IAIK Ch.89


Alexander: “Ah, sorry.”

Alexander realized that he had stopped talking, and awoke from his trance.

Which seemed to wake the other party at the same time.

Claudia: “… So, what do you plan to do now, Smith-san?”

Alexander: “First, since it’s just you and me in the City, is to chase after Kuroinu’s group which is in the direction of the shelter where your people are.”

Claudia: “… Excuse my question, but how do you know about this?”

Claudia asked a genuine doubt she had, since even she herself only knew about it because Grave told her about it earlier.

Alexander: “Ah, you remember my red eyes?”

Claudia: “Hai.”

Claudia nodded, her mature voice was one Alexander enjoyed hearing.

Alexander: “This is a Visual Ability which among other things, allows me to see some of a person’s last memories of a person if they look me directly in the eyes, ah, but don’t worry, I didn’t saw anything strange, it was just… from several minutes before you passed out, so I didn’t see much.”

Alexander explained as he apologized to her mentally, as he had seen quite a bit more than that…

A Genjutsu from a Sharingan in its Eternal Stage really isn’t something to be taken for a joke, even though it is Naruto’s best friend Sasuke’s Sharingan, and the Ability even has the same name, Alexander was not bothered by this since he had taken complete ownership of the Sharingan completely, besides… Alexander thought in a short time to do something that would change things a bit regarding the subject…

Claudia: “… Unbelievable…”

Claudia was astonished, and since she had already decided that Alexander was a person she could trust, she had no doubts about his words. Although most of this trust came from Celestine herself, who was the one proclaiming that the Hero would save Humanity.

Nor did she particularly feel that Alexander had accidentally passed on any lines when looking at her memories, as she was the type of person who didn’t care much about details.

‘Ah, that’s right!’

Claudia: “Smith-san!”

Claudia suddenly called out to Alexander as she remembered something.

Alexander: “If you wish you can call me Alexander, or simply Alex, as everyone else calls me, so, what’s up?”

Claudia: “Hai, so, Alex-san… the others, they…”

Claudia made a very complicated face, as she knew that probably Alexander had probably saved them, but still doubt overcame her.

Alexander: “Oh, you mean the other Princess Knights?”

Claudia nodded.

Alexander smiled from under his mask, “Yes, I’ve stopped all of Kuroinu’s attacks in the previous Fortresses, so they are safe…”

‘Safe and well, they’re my women too…’

Alexander thought within himself, when he thought that this was not a good time to say something like that unless Claudia herself inquired further on the subject. Even without realizing it he had also counted Luu Luu as his wife, and if she herself knew this, she would certainly feel with

energy to fight again with poor Kuma-chan Bear for a long time…

Claudia: “I see… that’s very good.”

Claudia gave a sigh of relief, then looked over to where Grave had burned her Husband with a complicated face.

Alexander: “So, my plan is for you to accompany me to the shelter with your people, and once I take care of Kuroinu, I would leave you there to advance to the Seventh Fortress quickly, although you could also come with me, but that would be your choice.”

Claudia looked towards Alexander firmly.

Claudia: “Alright, I will do exactly that, please take care of me from now on.”

Alexander: “Yes, likewise.”

Alexander smiled and offered his hand to Claudia to stand up.

Claudia took Alexander’s hand and stood up, then, after shaking some of the dirt from herself, she noticed that Alexander was looking down at her, more specifically, looking down at her chest.

Claudia normally didn’t mind something like that, as often men looked at her like that, but still a little red in the face, she spoke to Alexander.

Claudia: “Ano… Alex-san?”

Alexander: “Huh? Ah, o-oh… sorry, I couldn’t help it…”

Claudia thought Alexander’s blushing face certainly had a charm that affected her a little.

Claudia: “Hehe, so, shall we go then?”

Alexander: “Yes… But first…”

Claudia: “Hm?”

Alexander extended his hand over Claudia’s forehead, while she just watched silently.

“Clean up.”

In less than three seconds, Claudia had felt that she was cleaner than she had ever been.

She even felt fresh and pleasant as if she had just come out of a soak in the warm waters of a normal bath, no, in fact, she felt even cleaner than that.

Claudia: “…”

Claudia looked up at Alexander with a doubtful look on her face, almost as if demanding an explanation, and at the same time, according to Alexander, he would dare say it was almost, almost pouting.

Alexander: “Another one of my Abilities…”

After that, no more than 50 minutes passed and right now Alexander was standing with Claudia at the entrance, or the West Gate of the City.

Previously when Claudia came out of the dungeon, Alexander had not been able to speak to her at that time, due to the heavy atmosphere she was wearing.

Her City had been attacked, and she was unable to protect it, one of the people she trusted the most betrayed her and tried to… raped her, also, he murdered her (Claudia’s) Husband, who was his (Grave’s) own son, half of the Women Knights she managed were dead in different places in the City, there were even some corpses of the girls who said they had been killed, but it wasn’t only Claudia, even Alexander was also feeling bad, that’s why he couldn’t imagine what Claudia was thinking… what I could do the most, was to treat her with Connection all the time to make her feel at least… a little better.

And Alexander didn’t notice it, but Claudia was grateful to him for his tenderness in granting her this type of important moral support, at a time especially like this.

Claudia did not delay long, knowing that they had to hurry, she just prayed silently for the souls of her subordinates, that they would not be in agony in the afterlife, no matter how terrifying their manner of death had been…

Then, she took his Sword, which was still in his office, and her Captain General’s mantle, then, nodded to Alexander and the two of them, in silence, went to one of the 4 openings of the extensive Wall that surrounded the entire City.

“Well, let’s stop for a moment.” Alexander said.

“Okay, Alex-san.”

“Can you explain to me a little simply where it is that specifically that this


Alexander asked, as the memories he had seen, while mentioning it, did not tell or showed its location.

“Hai, it’s straight down this road and halfway up the side of the big mountain present, to the left, it’s usually easy to know where the entrance is once you’ve gone there, but it’s also very easy not to notice it when you haven’t seen it for yourself.”

“I see, thank you very much, now…. Jip!”


Alexander suddenly carried Claudia like a Princess, only like a royal one.

“A-ano… Alex-san… w-what are you doing?”

Alexander saw Claudia, with her blushing face asked.


He stared for a few seconds at Claudia’s pretty face, a full-fledged and very mature Milf with the detail of her small mole under her eye, with a body almost even bigger in magnitude than Chaia, very huggable and soft to the touch, and Alexander just….

Unique Soul.

He had no choice but to resort to the most reliable… and yet poorest Ability in the entire Multiverse, to calm his Little Brother, who felt he was being called to the War…

Also, there was this feeling of guilt that he himself felt, since this woman had lost her Husband only a few moments ago…

“W-what happens…” Alexander averted his gaze and paused to continue, “…. It’s just that my speed is too great, so I wouldn’t want to leave you behind, and that’s why I carried you.”

Alexander spoke, but he didn’t even take into account for a moment that he could always carry her on his back, and apparently, Claudia didn’t realize this either…

“I-I see…”

Claudia replied a little nervously, as she had never been before… though she also felt a pang of guilt for being in the arms of another man… for while they were not “exactly” married, the relationship between Claudia Levantine and Klauss Curtis was a good one.

‘So this is what it feels like to be carried by a man, huh?’

Claudia also thought that she herself had never been held like this by a man, mainly because everyone respected her, or because just as her body was stronger than average, it was also a little heavier… even when Claudia herself made sure she had a good figure, also because Klauss had never tried…

And for Claudia this…

‘Not bad at all…’

She closed her eyes a little.

“Then, Claudia-sama, hold on tight.”

“Huh? What do you mean, Alex-…. saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…!”

Alexander started to run and Claudia’s voice kept getting smaller.

And smaller.

Until nothing more could be heard and the place was silent…


He even blew a slight air in the place…

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