IAIK Ch.104


Alexander had chosen this particular Kuroinu World to reincarnate, mainly because of the character of Olga Discordia.

But, he himself knew in his subconscious, that he also did it for Celestine Lucross.

And it was not something that was wrong.

The same feeling Alexander had when he looked into Olga’s eyes for the first time, he had it when he looked at Celestine.

A short time had passed, after that mystical moment, and now Alexander had been welcomed into the City by Celestine, who after “that”, acted relatively more normally.

She still blushed when she looked at Alexander, but when she didn’t, her demeanor was that of a very dignified person, and her character benevolent.

The nobles, the maidservants, the commoners, the men there, everyone approached Alexander, asking questions of all kinds, to which Alexander answered what he could.

And after that, Alexander showed his masked face on the balcony of the Castle, achieving a great shout of jubilation from all the citizens.

Still more after that, Alexander, Claudia and Celestine, were sitting in her personal room, in silence.

“So… Are you really a Reincarnated Goddess?”

In Alexander’s attempt to remove that cursed silence, he spoke, which he succeeded in doing.

“Hai, Alex-sama, I was originally a Goddess of Nature, in my previous life, but I reincarnated into this body, and since then, it’s been like this.”

Celestine responded with a graceful smile, different from what one would expect considering how nervous she was previously.

“Actually, it’s kind of amazing that that’s possible.”

Claudia was also dumbfounded by something like that.

“By the way…” Celestine mentioned, managing to catch Alexander and Claudia’s attention, “Have you two known each other for a long time?”

Celestine asked, and her cheeks were a little puffy. Which Alexander thought was extremely cute, to the point that his hand almost went to pinch those cheeks.

“Haaa, Celestine-sama, I’d better tell you what happened to me…”

Alexander nodded and a somewhat unsure Celestine, also nodded to what Claudia said.

“I’m completely speechless…”

Claudia told everything that had happened to her, to Celestine-sama in detail, lots of detail. The part of what had happened in the Sixth Fortress had been a sad moment of the talk, but afterwards there were also moments of happiness, or that merited celebration…

Like for example, that even though her Husband had died, she was practically already engaged to Alexander.

She happily explained to her the reason, the manner, and everything else of how such a thing had happened, and only Alexander was aware of the grimaces Celestine was making.

“I’m really sorry about your Husband, Claudia-chan, and also… (ugh), congratulations on being with Alex-sama.”

“Thank you! It means a lot to me coming from you, Celestine-sama!”


Alexander couldn’t help but laugh a little at the faces Celestine was making, almost like she was eating a bug or something, unlike Claudia, who was very excited.


Alexander called out to her as he realized something.

“Hai, Alex-sama?” She answered him with a smile so big it looked like a flower opening its petals.

“… I have a vague feeling… that you already knew of my presence in this World, or that you already knew of me?”

Celestine wrinkled her eyebrows slightly as she noticed Alexander calling her too formally, but then she spoke normally, “The truth, Alex-sama, is that my visions of a possible future have been the same since more than… *Go-hon* for a long time now, but it all changed one day when I had a completely d-different vision…”

Alexander watched as Celestine blushed too much, and her delicate white skin was full of a red tinge, this lasted for a few seconds, and then she continued:

“I mean, I know about you, Alex-sama, because I had already seen something that would be possible to happen in the future, up to that moment… the only thing I had seen about the future of the nation was death and destruction over all the Fortresses… but I didn’t know how or when… something like that would happen. For that, I want to thank you personally, Alex-sama, for doing something like this for Eos, too… please don’t treat me with formality, just call me by my name, I’d be happy if you would.”

Celestine spoke slowly and slowly, and her face contracted as she spoke of her earlier visions, then, she bowed to thank Alexander, and at last looked up at him with a smile, when she asked Alexander to treat her differently.

“All right, Celestine, too, I really only do what I can and what I want, no more, and no less.” Alexander smiled as he spoke.

“Hai~ Alex-sama.” Celestine seemed to glow a little as she replied.


Claudia looked at all of this, a bit quizzical. She already knew that Celestine-sama’s behavior was quite strange ever since she saw her in the Main Hall, and it was getting stranger still.

But, Claudia herself could not hit on the strange point, since even she herself was not remarkably good at reading other people, when she even had trouble expressing this part, well.


Alexander called back.

“Hai, Alex-sama?” as if the scene from before were repeating itself, Celestine responded with a smile so big she couldn’t fit on her beautiful face.

“I need you to stay still for a moment, there’s something I wish to check.”

“Hai~ Alex-sama, I’m happy to!”

Claudia: “?”

Alexander looked in Celestine’s direction and mentally said: ‘Status.’

[*Name: Celestine Lucross.

Race: Divine Spirit, High-Elf.

Job: Guide, Healer.

Vitality: 6990.

Strength: 2.

Magic: 96/96.]

‘Haaa, I see, just like Olga, the Skills she had mastered, or the Magic she could do, are not shown, this is normal taking into account that the analysis mainly looks much more on the physical… Divine Spirit, I imagine this is what she really is, even if she has reincarnated in a body, she is still “Divine”, the states of her body are normal, and HighElf… the truth is I was more used to seeing this in English, well, I guess that’s not relevant now.’

Alexander was pondering with a serious and concentrated look, which caused two things.

First, that Claudia would just stare at him, her cheeks filling with red, since the face Alexander was making right now was particularly deadly to women.

Second, at Celestine…

‘Uahhhh~~ He’s looking at me so close~~ I can’t, I can’t~~~ Ahnnnn~~!’

She was in a mess both in her mind and in her body….

“I see, thank you Celestine, sorry… for… the… inconvenience…”

Alexander blinked, and awoke from his trance as he thanked Celestine, only when he looked in her direction…

She was with a heavy blush on her face, her eyes and expression faint, her pretty, pure elfin ears had likewise a little red at the tip, her giant breasts were moving back and forth following her hot, gasping breath, a small, but wide pink dot could be seen on the thin white cloth that “covered” a very narrow part of the circumference of the entire large mass of his chest…

Seeing something like that, at that moment…

There was something strange to see in Alexander…

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