IAIK Ch.102


Today, Celestine Lucross suddenly had an unexpected future vision.

For the visions she wanted to see, and to keep repeating, in the way she wished, were those that she had already witnessed, this did not happen when she was a complete newcomer.

Long before she had a vision where she did various things that she had never thought of doing with someone she had never met…

Celestine’s visions consisted only of unclear bits and pieces of an imminent catastrophe that would befall all of Eos.

She was always thinking about and going over these visions, trying to find some clue as to what had provoked such a situation, or where it would happen.

She did not see much more than areas of what she believed belonged to the Fortresses of the country, including this Capital itself, and the large number of corpses found there.

Again, rather than something visible, it was the very dark and depraved feeling that these visions had… that alerted her in a very loud way.

Of course, this had been going on for who knows how many years, until one day, in her garden, she had seen that sublime scene which seemed to be drawn from some place in her mind of which she was not aware of…

Not only that, but the quality of this vision itself, was no less than 4K.

Celestine knew, clearly, of the relationships and pairings of the sexes of all races, and also, how babies were created.

But to see herself doing something so surprising and embarrassing, with a man so handsome that he looked like some kind of God…

It was a point Celestine couldn’t stand and her little, wise, but childish head went completely red, with steam coming out of it.

Which is why, the first 123 times she tried to see the vision… she didn’t make it to the 25th minute until she didn’t fainted.

She recalls that she had never used her Magic so repetitively, in her long hundreds and hundreds of years of life, even the Magic ability grew a bit and all….

Which caused, in someone like her, who didn’t even know how to “satisfy” herself, an infatuation that substituted the desire to “satisfy” herself, which the vision itself provoked in her…

Leaving this more unbelievable fact aside, she also began to see different visions that she had never seen before, only of a more peaceful, even joyful, nature, one might say.

And in all of them, there was the man who had moved her so much… in so many ways…

So Celestine, upon receiving a report from the Second Fortress, the most secluded of them all, saying that a Hero named Alexander Smith-san had saved the First Fortress, and was on his way to the others to stop the attacks that had just begun, as well as hearing his unique characteristics, Celestine realized “who” it was.

But not only this message had surprised her, but also the one that said that the Capital of the Dark Elves had been attacked and destroyed, the surprise was so great, that it almost made Celestine’s Soul return to Heaven.

Only she did not return there, because of the following message.

The Hero had made the last Dark Elves, Queen Olga Discord and her Right Hand, Chloe… his wives, and they too took part in the action to save the First Fortress, being accepted by the citizens there, even.

Celestine felt instantly jealous to such a great level, despising other emotions she had inside her, such as sadness for what happened to the Dark Elves… that she herself, without realizing it… had spent a whole day pouting!

And not only that, no, not at all….

She even refused to drink the healthy breakfast concoction she never failed to drink, in rebellion!

But also, last of all…

Celestine was so angry, blinded with Divine anger…

… She knocked over a chair with a tap!

After picking up the chair upon realizing the barbarity she had committed, Celestine began to mobilise in earnest to warn everyone of the situation.

“A Hero rose to defend Eos from the Kuroinu Mercenary Army.”

“The Dark Elves are good people, together with the Hero they have helped save the First Fortress.”

“The War with the Dark Elves is over, they are now our allies.”

It was not these messages themselves that were broadcast throughout the great Capital, but the intentions behind them were the same.

And indeed, the results were much better than expected.

Although it was mainly due to the great period of peace that the Capital, or the Seventh Fortress, had, in its lifetime…

The general consensus towards the ending of the War against the Dark Elves, or the fact that even now they were allies…

They were things that put Celestine, in such a joyful mood that she cried for a while, releasing pent up emotions for a great, great deal of time, and for only reasons that she herself knew.

Today in the vision, Celestine saw that the Hero, Alexander Smith-sama, had completed the salvation of each and every one of the previous Fortresses, and was on his way here, no more than a few hours from


So Celestine, still wearing the “pyjamas” of this world, mobilized the entire castle and, soon, mobilized the entire castle.

Not only preparing the Hero’s Arrival, but also deploying the Militant Forces in order to prepare a contingency plan for the Kuroinu’s nefarious attack, which, sadly, was also marching here,

Afterwards, Celestine was extremely nervous, so much so that out of a whole closet of similar dresses, she didn’t know which one to wear to meet her…. Hero.

With so much time of indecision, Celestine had to turn to the most reliable Woman in all of Eos, no, of all the World, Sylphy-chan, clutching her legs as she cried.

A gesture that seemed to be seen as National or something.

And after a few minutes, she was ready and dressed in a better way than she had ever been.

She was also, little by little, getting calmer.



The Notice of the Hero’s arrival, made her just as nervous as before…

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