IAIK Ch.96



“You have my full permission, Claudia-sama.”


“One of the things I always carried on my conscience when I was alive was not being able to love you as my wife, but more as a friend, breaching my role as Husband.”


“Therefore, knowing that Alexander-san is a good person, you have my full permission to do as you wish, Claudia-sama, though I myself believe that you do not need my permission for this.”

“Is it okay for me to love another person, even when I’m supposed to be your, though for formality’s sake, your Wife?”

“As long as you are happy, Claudia-sama, it is not important who I love, but that I do, too, you know very well that that marriage was arranged by my father… and the nobles of his family for the honor of the family, one of my regrets is that I could not love you like a woman, and also that I never

stood up to my family to break up such a manipulated marriage as this.”


“Besides, my time on earth is over, now the important thing is what you will do in your life, the things you’ll see, the people you’ll meet, the person you’ll fall in love with, that’s the only thing that matters now.”

“Thank you, Klauss, I needed this, I needed to see you one more time before I made up my mind, really thank you so much.”

“No problem, Claudia-sama, I am pleased to help you, now I have to go back again to my eternal rest.”

“How is it over there?”

“Here, it’s… I don’t know how to say it, honestly, but it feels very good, it’s very different from the fire and demons I was expecting.”

“Well, I guess for tricking so many nobles in the Capital into buying products that were worth 10 times less, if you deserved hell, hahaha.”

“In selling, anything goes, that was my motto.”

“Goodbye, Klauss, I’ll be happy from now on, I’m sure… I’m sure that with Alex-sama I will be.”

“From here I will pray for your happiness, and the happiness of your family, your future Royal Husband and your children, Claudia-sama, only I’ll chase you to Hell if you ever buy something that costs more than it’s worth.”

“Hehehe, take it for granted, I never will, goodbye, Klauss.”

Claudia finished saying, and watched as Klauss’ silhouette disappeared into nothingness.

She then, wiping away her tears, laughed in a really very liberating way and turned around and turned away.

She knew she had to go somewhere, she knew that it was probably to wake up, but as she noticed a strong glow in front of her, she waited for the Light to dim a little to get a good look at what it was.

When she saw that familiar portrait, where she saw herself much more beautiful and mature, smiling, with two small children cuddled up to her, and the familiar figure of a red-haired man behind…

Claudia’s mouth opened wide in stupefaction and the tears flowed again, only this time, they were purely from joyful and irrepressible feelings…

Claudia slowly opened her eyes, as she looked at what was in front of her.

Alexander’s lower face and chest was what greeted her sight, and from what she saw, she knew Alexander was running with her at the moment.

‘Was that… a dream?’

Claudia looked at Alexander’s lower face with her big eyes.

‘But it felt so real… and also, I’m not used to dreaming, I hardly ever do, and when I do, I don’t even remember what it was I was dreaming about the next morning….. Was that a dream? Or was it a revelation…?’

She furrowed her eyebrows a little.

‘Definitely not a dream, that’s for sure!’

Claudia thought about how something like that was not particularly strange in this World, and even less so with those people close to her, since for example, Prim with her weird thing where she guesses someone’s personality if you caress her head or Celestine-sama with the future visions she has… made it very clear, the Princess Knights had different aspects in which they were special, unlike other people.

Then, Claudia noticed Alexander looking at her.

“Hello, good morning, did you sleep well?”


She replied with a smile, as she thought about telling Alexander about her dream or the revelation she had had, of course… only the first part.

Alexander then stopped his march, and stopped near a small spring that flowed through that area, while with Creation, he made things like toothpaste, toothbrush, a soap, and a white towel.

He explained to her how it worked or what the items were for, then Claudia with her eyes shining and after telling Alexander that she could not pass, she went to the creek at the end of the spring to wash herself and her hair, as the rest could be taken care of with Cleanse.

Alexander then created a simple pre-cooked breakfast, ready to eat, and even though his Dragon was telling him to look over there where Claudia was, Alexander ignored him as he sat in the Zen position.

More than 30 minutes passed, and as Alexander was about to launch Human Area, Claudia with a dazzling appearance and a big smile adorned on her face, appeared from the trees, wiping her hair.

“That was… That was amazing! This Soap is amazing! It smells so nice and fragrant! it’s also so foamy, thank you, Alex-sama for allowing me this!”

Alexander smiled and shook his head.

“Look, here’s breakfast.”


“Is there something wrong?”

“Alex-sama… your forest camping skills are immense.”

Alexander didn’t do much more than smile at Claudia’s earnestness, and then the two of them ate, with her praising the food.

While not what Alexander had hoped for, something like the orgasmic look on his Wives’ faces as they ate what he had prepared, he still counted on her simply liking it very much.

Now, once this was all over, and they were completely ready to leave again,

Alexander felt it was a good time to talk to Claudia about his Wives…

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