IAIK Ch.105


Sharingan of Sasuke Uchiha.

Unique Soul.

The Abilities, as if they had consciousness of their own were activated and Alexander recorded the image before him in his Eternal Memory.


His Dragon seemed superb to extremely surprising levels, and roared in a way that made the void itself tremble.




The Dragon was fiercely fighting against the barrier (Sole Soul) that was not allowing it to pass through to the next level of Cultivation.



He charged all the energy he had at the last chance and powerfully unleashed it all on the barrier with a clash of catalytic readings that unbelievably… broke.

Alexander came out of his stupor and put his hands on his lower garments due to the huge erection he had at this moment.

Claudia and Celestine also reacted and both lowered their heads in a similar manner for having been lost in thought like that, ignoring what was happening to Alexander.


The silence lasted for a little while, and even Alexander was already “normal”, again.

“Haaa” Alexander sighed, “Sorry about that, I didn’t mean to provoke anything strange.”

“No, Alex-sama, it’s me who should apologize for something like that, you’re not at fault at all.”

Celestine bowed her head.

“I have a doubt, Alex-sama.”

“Yes?” Alexander looked towards Claudia, who seemed to be thinking about something in depth.

“The truth is that I have enough desire to talk to the other girls, and I also understand that there may be topics of conversation that both of you would like to talk about in private, so, why don’t you…?”

“But are you sure, Claudia?” Alexander asked rather surprised by this request from Claudia.

“Yes, I miss the girls enough, anyway something like that would be very interesting, in that Asora, and also… haaa.”

Claudia spoke in her soft, motherly voice, looking up at Alexander, but at the last moment in a very suggestive way, as if she had realized something, she turned toward Celestine and let out a sigh with a smile.

“I see, wait a moment.”

Celestine didn’t know what was going on, but she saw Claudia as someone who looked at Jesus Christ noticing that she wanted to let her talk to Alexander alone.

Then, both Celestine and Claudia, saw that Alexander went to a corner of the expansive Royal room, and after taking a small object out of his pocket, he put it to his ear and started to conversation for a few moments.

Celestine/Claudia: “?”

Neither of them knew what Alexander was doing, and just waited.

Even after a while, they were surprised beyond measure, because they almost seemed to see a little pink heart popping out of the small object.

Also, after he put the object back into his clothes, he stood there thinking for a moment.

Alexander ended the phone call, mulled over something and walked over to the table.

“Ok, all set, now Claudia, stand close to me.”

Claudia, though she was very hesitant, got up and walked over to Alexander’s side.

“Okay, see you later, Claudia.” Alexander affectionately kissed Claudia’s forehead, and just as she was beginning to react extremely surprised, she disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Celestine was about to pout at the sight of such a scene, but Claudia’s disappearance stunned her.

“W-what just happened…?”

“Oh, you don’t have to worry, Celestine, I just sent Claudia into my pocket world, so she could be seen with the others.”

“Oh, I see, so that’s how it is~” Celestine laughed a little and accepted it all normally.

“…” Even Alexander sweated a drop at how easily Celestine believed him.

“Also, I have a question, Alex-sama.”

“Ask me anything you want, Celestine, I’ll answer it if I can.”

“Hehehe~ I see, that makes me very happy… and I was just wondering about that “World” you’ve mentioned twice… Is it something to do with your power, or where you come from, Alex-sama?”

“How to say this… I suppose I should start telling you everything, first of all, Celestine, you should know that I am not from this World.”

Celestine bowed her head, “What do you mean, Alex-sama?”

“Well, you see…”

Alexander, as he had done with Claudia, talked about everything with Celestine.

From the beginning, right up to now.

Most of the time, Celestine’s reaction was of a very cute pout, or of just opening her mouth in surprise.

Alexander also didn’t miss Celestine’s reaction when he told her about Olga and Chloe.

The almost one-sided talk lasted approximately 40 minutes.

“So… what do you think about all this?” Alexander asked.

“I’m just… just… I’m happy… I’m very happy…”

Celestine’s green eyes became moist, and they began to drop drops and drops as her expression was one of happiness. But unlike how she used to act in front of Alexander so far, she had at this moment the “other”, part of her own personality, the one that was the Ruler of the Nation.

“Are you all right, Celestine?” Alexander asked her gently as he lightly wiped away Celestine’s tears with his hand, as they were sitting a short distance apart.

“Alex-sama… Alex-sama…”

She looked pointedly towards Alexander as she smiled.

“Alex-sama… may I ask you to remove your mask?” Celestine asked making a face that at this moment was particularly deadly to Alexander.

Alexander did not speak, but nodded unmistakably, and then in a simple manner, removed the mask, while smiling at Celestine.

“Alex-sama… Alex-sama…” Unlike what Alexander thought, it was no more than a smile stronger Celestine’s response as she fully saw his face, while repeating his name.

Alexander’s response to this was only a few pats, which were interrupted not long after he started…

“~~Alex-sama Alex-sama Alex-sama Alex-sama Alex-sama~!”

Celestine pounced on Alexander and though surprised, he just held her tightly in his embrace.

“~Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you~ ~For everything, for saving those girls, for saving my people, for being here~ ~And also, and also… and also for saving Olga-oneesama~”

“Olga-oneesama-…? Hmnn” Alexander was greatly surprised by what she had said.

Celestine jumped from his chest, and before he fully understood, he was even more surprised because Celestine suddenly kissed him with a swift movement…

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