IAIK Interlude 14

Interlude 14 A Little Demon’s Story (Part 1)

(Little Demon, John-POV)

My name is John, but actually, I gave myself my own name when I broke away from the group on my own and left the home where the Demons live, there, I called myself Cenas.

So, although my father would not accept it, I secretly called myself John Cenas.

The reason why I left there was because… to be honest, I’m not evil.

I don’t like to kill people and eat them, or to rape women of other species…

I know for a fact that demons do that only because the females of our race are very ugly.

Anyway, in my 11th year of life, I left there wrapped in a cloak, without looking back.

My stature is a heroic 4 feet tall, which is naturally taller than a full grown adult of my people, plus I was always stronger than normal.

Because of this, I had hoped to survive anywhere.

As long as I avoided slaughter, or blood, I would be fine.

I don’t know how people my race can eat the flesh of other living beings….


Without even preparing them or anything….

That’s too gore.

I’m not like that.

I always eat rocks, branches, and grass whenever I can.

But not flowers or plants, those are living things.

Actually, everything is going very well in my life.

I’m living quietly in a forest far away from my hometown, on a mountain. It is a cozy place, I even made friends with Undertaker-sama, an Elder Bear from there, and the oldest and biggest of the whole bear herd.

Although at first when they noticed me, they almost ate me, I talked with them about life, about problems, about the future, about everything, and I realized that the Bears were very wise.

It didn’t take me long to realize something…

To tell the truth, Undertaker-sama, a being that if he were a human would be 70 years old, was the leader of the herd, but he always looked very beaten up.

Or very sad, or with injuries.

I didn’t know why this was and when I asked him, he looked to the far west, and answered me with a tone that exhaled experience:

“The truth, John-kun, is that the biggest mistake of this Bear’s life, was not to eat every dwarf or half-dwarf he saw on the road… in those moments, when I saw them, I let myself be carried away by the food they gave me to save themselves, and let them go free… the biggest mistake in this Bear’s life was that…”


I couldn’t see Undertaker-sama’s face because he was facing the Sun, but even I had my eyes wet as I felt such a noble being as Undertaker-sama, crying.

“So… every day of this World, for 20 years… I’ve been regretting my idiocy from when I was young, fighting with the devil, who came looking for me every morning…”

I didn’t understand anything Undertaker-sama said, but the somber tone in which he spoke, expressed that everything was serious, very serious.

“You know what happens, that I’m never around in the mornings, and that when I show up I’m injured, John-kun?”

I shook my head quickly.

“I have to be the big tree at the bottom of the mountain, for the devil to pick me up, and to fight with him, day after day…”

I could feel such a heartbreaking feeling at that moment, that I asked Undertakersama:

“B-but, Undertaker-sama, excuse my boldness, why is it that you have to be there to waiting for that devil every morning, and why is it that he has to fight? That’s… that’s unfair!”

Then, I saw Undertaker-sama put his paw on my head, and smiled at me.

“You’re a good boy, aren’t you, John-kun? I still feel like I haven’t apologized enough to you, for the first time I saw you, having seen you for breakfast, I’m sorry, John-kun.”

“No, that doesn’t matter, Undertaker-sama.” No. way could he blame this great Bear, the best Bear of all.

“Truth be told, John-kun, if I’m not there in the morning…then the devil comes looking for me in the cave, in front of my family and clan, and takes me there, to fight for longer. If I am not in the mountain, the devil somehow can always find me with some kind of strange magic, and takes me there… to fight for longer, and I remember… Once I went to the border, having talked to my friend and almost my brother, Kane El Coyote, and he took me over to the other side quietly, near the Blue Wolf Territory. Do you know what happened then, John-kun?”


“N-no.” He was extremely nervous.

“The devil found me, dragged me here, and made me fight for 3 whole days, not even when I cried, he didn’t stop… At that moment, I decided not to run anymore, and accept my fate.”

“I-It can’t… be…” What I was hearing was something so extraordinary and terrifying, that I was trembling.

“Lately, John-kun, I’ve been thinking a lot about this cliff.”

The boss stood near the cliff, and I couldn’t see his face, but suddenly he turned around and his face had an expression of madness on it.

“I mean, wouldn’t it be cool to fall off this cliff? It would be fun, hehehehehehe.”

The broken, demented laughter he was letting out at this moment was one that chilled my blood.

“Undertaker-sama, that can’t happen! What about your family, and your clan, and everyone who depends on you?”

After listening to me, he seemed to come to his senses a little.

“It’s true, even if I’m so wounded that I can’t fight…still the devil can heal my wounds, you’re right, John-kun,” he said.

‘But… the family…’

“That’s good, Undertaker-sama.” That was all I could say.

“That’s why, John-kun, if it’s okay with you, I’ll give you my daughter, who I know you’ve had your eye on, if you will disguise yourself as me tomorrow and fight the devil.”


The truth shocked me to my very core, both the fact that Undertaker-sama knows what I think of his daughter, as well as that he is going to give her to me.

I made up my mind, and both for her, and for Undertaker-sama, I said:

“Okay, Undertaker-sama, I accept it.”

“I see, that’s good, John-kun.”

Undertaker-sama put his paw on my head, and smiled.

I, seeing something like that, promised myself that I would definitely fight the devil tomorrow, since however bad or depraved her butt is-…that is!

…Relief from Undertaker-sama, it’s something I’d get for all the ass-…that is!

… It’s something I would get by any means available.

The next day came, and with everything ready, indeed, on that morning…

I saw the devil before my eyes…

And after that…

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