IAIK Ch.111


“Now, Celestine, relax all your muscles, leave the work to me, if you feel any discomfort, or discomfort, tell me.” Alexander spoke and tightly grasped Celestine’s large round buttocks, which like Chaia, Kaguya, Eleonora and Olga, didn’t let him see the scenery or even her vaginal lips, because of how noticeably large they were.

“Alex-sama~” She turned her head slightly towards Alexander, “Even if it hurts, this is such a magical moment and so wonderful that I want to feel everything… I want you to take everything and every part of your penis, and key it me, Alex-sama, I want to have you inside me and for us to be one, I want your essence deep inside me…. would you allow the selfishness of this servant, Master?”

Alexander realized as he looked at Celestine’s expression, that even if something was physically upsetting, she wouldn’t mind, and she herself had conviction in this, but Alexander, was Alexander, it was impossible for him to hurt his Wives.


Hands of Rebirth.

Alexander smiled and nodded, Celestine saw this and turned her head to the front, her eyes closed, waiting for Alexander to thrust his penis into her body.

Alexander changed the position of his hands, and instead of touching her soft buttocks, he touched and pressed on her lower abdomen, to allow for no mishaps of any kind.

“Here I go.”

Alexander, with no hands, directed his Dragon to Celestine’s deep ass, he had his penis so hard, he moved it up and down a bit looking for Celestine’s entrance.

It didn’t take long and he found it, then, he slowly started to insert his Dragon into Celestine’s extremely wet cave.


A moan escaped between Celestine’s teeth, and although she had felt pleasure before nothing compared to what she was feeling right now.

Alexander eventually reached the hymen, and began to activate Hands of Rebirth.

He didn’t give Celestine a chance to moan and suddenly, being sure it wouldn’t hurt her, he shoved a quarter of his penis into Celestine’s vagina, thus, managing to deflower her.


Celestine felt so much pleasure that she was very close to passing out, instead of any pain or discomfort, her fingers curled and squeezed into the sheet, and her tongue came out a little from her mouth as the illusion of hearts in Celestine’s pupils glowed with fervor.

A little blood came out of her vagina, dripping silently onto the bed, but it was a very small amount.

Alexander, again, kept pushing it even further and further into Celestine.

*Moans* *Moans*

She breathed audibly and let out moans that could not be understood.

Alexander saw that his penis had already reached the entrance part of her uterus, but this didn’t stop him, he still forced his way in a little further and pushed it all the way in.

At this moment, Celestine had a feeling like she was in a void of darkness, curled up and hugging her knees, but that Alexander was forcing his way into the darkness and coming next to her, not only that, but hugging her and giving her warmth.

She seeing something like that, also did the same with Alexander, she felt that Alexander’s penis was extremely deep inside her, but instead of feeling uncomfortable, Celestine… she felt complete, she felt protected.

Alexander saw that Celestine was silent, and he quietly left his penis connected there, and after a few seconds, and very, very gently, he finished inserting the other 6 centimeters of penis that remained.

There you go…


Her thighs collided with Celestine’s buttocks with one last little thrust.

He was surprised that Celestine could take something like that.

“Celestine, are you…. okay?”

He asked worriedly, seeing her sword fully thrust into Celestine.

“Don’t… worry… Alex-sama~ just… I just need to catch my breath… hamngg~”

Celestine spoke in a tired voice and breathing heavily, her face pressed against the pillow, and her eyes closed savoring the bliss of the moment.

Sweat was pouring down her white, gorgeous body, being like this, glued “completely” to Alexander.

Alexander just lay still, feeling the place surrounding the tip of his penis, which seemed to embrace his penis in a tight, wet, inexplicable embrace.

Three minutes passed.

Alexander then, feeling the tissues of Celestine’s vagina begin to relax a little, though still incredibly tight, he slightly moved his penis outward bit by bit.


Celestine was in her own World as she felt this, she didn’t articulate the words out of her mouth properly, and other than muffled moans with hot breaths, she said nothing.

Alexander then began to thrust in again and was accelerating the speed.

The drops of Celestine’s love juices were spilling out in an amount that was already a lot.

Then Alexander sped up quite a bit, thrusting his sword in and out of Celestine’s cave, again and again, making a heavenly friction that pleased both Alexander himself and Celestine, only she could hardly do anything anymore but raise her ass much higher, and helping Alexander a little to thrust his Dragon deeper into her.

Alexander was surprised, but he grabbed Celestine’s plump buttocks, and started ramming harder and deeper, as if wanting to get to his own core.

*Piak* *Piak* *Piak* *Piak*


The slapping sound was extremely noticeable, and so were Celestine’s moans.

Alexander was spreading Celestine’s buttocks even wider, to watch as his Penis was going in and out of Celestine’s tender, but reddened vagina, which due to all the exercise she had already done, was like this, also her buttocks had a tinge of red, and Alexander was ignoring as he now squeezed Celestine’s buttocks together a little tighter on his penis, causing more friction, making Celestine make an overly lewd face at this point.

“Alex-shamaaa~ ghuunnyahh~”


Celestine was trying to speak, but Alexander’s deep, bestial lunges interrupted her.

“Youuhhh~ I love youhhh~~ Gyahhhh~”


Trying to speak, the words were coming out, but she was so dizzy with pleasure that she couldn’t express herself properly, though she didn’t need to, as Alexander understood her perfectly.


Alexander smiled and grabbed Celestine’s buttocks, giving a powerful thrust that drove his cock as deep as ever into Celestine, she opened her eyes greatly and moaned loudly as the pleasure flooded out.

Alexander now still, still so connected to Celestine that her buttocks were deformed and crushed by Alexander, moved forward and his lips reached Celestine’s elfin ear.

“I love you too, Wife, now let’s turn around and change positions, I want to come inside you while I cherish your face, I’m not long now.” Alexander spoke and bit the corner of Celestine’s ear.

“~Hyafuuu~ … ~Shiiii~ Alex-sama~”

She smiled.

Alexander lightly took her body, and turned her over with her legs gathered so that they were still connected, Celestine moaned and finally laid her back on the bed slightly damp from all the action earlier.

“Celestine, I love you.” Alexander smiled at Celestine as he looked at her.

Her face was flushed, tired, but still with a deadly erotic look on it, the beads of sweat and light hairs plastered to her face, only made her more beautiful… her large chest, was red at the nipples from what Alexander had done earlier, her stomach was slightly bulging showed just how incredible a point Alexander’s cock was stored in this woman, finally, her vagina which had no hairs, was open wide enough and red completely as it took the full width of Alexander’s cock. Her legs were behind Alexander’s back, but you could see that she was weakly trying to press her legs against his back, only she was too weak and couldn’t do it very well.

Alexander saw this and caressed her breasts as she began to move strongly again, his eyes didn’t leave Celestine’s eyes, which were tinged with an almost physical happiness and pleasure.

“Alex-sama~” She, in the condition she was in, called with her Milf and motherly tone to Alexander, “Pleaseeee~ Kiss me a lot~ hmngg~”


Apparently, Celestine had regained a bit of stamina from the previous moment of inactivity, and spoke to Alexander, only to be interrupted again by Alexander’s onslaught on her vagina which due to a minuscule inclination, was much wetter than before and the sounds sounded three times as lewd.


Alexander kissed Celestine as he continued to bombard her with his cock.

*Piaksh* *Piaksh*


Each time greater than the last, and in the last few thrusts he parted his lips from Celestine’s, who was a lewd mess at this point, to say, “Celestine…. I am coming!”

Celestine pulled Alexander to her with some of her remaining strength, and kissed him while Alexander thrust his tongue deep inside her mouth, almost as if he was copying his penis, not only that… but Celestine’s legs suddenly lifted up and together with Alexander’s last powerful onslaught, pulled him even tighter to her….

“~~MNNHGNHGNNNM~!” Celestine, noticing how Alexander’s semen went really, really deep inside herself, plus the biggest orgasm so far and the loudest had exploded in her body, Celestine, still with Alexander’s tongue inside her, let out a very big, very loud muffled moan… before the force left her body.

*Splurt* *Splurt*

It should be deep inside Celestine’s body, but the incredible sounds of Alexander’s loud ejaculation, still echoed clearly through the room.

Then, like a soul that had passed through a tsunami, Celestine, with a flawless smile on her face, passed out.


‘~I am coming so hard~ … ~While kissing you~ … ~Still coming out~ … ~Alex-sama, thank you so much~’

This was her thought before she fainted.

A moment passed.

‘Haaa…. huuu…. haaa…. huuu…” Alexander, who had also lost a bit of strength, was inhaling and exhaling trying to regain regular breathing.

“That was…” He looked up into Celestine’s face after breaking away from their wet kiss, he ran his hands gently over Celestine’s face as he looked at her lovingly, “For a person who had never had sex before… that was amazing, Celestine, I love you, I love you too much, I will make you so happy that nothing can ever bother you again.”

Alexander gently kissed the tip of Celestine’s lips, then proceeded to clean up all the mess that had been made.

“Clean up, clean up, clean up.”

The bed, and the sheets they were on, were now completely clean, he and she had gleaming skin as if they had just come out of a bath.

Alexander took Celestine’s body, and still without separating from her, settled himself on the bed, laying Celestine on his chest.

His semen, a little blood, and Love’s juices were still gushing from the connection of Celestine’s vagina and his penis, but Alexander was not bothered by this, he laid with Celestine in exactly the same position he slept with Olga, starting to stroke Celestine’s back with Renaissance Hands, to eliminate the after discomfort of the first time later, he was also surprised by Celestine who had lasted 42 minutes of action with him, on her first try. And it felt a little odd how naturally they were positioned, if Alexander couldn’t see, he would say it was Olga on top of him.

Alexander looked at the ceiling of the royal bed for a while, and now that he was more focused, he sensed something unusual.


He realized one thing, which made him sweat a little.

‘I guess I didn’t put up a barrier…’

Alexander sweated over this, but there was nothing he could do, what happened, happened.

And so, Alexander fell asleep after not too long, though it was clearly not yet noon, seeing Celestine sleeping so peacefully on his chest, made him do the same with relaxed consciousness….

Ignoring, miraculously, the small figure, female, according to her chest, small but there she was, breathing too hot and heavily gesticulating as she watched everything through the thin opening of the door, with her hand on her crotch, apparently, satisfying herself after seeing everything incredible that happened in her Mistress Celestine’s room… and with Celestine herself….

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