IAIK Ch.99


Due to fainting because the compliment bar exceeded its endurance level, and went into critical levels, there was a slight interruption of one hour in Alexander and Claudia’s trip.

They were now moving along as usual, but the atmosphere around them, even without speaking, was slightly pink.

It was not yet terminal, because what little hearts had not yet begun to flutter.

After Claudia was calmer, she hurried Alexander, who was worried, to start the walk again.

She also explained to him that she did not want to see the other girls right now, for if she did, she knew they would spend a lot of time talking.

Alexander asked her why she wasn’t going to Asora, and Claudia said that she was needed to show Alexander where the Capital was, even though it was a straight line trip…

Of course, this was the reason for the surface, since she really wasn’t going to Asora, because she wanted to be in Alexander’s arms for as long as she could.

Unbeknownst to Claudia, she had reached a season in her life that could be called “Spring”.

Which made her want to be with Alexander all the time, and also to be more spoiled by him.

An extremely comfortable, relaxing and ticklish silence reigned between the two of them at this moment, putting big smiles on their faces.

Claudia had not forgotten that she was in the midst of her mourning for Klauss, for that reason and because they had to arrive as soon as possible to the Capital, it was that things between them had not gone to greater heights, and just to imagine that now was how she felt.

She could not stop imagining what would happen when her mourning was over.

Even, she believed that by night… possibly there would be no more Mourning.

She imagined Alexander completely naked on a bed, with a small sheet over him and a rose in his mouth…

‘What are you thinking! Claudia ecchi! Ecchi!’

And so, time passed.

“So this is the Capital? It’s much bigger than I thought!”

Alexander exclaimed as he saw the large City that could be seen from where he stood.

The City was a few kilometers long, and unlike the previous Fortresses that had a large Wall around it, this one was not quite like that.

A small wall, 3 meters high and 2.5 meters thick, was the only thing that completely surrounded the great City.

All along the wall, there were different fortifications for defense and other uses, including, in the main entrance, instead of a large gate, tall and wide as in the other fortresses, there was a great arched entrance that said “Welcome”, in a very colorful way.

It was usually in Japanese, as was the language that Alexander himself spoke, and this without even having studied Japanese or anything like that.

It was one thing to speak it, where you could understand a dialogue more easily, plus the fact that Alexander thought in Spanish and it came out in Japanese, but he could even read the strange characters, although he didn’t have the slightest idea of what they meant, that is, he could read them, but if you took away a sign and it formed something meaningless, Alexander didn’t understand anything.

And a curious point, was the fact that Alexander could write something in Spanish on a piece of paper, or even in English, and the person reading it would see it in his language. Or well, at least that’s how it is with his Wives.

Until this day, it was something that amazed him.

The City was divided into three great building sites, almost like 3 other smaller Cities, with the two smaller ones, a little behind the First, which was the largest, and was the largest Castle Alexander had seen so far.

As they viewed the landscape from a small mountain to the West side of the City, they could see perfectly inward, from a distant view.

They could even see the large number of different people moving all over the place, mainly carrying in front of them many Women in armor, almost as if they were leading the civilians or dealing in some strange formation. It was also not possible to see the large number of Carriages and so forth that Alexander himself had expected to see.

“Hai, this is the Capital of all Humanity in this World, I myself have traveled to a large number of places, even beyond the Border, but I absolutely had not seen anything like that.”


Alexander wasn’t fully listening to Claudia, as he had something else on his mind.

As he looked at the Castle that stood out very much in view.

‘It’s like a big replica of Olga’s Castle… this is a bit strange, maybe I should talk to her later.’


Suddenly, Claudia called out to Alexander.

“Mn? What’s wrong?”

Alexander had a question mark floating in his head.

Claudia: “…”

Alexander: “…”

Claudia, after giving Alexander a long look, began to speak, “… So far… you could say that you’ve made your w-w-women…. *Go-hon!* to each of the Princess Knights, for although Luu Luu-chan has this status of Little Sister, in the future she will be, as will I-I… *Go-hon!* that’s why…”

Saying up to here, Claudia’s face took on a suspicious expression.

“… You won’t do the same with Celestine-sama, will you?”

Alexander: “…”

“Because she’s a Reincarnated Goddess, and because she’s the figure that rules Humanity, isn’t she?”

Alexander: “…”

Claudia: “…”

One thing that by the vagaries of fate, not even Alexander or Claudia herself knew, either.

Alexander because he simply hadn’t had the opportunity, or Claudia because the ability to receive messages in her City was extremely low, not even coming through clearly, and she had not been able to read “all” of the message her Celestine-sama had sent…

… It was that they would definitely, later on, realize something very surprising and explosive…

In approximately, not too long.

And so, Alexander carried Claudia again, to head towards the great entrance in the South part of the City, or the middle and main area of the City.

Alexander already had Claudia in his arms and was ready to start moving, but…

At that moment…

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