IAIK Ch.108



Celestine felt courage coursing through every part of her spirit.

“Say it again, I am yours, and you are mine.”

Still not giving a chance, Alexander replied to Celestine, she felt her feelings were in a whirl whipping up everything dark in her Soul, or worries in her head.


Celestine didn’t realize it, but she started breathing harder, as if she was finishing a marathon of many miles.

“Say it again, release everything about me.”

“Alex-sama…” She wondered if she could be so selfish, but Alexander’s gaze told her clearly that she could, “Alex-sama… you are… my Husband.”


Celestine mentioned and her eyes glowed green with Magic filling in them… just like when she had her visions… but right now she was manifesting her power alone.

“I am your Husband, and you are my Wife.”

“HAI!” She was so joyful that she didn’t even notice the surges of Magic she was releasing, or the restraining barrier Alexander had surrounding the bed.

“Now… I don’t think I can take it anymore, Celestine, I am a man, and you are my woman…”

“Alex-sama…” Celestine said and her eyes lost their divine glow though her expression was the same, she didn’t let Alexander finish, “Please, let me attend to you first… I, I long for it, I long to serve you with every part of my Soul, my flesh, and my spirit.”

“…” Alexander looked at Celestine, and though surprised, nodded.

Celestine smiled radiantly, like a rising Sun, and then Alexander was the one to lie down on the bed.

Celestine sat up naked, completely naked, and lay on Alexander’s side.

Just before Celestine did anything, both of them were surprised, blinked and looked into each other’s eyes….

Alexander felt a loop of Magic that wanted to become part of him, he looked and saw that it was a red string invisible to the eye, but not to his eyes, coming from Celestine’s chest.

“Celestine this… can you feel it?”

Celestine looked at her own chest as well, as if like Alexander she could see the invisible string originating from there, it had a short length, it was silent, and unmoving just inches from Alexander’s chest, like a servant or slave waiting for confirmation from his Master, “Alex-sama…it is about me…it is my own Magic and it is my own desire~ Please, Alex-sama…accept this humble union, to be together for eternity~”

Celestine’s face was flushed as she spoke, and Alexander could even see steam rising from her natural Elven elongated ears.

He smiled a little at the sight.

“It’s natural, sort of, so there’s no need for any kind of need to count confirmation.”

Alexander said and touched that string a little, which in fact, as if it was to the physical something, he could touch it, even though it was intangible.


Celestine arched her body and a lightning bolt descended down her spine with indescribable pleasure, Alexander noticed it and did nothing but laugh a little, then, he guided the thin little string towards his own heart, then the string entered through his chest, and Alexander….

He felt a real connection with Celestine.

He felt Celestine’s feelings for him at this moment….

Unique Soul.

Unique Soul.

Unique Soul.

Unique Soul.

Unique Soul.

Unique Soul.

He didn’t think he could contain or endure something like that, and he was shocked to the core with Celestine’s very strong crush on himself, it was just too strong….

Too powerful, too overwhelming….

So much so, that Alexander was even a little worried that someone with these kinds of feelings might end up in some way similar to a Yandere, in the case of women who felt it for their special people….

And of course, Alexander was actively ignoring that this feeling had been a normal thing for each and every one of his women at the beginning of their relationship….

Nor did he know that compared to what it felt like in the beginning, for the others in the later, like for example, Olga….

It was like comparing the light that a firefly can make to the light that a sun can make….

However, the Great Hero Alexander did not know something like that…

Alexander was half bent over on the bed, breathing hard, Celestine was also like that in the same way, but her big huge breasts were swaying with an oscillation, which Alexander felt he had to watch for his own pride as a man and a Milfs lover.

“Celestine, are you all right?”

Celestine breathed and replied with an overly ecstatic smile, “Hai, Alex-sama, we have made a Master and Slave contract, now I can be together with you for all eternity~”

Alexander sat on the bed and sighed, “Celestine, something like that wasn’t necessary to be an eternity with me, contract or not, you would be.”

“I know, Alex-sama~ Now more than ever I can see your Glory, your Love, your Light and Shine~ It’s like a thick pillar of raw power stretching up to the sky, not even the Gods would have powers like that if they existed! Also, the contract was made because of me, it was my own Divinity that made me do it, it was something so natural, and something I wanted so much, that it materialized in this way, that’s why…. Please take care of me from now on, Husband~! Master~!”

Alexander smiled helplessly, and nodded.


Celestine pounced on Alexander in a tight embrace, and giggled like a contented little kitten basking at her Owner’s feet, her expression at this moment was the ultimate degree of happiness.

Celestine then, after a while, opened her eyes, and stared at Alexander’s face, and the latter only looked at Celestine.

They kissed and Celestine seemed to want to burn Alexander with her body, which? in a strange way, was making Alexander feel warm, I mean… It was little and very nice, but it was really burning him….


Alexander ended the kiss with Celestine, and she broke away from Alexander as she licked and slurped her saliva, then opened her eyes in an erotic way, where he could notice the thin thread of saliva between them….

Alexander saw that Celestine took this from the end of him, and slowly took it all into her mouth, then, she looked at Alexander and he, seeing the look, the desires, and the sucubic mood that Celestine had as she looked at him like that, felt….

Well, he felt he would be raped again.

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