IAIK Ch.92


A large low mountain could be seen at the intersection of the thin road at the site.

One of the sides to which the road led, directly, the one to the left, was lost further as it curved around the small but extensive mountain.

Claudia, followed by Alexander, headed towards that curve and then entered through an unseen path between the large rocks, it was somewhat narrow, but when they came out of there they finally saw what appeared to be the faces of a cave that continued further on, deep into the interior of the mountain.


There Alexander, and Claudia saw two Female Knights guarding the place at a glance quickly.

The Women Knights, in Alexander’s great view, drew their swords from their sheaths and were preparing to fight, until they seemed to recognize Claudia.

“Claudia… sama?”

“That voice…” Claudia mentioned, “Is that you, Beatrice?”


The two Women Knights sheathed their swords again, and ran into the dark place until they stood in front of Claudia’s sight.

Quickly their expressions lit up in a very emotional way, and they knelt down on their knees right there.

“Claudia-sama, good thing you’re safe, we thought there was… there was…!”



The first girl, the taller one, spoke with her head still in respect for her superior, but when she ran out of words, both girls, Women Knights of the army, began to cry a bit like little girls.

“Don’t kneel down now, I won’t be able to hug you.”

Claudia was also wet-eyed, she told the two girls, and seeing that they both stood up, she grabbed them both by their shoulders and hugged them tightly.

Alexander just watched all this happen with a smile.

After a while.

Claudia, Alexander, and the two girls who were on guard duty guarding the place, made their way through the surprisingly clean and elegant entrance, which had on the side walls glittering stones that glowed green and blue on the side walls.

Once they had walked a short distance, they could see a large part, or the main part of the cave.

To Alexander, when he entered, it seemed that this place definitely had to have been built by someone, or by some specific race, as it all looked, unlike the cave it was, like the front part of an antechamber.

The edges formed with stone, but maintaining an architectural form really resembling the one Alexander compared that it should be an antechamber like the one in the City where he used to live in his previous life.

Area of the Human.

13230 people were here, and the space did not seem small.

The surprise they all got, when they found out that the Knight Princess of their City was really alive, and that she had been rescued by the Hero, was no less than explosive.

The echoes of jubilant voices resounded loudly over there, and Claudia only laughed with her eyes a little moist at the sight, for these were her beloved citizens, who were completely safe from the tragedy.

Claudia also gave thanks to the Gods, because Margaret, a noble looking girl, with curly blonde hair and a toned body, but with all her curves where they belonged, her dearest and most prized subordinate, was safe too, and Margaret, well… she burst into tears comically as she saw that Claudia was in one piece.

‘They look like mother and daughter.’

Alexander saw them both hugging each other as they cried and thought that Claudia’s relationship with her subordinates was really good.

He also believed that this was all a bit due to the ‘Anime’ part, of this whole World.

A few more minutes passed, and right now Alexander found himself with Claudia, Margaret and several other Women Knights inside a large tent that had been erected.

The Women Knights there, no, the whole cave, no, even the large number of normal civilian women… looked with gratitude in their gazes at Alexander, for having saved Claudia… although it could also be that it was too much gratitude, since they didn’t take their eyes off him…

*Go-hon* “So, what happened after I…”

Claudia, a bit annoyed by the looks Alexander was getting, caught everyone’s attention and asked, though in the end her tone became somewhat weak.

“Hai, Claudia-sama, actually, we never knew what had happened with you… because shortly after I last saw you, the army that was marching towards the City was sighted… after that, everything was a mess.”

Claudia listened to this with a heavy expression on her face, but Margaret continued.

“The men from the Weapons Section, they opened the City Gate and killed the women that had stationed in that place…that’s when I realized that someone had betrayed Claudia-sama… and that it was most likely General Grave-sama…”

Margaret spoke as she gritted her teeth, and all the others joined her in the sentiment, because it was known that the Weapons Section in the City, was a small group of men who only followed Grave’s instructions, not even Claudia had her authority for those people, so it was all too clear.

“I led the entire rearguard troop, towards the Castle and it was completely empty… there was no trace of you, nor of…. that man, and the last thing I could think of was to order a retreat, unfortunately… Dina’s division, Anna, Velvet and June… had to stay behind to buy us time…”.

Saying this much, Margaret’s face grew sad as she spoke, and not only her, but Claudia as well, especially since she herself saw the corpses of those all those girls in the City.

“Because of the shortcut I knew personally beforehand, there was no need to worry about some search party would find us, so we fled this way with all the speed we could… that was it, Claudia-sama… now we were devising a plan to deal with the situation in which… the shelter is discovered.”


A heavy silence interrupted in the tent all around.

Alexander listened to everything Margaret had said, and nodded mentally as he and Claudia took this shortcut where he could see that he gained a significant amount of time when it came time to coming this way, too, it wasn’t a concern that anyone else knew about it or anything like that,

because only Claudia and Margaret knew about it, not even Grave was aware of such a path.


“… Eh?”

“But what is…?”


All the girls there present, felt very strange as they noticed how a very strange feeling went through their bodies, it was a very good thing, and it produced the same result as a warm blanket in winter season.

“Everyone, don’t worry, this is one of the Magics that Alex-sama can use, it’s something like… a Hero’s blessing.”

Claudia spoke as she calmly closed her eyes and concentrated on this most pleasurable feeling.

The girls’ eyes as they looked at Alexander, now seemed to sparkle, even, Margaret who was the closest to Alexander, blushed a little as the feeling was one that was especially strong for her, and also… something that could be quite addictive.

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