87


Therefore, the last insurance Claudia had in this situation was her father-in-law and mentor, Grave Levantine.

Claudia knew that for things even she could not understand, that like Maia, she had a very strong body and a destiny that somehow or other made her prevail in victory.

But yet she also knew that General Grave, in charge of the administrative part of the male troops in the Sixth Fortress, was another of humanity’s great personalities.

And while the relationship between him, and his son, who had been virtually exiled from the Levantine family because of his inability to pass on the genes, was somewhat rigid, in Claudia’s view, she existed as a central territory for both of them.

And although she hadn’t even been married to Klauss for a year, he was a guy who treated her very well, and his work as a merchant was more or less quiet, as was his personality, completely different from his father who was someone in the army, and respected the honor of the family very strictly.

Claudia could not say that she loved Klauss, or even that she would spend her whole life with him, because he was someone of a life that did not agree very much with Claudia’s, since although she herself had always

always wished to be a dedicated Wife, the time she had spent in the war field was too much… but even so, she still appreciated him simply for being the gentle man he was.

Knowing that her Husband would be back, in addition to the fact that she had already prepared for him to immediately arrive and head towards the shelter, and that her father-in-law would be with her in battle, Claudia believed that it would not be very difficult for her to overcome this attack that would happen.

“Oh, what’s this?”

“I usually drink it before a big battle, would you accept this drink for me, Claudia-sama?”

“Okay, something like this is also good, isn’t it?”

Claudia had thought absolutely nothing of it when her father-in-law offered her a drink in the early morning hours, claiming that he was only reserved for this kind of situation, and she drank the whole drink.

All the time afterwards, Claudia had not noticed the glances that her father-in-law was sending her every few minutes, almost as if he was waiting for something.

And when Claudia realized that her own father-in-law had betrayed her by putting something in her drink, it was already too late…

“Hmmm, What… Where am I?”

Claudia, still with her armor on, rose very slowly from a tiled floor that was very different from the one she was adapted to walk on, but also strangely familiar.

“So you finally woke up, huh? Waiting three hours for this, it was bloody hell.”

“General Grave…?”

Claudia saw the figure of a man sitting in a chair, but realized she was in a

cage, and as she looked around, she checked that it was in the last cage and room of the dungeon.

“But why… what happened, and the attack-….! Hmmg~”

Claudia raised her voice in her own realization, only at the end she couldn’t help but groan, and feel much weaker than normal, too… So hot that she was breathing hard.

“The attack is here, and it’s over, I regret to inform you that only the poor half of your Female Knights managed to escape with their lives when they realized my treachery, and fled to the refuge, only I doubt that they will live for much longer since they have a division of 1000 Kuroinu members behind them, as well as the people you wanted to save.”

Grave’s hoarse, amused voice rang in Claudia’s ears and she was simply stunned on the spot.

“I still think it’s a shame to kill so many people, especially so many women, but hey, a small sacrifice for the jackpot is more than acceptable, hehehe.”


Claudia was stunned, she was paralyzed and couldn’t even think very well, she had so many things in her head right now and her body was so weak that she wouldn’t allow herself to anymore.

“Ah, the prize is that because my pitiful, stupid son can’t give children, and because the Levantine family is okay with a World at Peace, I’ll just kill them all and make a new family, and guess what… I’ll use you, who have a strong body, to give me lots of children, hahaha, ah, just imagining that I will put my seed in your womb gives me incredible pleasure~ incredible~”

Claudia felt that all of this could be a bad dream, a nightmare, but the very real sensation that she had when she touched the ground, or felt her own body, told her it wasn’t.

“Why… why are you doing something like this?”

Claudia squeezed the words out of her mouth, when she was already having a swirl of feelings inside her, disappointment, sadness, anger, and most of all…and what hurt the most, the feeling of helplessness.

“Oh, well, I simply do it because the World is bad as it is now, it needs a

change, and Kuroinu’s group will bring it, I’m just taking advantage of that… very well, bring him in.”

Claudia watched as some mercenaries dragged a man who had his hands tied, his mouth and his eyes blindfolded…it was her Husband.


Grave grabbed his son by the hair, and knelt him down in front of him after kicking the chair he was sitting in, then looked in Claudia’s direction with a cold smile.

“What are you going to… Klauss!”


Grave, ignoring Claudia’s weak cry, unhesitatingly slit Klauss’ throat, let him to the ground, blood spraying out, and then wiped his hand and the blood-smeared knife over it.

Grave then took a torch, and burned the corpse of Klauss, which slowly burned in that dark place lit only with a few torches in the corners.

“With this, all that’s left is to kill all the Levantines, and then I can finally make the new family, of course, after raping you all night. Now, you two, go and guard the entrance to the dungeon, also tell those… other members of Kuroinu, not to come in here either until I don’t come out.

Once my seed is completely inside her, it will be your turn… What are you waiting for? Get lost!”

The two men left with mild complaints, and left only Grave, with Claudia in that place.

“I still don’t quite understand why it is that Vault-sama believes in the other races for all this, for although they are a potent fighting force, they are either very foolish, or very savage, whatever, now I’ll give you the time of your life, one that even Klauss never got to give you… as the bastard didn’t even fuck you.”

Once the men left, Grave replied in complaint, and then his hungry gaze

roamed all over Claudia’s body.

“Bastard… *Sigh* bastard… that was your son!” *Thud*

Claudia tried to move to lunge at Grave in a fit of rage, but she didn’t reason on that she she was technically in a cell, or that her body was so weak, she fell to the floor again with a thud.

Grave opened the cell door, and with a lustful smile approached Claudia.

“As far as I was concerned, he was not my son, I even took the Levantine surname from him at that moment I knew he was impotent, so, enough about that fool, now I’ll make you feel real good.”


Grave grabbed Claudia by her hair and knelt her down facing himself, then stepped back a few paces, to admire the view.

Claudia was wearing a very angry expression, only the blush on her face and the breaths she was taking, plus the armor that was too thin and had moved a bit out of place, revealing the chafed nipples of her massive breasts… the sight couldn’t have been more erotic, especially on a Milf like her.

Grave instantly felt hard as stone and raised his hand to cup the breasts of Claudia’s breasts.

Claudia saw this and closed her eyes, as a light tear trickled down to the floor from under her eyelashes.

‘Klauss, forgive me.’

She said to herself in her mind.


Some time passed and Claudia could feel nothing but just her warm body, and the sensations that this produced.

She sensed that something was wrong, and opened her eyes to see what was going on, because Grave’s hand had never touched her before.


She was startled to see Grave in front of her, in the position with his hand outstretched, only he was strangely very stiff…

Claudia, after taking a good look, was startled to see Grave’s eyes, which were twitching desperately, looking as frightened as a rabbit seeing a tiger at his side, while his body was without the slightest movement… somehow, he looked very unreal.

*Step* *Step*


Claudia looked to the side, and saw a person walking calmly up to the cell…

‘Who is… that person?’

She wondered.

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