IAIK Ch.94


“… I really didn’t expect it.”

Claudia spoke in surprise once they had finished dinner, and she “adjusted,” to Alexander’s devilishly handsome face.

‘I thought he would be like Klauss, who had a noble bearing and a fine face, but his face… it’s simply too handsome…he almost looks like something divine…I think that more than for other things, it’s this face that makes him a Hero.’

“Well, that’s exactly why I’m wearing this mask.”

“That’s true, without the mask I’m afraid you’d cause a mess wherever you went, though for some reason…”

‘… I feel like I didn’t realize all this charm before until now.” Claudia

continued in her mind, but it was unnecessary, as Alexander did not overlook this.

“Ah, you must be referring to another one of my Abilities, I usually use it for this, it’s practically an Ability that makes my presence less visible.”

Claudia had been surprised again by something like this, thinking deep in her heart that Alexander’s Abilities were to be feared, and also understanding him completely.

“So, what I wanted to tell you.”

Alexander spoke seriously.

“Ahhh, yes.”

Claudia also changed her face with seriousness, only her mind was another story…

‘He’s looking at me with a face like this… my heart, my heart is pounding… uhh~’

Ignoring Claudia’s inner feelings, Alexander continued:

“Next, I’ll be rushing to the Capital, to protect them from Kuroinu, and hopefully, put an end to all this at the root… Are you all right, Claudia? Your face is a little red.”

“Hai, Alex-sama! N-n-it’s n-n-nothing, please continue.”

Claudia came out of her impure thoughts with a jerk, and then urged Alexander to continue, he saw this with hesitation all over his face, but still continued.

“… Ok, also, I wanted to apologize to you, Claudia.”

“Mn? What would you want to apologize for, Alex-sama?”

She literally had no idea why this was.

“If at that time I had arrived earlier I… maybe I could have saved your husband.”

Alexander said to Claudia as he thought that he sincerely wished he had arrived earlier at the dungeon.

Alexander, right now, couldn’t help but feel an ambiguously familiar feeling toward Claudia, for all the short but long time they had spent together, plus the fact that she was completely his type, she was very beautiful and very gifted… but…

She had been married, and even though her Husband had died recently, Alexander would not dare to have thoughts of a romantic nature towards her.

One thing that caused complicated feelings for Alexander, was that he wished her Husband was still alive, and also… at the same time, that he wished for himself to make this woman his own woman.

For that, among other things, he apologized to her.


Claudia spoke in a soft, motherly voice, getting Alexander to look at her.

“What happened… it wasn’t your fault, so you have nothing to apologize for, in any case, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for thinking that way, as I knew you would say something like that, it proves that I already

I know your character, you are a very kind person.”

Alexander looked at this woman, and did not understand much of what she said, as he is not, “completely”, kind-hearted, but in short… he does what he can and what he wants.

“Although I don’t think I’m like that myself, apart from that, there is something else I want to talk about with you.” Alexander said and then was silent for a while until he spoke again in a very serious voice, “Perhaps… if I were to tell you that in the future I could bring your Husband back to life, and supposing you would believe me, would you agree?”

Claudia, when she thought that she could not continue to be still further impressed concerning Alexander, heard what he said now and her eyes widened.

After a few seconds of shock, Claudia analyzed Alexander’s expression in detail, and noticed nothing unusual.

“Is it real… that?”

She asked.

Alexander nodded, “Not now, but in the future, I’m sure something like that would be possible.”


Claudia fell back in contemplation.

Alexander just waited for her as she stood in silence.

And after some time, Claudia spoke:

“I’m afraid, no, I wouldn’t allow something like that to happen.”


Alexander didn’t expect such a response.

“In the old stories I used to hear when I was little, there was a lot of talk about all kinds of stories of heroes and great wizards who could do unimaginable things… in those stories, too, the existence of the Gods was real, and so on, there were anecdotes of creatures summoned by the Dark Elves from far away places, there was even talk of the Resurrection. Only… even in the tales and stories themselves, resurrection was not something simply like bringing back to life, or of such a miraculous event as is believed… everything had a balance, I can’t help but notice that even in those children’s stories, this theme was too realistic… so I really don’t want to imagine what it would be like in reality. That’s why no, Alex-sama, I could not allow disturbing Klauss’ eternal rest, just to bring him back to earth.”

Claudia, with a long explanation, spoke to Alexander about what she believed.

“I see, you are right.”

Alexander nodded in understanding.



After talking about a topic as… strange as that, both Alexander and Claudia didn’t know what to say, prolonging the silence in the spacious tent.

“W-well, I think I should leave for the Capital already, now that it’s still the afternoon.”

Alexander tried to change the subject, though he had a slight twitch at first.

“That’s true, if it’s you, I don’t think it will be long before you reach the Fortress, besides, according to what Margaret had told me, Kuroinu’s army had reached this City from the South West, leaving possibilities that the original group shouldn’t have advanced that far.”

“That’s very good, by the way… I had ignored this until now but will you come with me?”

Alexander asked as he stood up from his seat and pulled his mask back up.

“What are you talking about, Alex-sama? Of course I’m coming too, as the commander of the Seventh Fortress troops, it’s my duty to be there.”


She spoke as if that was a fact, and smiled as she arched her spine, thrusting out her huge breasts proudly.


Only Alexander was sweating a bit because he didn’t know how those marvelous things could bounce off on the metal armor, though he himself wasn’t complaining…

Also, this jiggling of breasts had a hidden effect, as Alexander stared at them for a a good while, while Claudia saw this and only pulled them out even more.

“Look at me.”

Her excited face seemed to say, like a little girl wanting attention.

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