IAIK Ch.110


Seconds passed, and Celestine, feeling waves of pleasure more powerful than ever, from having Alexander causing disasters with his tongue in her little vagina, continued her work and licked and sucked Alexander’s testicles completely.

Then, her gaze became more affectionate, and she began to lick “completely”, on the big penis in front of her.

Just like before, without leaving a single place without licking properly, all around the circumference and all over the skin of the huge penis.

Then, she finally finished with the fat head of the penis, licking it like someone licking a lollipop.

She herself, until now, had as her favorite activity to quietly smell her flowers that she had taken care of, but at this moment… attending to her man’s penis gave her such an inexplicable satisfaction, that it became her number one activity, inside her head.

After licking and repeating the whole process several times, she noticed that Alexander was trembling a little, and had even pulled his tongue out of her vagina, she smiled and with a growing pride, seeing that her man liked what she was doing, she became even more daring.

She positioned her mouth over the inch-long penis, and began to let her saliva run all over the penis, all along the length of the flesh.

“Uhh… Celestine, don’t use your hands.”

Celestine smiled as she saw that Alexander was extremely ecstatic with what she was doing, moaning a little, and with a huge grin at the thought that she was fulfilling her role as Wife and Slave correctly, she replied, “~Okay, Alex-sama, please, just enjoy what I want to give you~”

Celestine, originally intended to massage the penis with her hands, to make sure her saliva ran all over it, but as her Master had spoken, she began to do it with her mouth.

It was quite small, her mouth, if compared to Alexander’s Dragon, but Celestine smothered this with more time, and more love.

She finished in several seconds producing erotic moans, and again she stood over the penis, the penis that had changed her so much, the penis of the person she loved as her Man, and took it into her mouth bit by bit.


Alexander moaned because Celestine’s small mouth seemed to be stretching as she did something like this, and the feeling that it was very narrow, reigned.

‘Ahhh~ Delicious~’

Celestine thought and from her eyes two little hearts could be seen, the taste of her Master and beloved’s penis, was simply too good for her, so much, at such a deep level that Celestine felt her being satiated by doing this.

She slowly took as much of the penis into her mouth as she could, and stopped when it reached her throat.

She’d seen herself doing this before, but she didn’t exactly know how it was done right, she just followed her instinct and didn’t let her teeth brush against the penis almost locked in her mouth, at the same time slurping as much as she could.

*suck* *suck* *suck*.

She started moving her head up and down, slowly, and then sped up a bit.

After a while, Celestine was getting more and more experienced, but the highlight was Alexander’s hands on the sides of her head, “Celestine…hmmm…. Celestine, I’m coming…”

Normally, Celestine previously wouldn’t even have known what Alexander meant by this, but as she had seen the visions a great many times, to the point of attrition, she knew exactly what Alexander meant by something like this.

With a pride rising in her Soul, as she felt she had almost made her Husband come, Celestine began to perform everything with greater intensity, thinking vividly of the blissful expression “she” had from the vision, as she swallowed the white stuff coming out of the tip of Alexander’s penis.

*Sorber!* *Suck!*


Her movements started to get violent, and although she unfortunately couldn’t swallow the penis completely in her mouth, she tried even harder and was able to take a large amount of the thick rod inside her.

“I’m coming…!”

Alexander realized as he began to come, Celestine shoved as much of his penis into her mouth as she could.


*Splurt!* *Splurt!*

The sound that was happening was one that could be heard particularly in this silence in the room.

*Gulp!* *Gulp!*

Celestine gathered it all in her throat and mouth, swallowing desperately while at the same time savoring the taste of her Master’s Love juice, until she could no longer contain it and with a lewd sound, let the head of Alexander’s penis, see the room again.


*Gulp* *Gulp* *Gulp*

She also made sure that Alexander, who was still cumming, did so in her mouth, as she swallowed and swallowed with a feverish, intoxicated look passed over her face.


After a few seconds, Alexander sighed.


He didn’t have much time to relax, as he realized that Celestine was sucking extremely hard all over his penis, as if she wanted to pull out all the cum Alexander had inside, the absorption was so strong that Alexander, having been weak from finishing cumming very hard just recently, had a shiver of pleasure that completely ran down his spine from the tip of his toes, to the tip of his head.

“Oh Celestine… how amazing, it felt so good and so pleasurable that I have no words to describe it.”

After a while, seeing Celestine pull away from his cock and put her hand to her mouth, her eyes closed savoring the taste of his cum, he said to her as he sincerely complimented her. He was extremely surprised that Celestine could give such a service, even as a virgin.

“Uhhuh, Alex-sama, this is my duty, from now on I will do this as many times as possible, taking care of your body is something I wish to take care of.”

She gently shook her head at first, and told Alexander with her intoxicated eyes looking up at him, as her hand gently grasped his penis and slowly moved up and down.

Renaissance Hands.

“Oh, my Wife is the best.” Alexander smiled and with his skill, began to stroke Celestine’s head.


She sounded like a kitten, as she pushed her head more against Alexander’s hand, Alexander smiled at the sight of such a thing, but then stopped her movement, and then broke away from Celestine to sit on the bed.

“Are you ready, my Wife?”

Celestine saw that Alexander was looking at her seriously, and she….

“~~HAI~!” With her Milf voice and excitement, she answered him energetically, she also had another mini orgasm as she knew that now that the main part was coming, the expectation didn’t fit in her Soul….

“Celestine, put your ass in this direction and lift it up, I know you are a little weak from all of the above, so it doesn’t matter if you are lying on the bed, but stick your ass out towards me.”

(Hai) She whispered, and didn’t even say anything against it, for it was true that her legs were shaking from all the amazing things she had done just moments ago, and from all the pleasure she had felt.

Her face became even more flushed, and then she did exactly as Alexander told her, she lay back on the bed, her massive breasts flattened on the bed, and she tried to arch up, sticking her ass out as far as she could towards Alexander.

Alexander instantly… purposely activated the Sharingan, and kept this image never to be forgotten.

His Dragon was harder than ever, and Celestine’s tender white vagina was completely soaked, everything was ready.

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