IAIK Ch.109


Celestine, without repressing her innermost desires, laid Alexander, who was already completely naked, on the bed. Her feverish gaze lingered a little on Alexander’s large penis, but she bit her lips a little, and made up her mind to save the best for last.

Alexander knew she would serve him first, then it would be his turn.


Celestine then with her eyes sparkling, but different from when she’s executing her Magic, walked up to Alexander and kissed him wildly… or as wildly as she could, on the mouth.


She herself felt very strange and unfamiliar things go through her body every time Alexander played with her tongue, or she tried to copy him.

She didn’t delay, and Celestine parted her lips, put her fingers over her mouth, and with a face close to drowning, tasted Alexander’s saliva.


She shivered a little.

Then, she moved closer to Alexander’s face, as he watched quietly, and kissed with small, wet kisses, all over his face.

“~Chu~ Chu~ Chu~ Chu~”

The nuclear affection she wanted to convey, Alexander felt it hit him very well, too well.

Celestine then stopped kissing once she was done with Alexander’s entire face, she proceeded to move down towards his neck.


As if it was the nicest thing in the World, Celestine again started kissing all over with little kisses, filling Alexander’s neck with little wet spots.

This all went on for a while, Celestine had kissed everything and every part of Alexander’s naked body that she could, minus his huge penis.

Alexander looked at Celestine, unsurprised at how… perverted, she was being, deigning only to enjoy the pleasurable sensation he felt.

Celestine, totally naked, realized that Alexander was looking at her breasts that hung almost illusorily.

“~Do you like them, Alex-sama~?”

She touched her huge breast, which didn’t fit in her hand to ask Alexander.

“Hm, I like them too much, they’re beautiful and they’re part of you, I like them so much they almost drive me crazy.” Alexander nodded and spoke without taking his eyes off those really huge breasts.

Celestine smiled like a little girl, “Alex-sama… my body is yours, touch it the way you wish, this is also my wish~”

Alexander looked at Celestine, then at her breasts, then without touching them with his hands, he brought his mouth closer and started sucking directly from her pink left nipple.


Celestine, to date, and especially after she started having the visions of sex with Alexander, surprisingly….

She had never masturbated.

She knew that her body instinctively felt that she should caress herself there, but at most, and for reasons unknown to herself, she only slept while activating her Magic in a way that sexual visions of a surprising quality, appeared in her dreams.

Because of this, Celestine had so far only had countless wet dreams.

But she had never masturbated, ever.

The… extraordinary sexual frustration she had taken in so far… almost the size of a huge sea of pure erotic feelings….

… It was completely overflowing in this moment of intimacy with Alexander.

For her, this was all new.

For her, all of this was simply too good.

Alexander actively sucked on Celestine’s nipple.

“Yummy, yummy it feels Alex-sama, it feels very very very very very yummy, please don’t stop~!”

Alexander took her other nipple in his hand, starting to play with it, then pulled his mouth off the pink nipple, which was terribly stiff and wet right now, as he moved towards the other one.

“Ahhhhuuhh, Alex-sama, it feels so good~!”

Celestine was having a heavenly pleasure that completely erased all the sexual frustration she had stored up in her being.

Alexander then removed his mouth from her nipple, and began to massage her delicate white breasts roughly with his hands.

“I love your breasts!”

Alexander smiled and began biting and then kissing, entirely the skin of Celestine’s massive breasts, not leaving a spot free, up, down, to the sides…. He kissed Celestine’s breasts completely after gently biting them.

Celestine didn’t know it, but the explosions of pleasure she was feeling right now, were strong mini-orgasms that made her close her eyes to enjoy this magical and wonderful sensation that was freely coursing through her body.

Celestine thought that Alexander was a beast, that he was marking her as his own right now, and this thought made her so happy that she slightly started to cry with happiness with another strong mini orgasm.

She wanted to give Alexander all of this back to him, she wanted Alexander to feel what she herself felt, at that moment, although her body was a little shaky, she felt a limb of Alexander’s touch all over her ass and came out from behind her legs together.

The position they were in was of Alexander lying down, and her on top of him as she brought her breasts close to Alexander’s face.

Both of them felt Alexander’s huge, fat penis slip between Celestine’s plump, white thighs, and she looked up at Alexander with a feverish face, again, as if waiting for confirmation from her owner.

Alexander almost sighed, but fully accepted the responsibility of being Celestine’s Master right now, and then smiled at her, “Your body, it is certainly mine… but at the same time, my body is also yours, do as you wish, that too, is my wish.”

Celestine felt an energy run through her body completely, as she noticed Alexander repeating the words she herself had mentioned.

She, with a strange face, as she was so happy that she couldn’t hide it, and at the same time with seriousness, replied to Alexander, “Hai, Alex-sama~!”

Alexander saw this, and noticed that Celestine quickly stood further behind, with her face looking closely at the huge Dragon in front of her.

“Celestine, get your butt in this direction, I want to see your body too.”


Since it all started, Celestine’s tone had become extremely erotic and alluring, so much so that just by her voice Alexander was getting even harder… but now, Alexander didn’t even know if such a thing was possible, but he felt that Celestine’s tone had become, meek, blissful… and ahegao.

Celestine, having another explosive mini-orgasm from the dominant tone Alexander used, brought her huge ass right to the front of Alexander’s face.

She thought that place was dirty, but since she had seen it in the visions, she knew it was a normal thing to do at a time like now.

Then, feeling Alexander’s lips and playful tongue watering her dripping vagina, she looked at the giant penis in front of her.

Alexander’s penis, her man’s penis.

She looked at the penis bigger than her face, like a mother looking at a child.

Slowly, carefully and lovingly…. she opened her mouth and licked, not the penis, but the base, soaking it all with her saliva, after finishing there, she took the hard, wide penis with her small, white hand, moving it a little to the side, while she started to take care of the same way, her man’s testicles.

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