IAIK Ch.101


After the whole city learned of the arrival of its Hero, all kinds of mobilizations and other activities were stopped, so that everyone went to the side of the main road where on the edge, and all the 900 meters from the entrance to the Castle, were located both women and men equally

both women knights and men alike.

Civilians watched eagerly from the fence made by the militants, and what appeared to be mostly nobles, watched from some specific special places, such as some seats in the haciendas that overlooked the road, different elevated places and so on.

Also, the pace at which people were arriving only grew, making everything even more crowded, and this was regardless of the great diversity of people or social status here.

As for example, apart from normal people,it was also possible to see different Halflings race, of various magical beasts, such as half reptilian, half cat, or even people who were apparently more beast than human, because of the large fur that covered their entire body. Alexander was impressed by this, since in the previous Fortresses he had seen something like this, but not in such a large number as now.

‘So this is the Capital of this World, eh?’

For a World, which exists in parallel to a Hentai Anime, Alexander suddenly had deep thoughts about it, which lasted for a short time.

Also, he was sweating because of how flashy this was, especially with so many people crowded in to see it, but after a resigned sigh, he walked side-by-side with Claudia, with the group of the 20 excited Women Knights behind.

“Hey, Claudia-san, isn’t this too flashy?” Alexander spoke softly.

“Hehehe, isn’t it, Alex-sama, it turns out that no one had ever seen a Hero before, so something like this is inevitable.”

Claudia also replied quietly, though she seemed to be quite amused by the situation.


Alexander sighed again, and remembered the saying that went “Every time you sigh, you lose a little bit of happiness,” and if this was what it was about, then he believed he would be the most depressed person in the World right now.

He continued to walk a bit, as he listened to the shouts and voices of the people around him.

“Hero-sama is so handsome!”

“Mamm, is that heoe-sama~?”

“I’ll start making a sculpture right now!”

Alexander laughed a little at the audience’s reaction, and thought that this was not unpleasant, even though he didn’t like being the center of attention.

Human Area.

Alexander analyzed and closed his eyes for a small moment, and realized that a large portion of the population of this City, was here on the sides of this main road, just that unfortunately, it was a little more than half, or at least, of the entire area covered by his Ability.

He noticed that no one here seemed strange, and had no emotions with which Alexander had branded the Kuroinu’s people, or who worked with them.

It was decided that later, he would focus on fully analyzing the City, from end to end looking for anyone who was allied with Kuroinu.

This is what he thought as he and the others, Claudia and the Knights, continued to walk at a normal pace.

Eventually, they had walked almost a quarter of the not so short, not so long stretch.

“Hmm, that person on the Castle balcony is…?”

“Oh, you must mean Celestine-sama, she’ll greet you properly from closer, though I’m still surprised you can see her from here, sigh…”

Alexander felt doubts, for the said Reincarnated Goddess of this World, and also for the most prominent Milf here, so he concentrated on his vision, and looked closer, while he waved slightly with his hand, simply by chance.


He sweated a little, put his hand on his forehead for a while, shook his head, and looked again.


Yes, he definitely sweated some more.

“Hm, Claudia?”

“Yes, Alex-sama?”

“… How to say this… I saw Celestine-sama looked at me through a telescope, or something, and fainted.”

Claudia: “…”

Alexander: “…”

“Moo, w-what are you talking about, Alexander-san? That must be a mistake or something, there’s no way for that to happen.” Claudia spoke to Alexander as if he was joking, and with a reproachful tone.

“It’s okay.”

Alexander said.

Minuscule Creation.

He reached into his shirt, and pulled a telescope out of there, when in fact he had created it, since it that although it wasn’t necessary for Alexander’s vision, at least it gave more security, and then he looked out onto the balcony of the castle.

“Huh!” Claudia knew about all of Alexander’s powers, but she was still surprised to see him take out something like that out of his shirt pocket.

“… Yep, Celestine-sama fainted, and the maidservants look like scrambled ants because of that…”

Alexander spoke still looking through the telescope.

Claudia: “…”

This time, she was the one who started sweating.

Alexander: “…”

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