IAIK Interlude 13

Interlude 13 The Daily Life in Asora (Part 2)

Alexander had recently gotten up, and since it was Maia and Kaguya’s turn, he had only slept with the two of them.

So he noticed two things, that his Boxers were right where he had put them, and that his penis wasn’t in anyone’s uterus…

You could say that these days were kind of weird for Alexander.

He quickly finished analyzing his Condition, put on his underwear, lightly activated Clean, and moved Kaguya’s hair, to kiss her forehead.


She smiled and then Alexander, pleased by her reaction, did the same to Maia.


The affectionate and delicate, almost childlike voice coming from Maia was so Moe that Alexander couldn’t help but gently pinch her nose.


Alexander was silent for a moment, as he thought about whether it was really necessary to rush out of the room so much.


He denied and continued to disturb his sleeping women.

In such a bright mood, it seemed that his happiness bar had been filled, he left the room and went to the bathroom.

He opened the door, and noticed Eleonora, dressed in just a white shirt, which obviously fit her tight, and nothing else on her body except for the necklace around her neck that read [Alexander], he could see Eleonora’s big red nipples through the fabric.

Alexander wanted very much right now to have a long talk (Hard Sex) with Eleonora right here, but he couldn’t do it because of 2 things, the agreement of no sex outside the Room, unless no one noticed, of course, a legal opening that was used so many times that it should seem worn out… and Aki, there was no telling when she might suddenly interrupt in the middle of the act between them.

In fact, Alexander even thought that Aki should have something like the Luck of the Protagonist’s Luck, only instead of serving to watch girls changing or undressing, it was to find him and his Wives having sex in close succession…


Alexander greeted Eleonora lightly, and kissed her forehead after touching her large and spongy buttocks of hers.


Eleonora was brushing her teeth and at best, she could only make a moan.

Alexander picked up his brush and started brushing his teeth as well.

After a little while, Alexander noticed a white, perfumed, soft and cute foot, which seemed to be looking for and playing with his own foot.

Eleonora had a playful expression on her face, and so did Alexander.

They began to play in all sorts of possible ways with her feet, and with a very adoring time with his masochistic Wife, Alexander finally finished brushing.

“I’m going ahead.”

Eleonora nodded at Alexander, a blush on her face, since somehow, Alexander had found a way to use Connection, and the feeling of Rebirth Hands, with his feet… so unlike Alexander, who It should be the one who must have been hot to see such a woman like that, it was Eleonora who had her juices coming out of her vagina, and the fact that he left her in this state gave her a strong pleasure.

Eleonora watched as Alexander left the bathroom, and then she continued to brush herself.

She took time with this sort of thing, and she liked to do it, as before she could only take different flavorings along with water, or only from brushing her teeth with an extremely coarse toothbrush, without even something like toothpaste.

Eleonora then while she was going about her business, she saw Alexander’s brush, and stared at it…

She stopped a move and stared at the toothbrush that Alexander had used and right now it was in a cup with details and Alexander’s name on it.


Eleonora, at that moment, extended her hand….

After the usual morning routine, and also some Taichi, Alexander went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for everyone, but he noticed Olga and Prim in the living room, who were discussing a topic with curious expressions.

Prim: “So really… Alex-sama never flirted with us?”

Olga: “I don’t know, as yes we have been very fiery, but of ‘flirting’ in general, I don’t think so, Anata has never said a compliment to us.”

Prim: “Oohh~”

Prim opened her mouth in surprise.

Alexander: “Hello, good morning, what are you guys talking about?”

Olga/Prim: “Anata/Alex-sama!”

They smiled like loving Wives greeting their Husband, although that was just what they were…

Olga: “Good morning, Anata~ My uterus felt very lonely this morning~”

Olga greeted Alexander and then moaned as she caressed her stomach, in a voice that was extremely sensual and seductive.

Alexander: “…”

Unique Soul.

Prim: “Alex-sama, good morning! Are you by any chance bad with compliments?”

Alexander: “Compliments?”

Prim: “Hai, me and Olga-sama were thinking that you never actually flirted with us.”

Alexander: “… Not that… can it be?”

In all of Alexander’s memories, he hadn’t actually flirted with Olga or Prim


Alexander: “That can’t go on like that, Olga, Prim, I’ll flirt with you right now!”

Prim/Olga: “~Hai~”

The two of them blushed like maidens in love, as they nodded their heads so quickly that you couldn’t see the movement well, and anticipation grew in their hearts.

Alexander: “Here I come…”

Olga and Prim became a little nervous, but extremely excited, as they saw Alexander’s serious face.

Alexander: “Love may be blind, but you guys make my eyes bright.”

He said with a confident smile.

Olga: “…”

Prim: “…”

Alexander: “If I were an airplane, and you were my airport, I would land every day on your bodies.”

Olga: “…”

Prim: “…”

Alexander sweated a little, because Olga’s and Prim’s faces looked very still.

Prim: “The road of seduction is a long one, isn’t it…”

She said with a faraway, helpless look.


Alexander dropped to his knees as he felt the impact of an arrow in his knee.

Olga: “Isn’t that saying we’re flat? It doesn’t affect us, but Alicia-chan might find it offensive.”

Olga also had a helpless look on her face.


Another even harder arrow hit Alexander’s knee hard, with sound effects and everything.

Alexander grabbed onto the couch, shaking, and headed for the kitchen, grabbing at everything on the way, with his legs slack-legged.

After Alexander hardly left, in the next few seconds, Prim’s body began to turn completely red, from her feet to the tip of her stifle, and she held her

chest while the “DokiDokiDokiDoki!” was very loud there.

She looked over to Olga and saw her also with flushed skin, holding her cheeks with her eyes a little wet, and coincidentally, she also looked at Prim.


They looked at each other and nodded tacitly.

They definitely couldn’t tell anyone that such mean compliments made them like this.

This was their little secret.

And when this was going on like this in the living room, Alexander was still shivering from time to time in the kitchen…

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