IAIK Ch.88


Alexander walked quietly through the entrance of the last place in the dungeon, and as soon as he saw the middle-aged man who appeared to be Grave Levantine, the father-in-law who raped Claudia Levantine… with his great eyesight in this dark place, and just before he tried to force himself on Claudia Levantine.

Human Area.

Manifestation of Mind/Energy.

He completely paralyzed him with Telekinesis, then kept walking.

Finally he arrived just at the open entrance of the cell, and with Telekinesis, he controlled the man’s body so that it hovered in the air, suspended in front of him.

“This person… he has to die either way, will you kill him, or shall I?”

Alexander asked and directed his eyes, which had the Sharingan doing rotations towards Claudia Levantine.


Alexander saw that Claudia looked at him with a surprised, frightened, complicated and distrustful expression, falling silent, he then noticed it, deactivated the Sharingan, and smiled somewhat forcibly at Claudia.


“I’m sorry for not introducing myself, and also for not helping you sooner, my name is Alexander Smith and I am the Hero you speak of, this is Telekinesis and it is one of my skills, now…. will you kill him, or shall I?”

Alexander spoke as he helped Claudia stand up with Telekinesis, and also sent her a warm feeling of consolation with Connection, then he looked up at the man who was suspended in the air with very cold eyes.

“… Right now… I can’t, please end his life… Smith-san…”

Claudia was feeling calmer, even somehow her weakness had improved a

a little, but her body was still almost wobbling, as she gritted her teeth in the direction of the man suspended in the air.

“As you say.”

Alexander picked up his sword.


And with one simple motion, he cut off the head of the man who had been terrified to his core with what was happening and of the strange Magic that was affecting him.

“… Klauss…” *snort*

Alexander then watched as Claudia dropped her knees to the ground again, which this time had been somewhat manual, while she cried a little and looked at a specific place where there was what seemed to be what appeared to be hardly the burnt remains of a person on the ground.


Alexander looked at this without speaking, though he too was feeling a bit complicated inside, but he decided to talk to Claudia Levantine later about what he thought.

Then, 5 minutes passed.

Alexander constantly sent warm and cozy sensations to Claudia, and she just sobbed silently.

Alexander also noticed that Claudia’s body temperature was very high, so she was under an induced effect, or in an abnormal state, probably from something she had ingested not so long ago, and Alexander only tried with Connection, to treat as much as he could this effect. Trying not to be too inquisitive.

“Forgive me for finding myself in this condition… My name is Claudia Levantine… and I am the Defender of the Sixth Fortress and the Capital… also, has this thing I’ve been feeling been the work of yours?”

Alexander replied, “Yes, it is another one of my abilities.”

“I see, thank you very much, I feel fine already.”

Sasuke Uchiha’s Sharingan.

Alexander noticed that she stopped talking, he then activated his Sharingan as he said:

“Please look me in the eyes, no need to be scared, it’s simply another one of my abilities.”

“… Good.”

Claudia nodded and looked at the red eyes with black details looking at her, and maybe it’s because of the Connection Skill, but instead of the coldness she had previously felt when being looked at by such eyes, she now felt extremely protected, as if she was in her mom’s embrace.

Also… those eyes looking at her had something similar to a gravitational Force that did not allow Claudia to stop looking at them, according to her.


A few minutes passed, and Alexander saw her memories.

He furrowed his eyebrows as he realized that he didn’t torture that guy, Grave Levantine, even more, as he really deserved it.

‘It seems that unlike the Anime… me being here, influenced the things that happened, at least, all the people in the City are safe in that shelter, and it is not a concern that Kuroinu is after them, since according to this guy, they didn’t leave more than two hours ago in his direction, when to get to the shelter it is necessary a time of approximately 6 hours? Only because of my delay 200 women died… no, it is not so, at that time I was already in the Fifth Fortress waiting for the attack towards there… haaa, still, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth…’


Alexander was stunned in his thoughts as he looked at Claudia Levantine with a serious look straight into her eyes.

Claudia averted her gaze a bit, and just remained silent as she saw that the famous “Hero”was thinking or mentally rambling about something.

She then remembered how she was dressed, and that her armor had been moved out of place earlier…

Claudia quickly adjusted her huge breasts correctly in the fine armor and then looked up at Alexander again…

‘Haaa… he really has the bearing of a Hero…’

Claudia sighed as she saw that Alexander hadn’t noticed anything, and then thought to herself as she was looking at Alexander’s face, or half-face, and his long crimson hair flowing down his back.

And so, a strange attunement was formed where Alexander, was looking seriously into Claudia’s eyes, and the latter, looked in the same way, but in appreciation, at Alexander’s hair and appearance.

All this lasted 10 minutes.

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