IAIK Ch.98


Without any other alternative, Alexander had plucked up the courage, and had begun to talk to Claudia about himself.

He started from the beginning that he was not from this World, that he possessed a great deal of Abilities and so on, even telling her about Asora.

Then, feeling that somehow it might mean a betrayal of Claudia’s trust if he did not say anything, he began to recount everything since he had arrived here.

He spoke, naturally and inevitably, of his women.

And particularly, who they were.

All the talk was over.

Yes, it is all over now, but…

The thing was, it had been over about 10 minutes ago, since then, Claudia had her head down and Alexander couldn’t see her expression.

Alexander really didn’t want to break Claudia’s trust in him, but even he didn’t know why it had taken him so long to tell her.

Although it wasn’t a matter of life and death, and Alexander certainly wasn’t nervous at all, he waited quietly for Claudia’s reaction.

Whatever it was, he would accept her.

By this time he knew that he was possibly in love with Claudia, because of his fickle personality on this side, but even though it would hurt him if Claudia were to leave him, he would take this decision to his chest, and carry it with him, berating himself for having missed the opportunity he had been given.

Alexander was prepared for anything.

Therefore, he waited patiently.

As Alexander waited for Claudia, she suddenly raised her head and looked at him.

“I apologize for staying silent like that, Alex-sama.”

She first bowed a little apologetically to Alexander.

“No need, I already told you I could wait an indefinite amount of time if this is what it’s all about.”

“Thank you very much, then… is this all true?”

Claudia looked straight into Alexander’s eyes, as if she wanted to excavate all the secrets that Alexander was keeping.

“It’s true, I wouldn’t lie about something like this.”

Alexander spoke seriously.

“…” Claudia stared at Alexander for a long period of time, until finally,

“Haaaaaaa~,” she made a big sigh with a shrug.

Alexander opened his eyes greatly.

“Aren’t you mad that I’ve kept this from you until now?”

Claudia shook her head.

“How could I, Alex-sama? It was simply that it was too much information to take in… first of all, just the fact that you are from another World, it’s enough to deeply stun me and not only that, but The Queen of the Dark Elves and her Right Hand are your Wives, again, not only that, but Alicia-chan, Prim-chan, Kaguya-chan, Maia-san are your Wives, too, and if that wasn’t enough…. Luu Luu-chan is your little sister…”

She spoke and even Alexander, who was somewhat dense, could tell.

“Are you jealous?”

“… N-n-n-n-n-no…”

Claudia’s face was very flushed, and she felt ashamed for acting like a little girl.

“Claudia, you should know one thing.”

Alexander said softly and Claudia, like a shy little lamb, looked up at him.

Alexander made a firm face, “I have no preferences about my women, of any kind. For me, all of them are my number 1, with you, it’s not going to be any different, although I still think I’m fickle in this regard, I’m a serious or dedicated person for that matter, I say this because each of the women in my life is a different ray of sunshine that dazzles me with her presence,

I can even say that in these almost two days, you have made me fall in love with you, that’s why, even if I have to fight against the whole world, I will still keep on doing it without stopping, that’s me.”

Claudia listened to Alexander speak with sincerity and honesty, causing a small flame to ignite in Claudia’s heart.


She blushed and was so embarrassed right now, that the cute expression she was making, emphasized the difference with her extremely sensual Milf persona, even, she would let out weird sounds from time to time.


Sasuke Uchiha’s Sharingan.

Alexander couldn’t help himself and as if by inertia, his Sharingan registered the image in front of him.

Claudia was only in a considerably unique state, in which she had disconnected from her body for a moment.

“I don’t think so.”

Claudia softly denied, now, after a few minutes since her Soul had almost touched the sky from Alexander’s compliments.

By now, the blush on her face was unimpeachable on her, at least, when she would be around Alexander.

“Are you absolutely sure, you don’t want to see them now?”

“No, it’s best we continue on to the Seventh Fortress, the Capital, and once there, then I wouldn’t mind meeting them, I also have a lot of doubts about this Asora and would like to visit it.”

Alexander nodded.

“No problem, everything of mine, is also yours.”



“I really like all these things you say, but I don’t think I can stay calm

this way, this is all quite new to me, it’s the first time I’m in love with

someone, and someone is in love with me…”

Alexander then noticed that Claudia was completely red, with a smile resembling a sun-like smile on her face, and nodded at what she said.

“I see, I’ll try to control it, it’s something that just comes out of me, since you’re too cute.”

Claudia was surprised and opened her eyes big.

‘C-c-c-c-c-c-cute me!!!’


“Then let’s go, I already picked up all-….. hey Claudia! Are you okay?! Hang in there! Claudia!”

The last thing Claudia saw, before she went into the richest, most loving, loving, perverted, lustful and shameful dream she’d ever had in her entire life, was Alexander’s worried face calling out to her repeatedly.

All her life, in her 29 years of life, no one had ever called her pretty, on the contrary, since her nickname was something like “Tomboy”, because of her taste for swords and combat.

And the icing on the cake was that when she was so good that she felt like she was floating, by talking a couple of things with Alexander, he called her cute.


Alexander was holding Claudia’s body, and the scene from afar looked rather grim and saddened.

“Claudia… please don’t die!”

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