IAIK Ch.107



God Yang Body.

Alexander walked with Celestine in his arms, a short distance to the large Royal bed, there he noticed that Celestine was sniffing strongly at his chest, and although he was a little dazed, he still smiled and put her kindly on the bed.

“Now… relax.”

“Hai.” Celestine replied in almost a whisper, as her hot breath hitched a little.

She knew that from now on she would experiment with her body, what she had seen in those amazing visions…

Celestine, just like every time she witnessed it, had a very, extremely very ticklish and pleasant feeling running through her whole body, and the anticipation in her soul right now was such, that she noticed that the tip of her gigantic udders, that is, her breasts, were very erect and at the bottom of her crotch felt very wet.


Alexander originally intended to go straight to oral, but he saw that Celestine’s body was trembling too much with excitement, plus the lines of love fluid dripping from her white thighs showed that she was more than ready.

Alexander shook his head and still looked Celestine in her green eyes.

“Now, I will take care of you.”

Celestine smiled like a flower opening its petals, and nodded while her weak intoxicated gaze was still on Alexander, he himself stared longer than usual into those eyes, but then continued the work.

Carefully, and gently, he “undressed”Celestine, slowly stripping her of all her “clothes” and items that would disturb what was about to happen.

Celestine felt a warm, and safe, energy envelop her as Alexander removed her gold crown and small vines from her head, gently took the garments she brought and opened them so that she would be naked with the clothes underneath and at her sides, Celestine felt shivers run down her spine with Alexander’s pleasurable rubs and he just smiled as he saw still more juices dripping from her white delicate pussy, he removed everything and everything she had on her body, except in item about her neck, which Celestine seeing Alexander stop for this, she removed it herself in one simple movement.

“… You are beautiful, Celestine, I am lucky on my side to have a woman like you.”

He looked at Celestine completely naked on the bed, and couldn’t help but speak as he looked into her eyes with sincerity.

Celestine’s whole body was made to look like the epitome of beauty and elegance, she also had those massive breasts and hip so large that Alexander couldn’t look away, they were not only large but also white, pale of a healthy color, like the purest milk in this World, her curves were death traps for each and every man, and if that wasn’t enough, the attractiveness of Celestine’s face was immeasurable, even more so, now that she was completely flushed and with a look that seemed to want to melt with himself. ..

Alexander, at that moment, had to admit that apart from Olga, Celestine was the most beautiful woman his eyes had ever seen.

“~Alex-sama~” Celestine, felt her heart fail as she saw the look Alexander was looking at her with, she couldn’t breathe for a few moments and she began to sob a little…

Alexander seemed stupefied by this, and so instead of doing anything else, he just stroked Celestine’s face as he wiped away her tears little by little, hoping that she would feel better with Connection working quickly.

After a few minutes, Celestine finished sobbing and hugged Alexander tightly.

“…” Alexander still hadn’t lost the urge, and right now he wanted to take Celestine down and give her a lot of pleasure, but he controlled himself because emotions were different right now.

“Alex-sama…” Celestine hugged Alexander even tighter, “Alex-sama…”

Her fingers sank into Alexander’s clothes, as she apparently wanted him to become one with her.

Then, Celestine raised her head and looked at Alexander, “Please… never leave me…”

She, Celestine Lucross, a Reincarnated Goddess and ruler of all remaining Humanity in this World, begged Alexander in such a subservient manner that she looked like a slave begging her Owner.

Alexander, furrowed his eyebrows slightly.

“I will do whatever it takes… no matter what, but please don’t abandon me… I crave your shelter in this cold eternity…”

She continued to beg, looking into Alexander’s eyes.

Alexander didn’t understand what Celestine was saying very well, but he smiled, then put his finger above Celestine’s red, seductive lips.

She was a little stunned by this, but watched helplessly.

“Celestine, you are my wife.” Alexander spoke to her, looking straight into her eyes, Celestine felt that those very deep blue eyes looking at her, could see so far into her being in a way that even she herself did not know, and contrary to what would be expected, nothing but the intangible warmth that surrounded her soul and comfort, was the reaction of her existence to this gaze of this man who seemed more like a God than a man.

“You are my woman. Nothing else has to worry you now, you are my woman, it’s too late to escape.” Alexander spoke and at first he sounded extremely solemn, but in the end it was more like amusement as he looked at Celestine.

“…” Celestine couldn’t speak, she was at a loss for words.

“I don’t know what you think or what ails you right now, but you must not worry in vain anymore, you are my wife, your very fate, your destiny, your luck, it was all plucked by me.”

Alexander spoke extremely… devilish words, if anyone else heard them, but in Celestine, this was as if suddenly a Sun enveloped her as she stood on an endless frozen ground.

“Alex-sama… no…” She was about to speak, but her very tone contained an inferiority complex.

“Don’t hold back. Say it, I want to hear it from you.”

Celestine looked at this man, looked at the person who was now the owner of her Soul, and who looked at her with a gentleness she had only ever seen from one person in her life.

“Husband…” She spoke, a small weight was lifted from herself.

“Say it again.”

Alexander gave no chance and contrary to his slightly brusque tone, Celestine repeated, “Husband.”

“Say it again.”

Celestine was surprised to note that it was not only herself who enjoyed declaring this, but Alexander as well because of the little boy’s smile on his devastatingly handsome face, Even more than hers, Celestine thought.

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