IAIK Ch 113

Ch 113

It is true.

At that moment, just before Alexander sent Luu Luu to Asora, Even while the latter still had on his face, or more specifically, on his nose, with the mask slightly lowered, some papers to prevent the blood from continuing to flow from the damage done when Luu Luu called him “Oniisama~”

… He gave Luu Luu a ring that was created there by himself.

Only since Luu Luu was not his Wife, Alexander instructed her that the ring had to be on the middle finger, later on… when they were Husband and Wife, the ring would move to the ring finger…

“Hai, Alex-oniisama made me his little sister.”


The silence dragged on.


Olga had a somewhat exaggerated reaction, then took a deep breath, and under everyone’s eyes, as representative, walked towards Luu Luu, “L-l-luu Luu-chan…. Anata, did you say that?”

Luu Luu smiled with a very pure smile on her little face, “Hai! Onii-sama told me if I wanted to be her little sister, and I said yes~”

“I-I see…”

Olga mentioned being rather surprised, and with complicated feelings inside her.

The others were also stunned.

The atmosphere of the whole place was a bit awkward, only this didn’t seem to affect the 2 square meter area around Luu Luu, as she herself was so happy talking about this, that bright colors and flowers were almost coming out of her.

“Ehehe~ Onii-sama also told me that a little sister has to love her brother very much, has to eat the delicious things her brother gives her, has to sleep with her brother, has to be very much cared for by her brother, and has to bath lovingly with her brother~ So I’m her little sister, hehe~”


This time it wasn’t just Olga, but all of them who overreacted quite a bit, also even Luu Luu didn’t realize that there in her statement were some of her own wishes present….

‘It c-couldn’t be…. Anata/Alex-sama/Danna-sama/Amo/Husband is an L-lolicon!’

They were all thinking the same thing as they looked at Luu Luu who was squirming all over the place while letting out a “Hehe~” all over the place…..


After that… slightly explosive discovery, everything went on as normal.

The chatter continued a bit more and then Aki, who seemed somewhat energetic about it, actively took on the task of showing Luu Luu around the place, though they were all together as they walked.

The walk around the main area of Asora, was taken by all of them as a small excursion, Aki talked quietly as they stopped from time to time, and seeing that Luu Luu was very excited like a little girl and talked a lot herself, Aki sighed internally and put a smile on her beautiful face.

Luu Luu was excited to see things like the great ephemeral scenery of the whole area, the big Dojo for training at the side and even by the lake there, suddenly, Luu Luu felt that her life in this paradise-like place for people like her, who used to like nature and fighting a lot, was going to be very good.

So even though these girls had excessively large breasts, Luu Luu accepted them wholeheartedly.

The excursion ended at the Mansion again, and strangely they all had smiles on their faces for the next part.

“This is your room, Luu Luu-chan, you can do whatever you want here.”

Olga, with a motherly smile, gave Luu Luu a small slate, and a marker, to draw on.


Luu Luu had a question mark coming out of her head, but Olga motioned for her to look in one direction, where she could see that on the door of one room it said “Alexander”, in Japanese with red color, she looked and on the other room doors she saw “Olga”, “Chloe” and so on respectively. She saw that all the girls had their names on their rooms, and there were even some names that had bright colors and sparkles around them on the little blackboard.

She understood, wrote her own name on the small board, with a few tears escaping her eyes.

“””Welcome, Luu Luu~!””””

Luu Luu looked at this and more tears of happiness came out of her little eyes.


She was then hugged by everyone, even Aki foremost, as she was also crying a little because of the atmosphere.

Luu Luu had never really written her name on anything, this was the first time she did it… and it felt just great.


One day has passed since then.

And it could already be said that Luu Luu was properly settled in Asora.

Now, they were all doing what was normal for them while Aki was checking Luu Luu’s cultural level, to explain and teach her some simple and normal things around the house or just common sense things.

Olga was in the living room, with an apron and sleeves rolled up cleaning everything there, like a good housewife, with Chaia and Eleonora, thinking what they were going to make for lunch for today, by checking things in the kitchen, since this was their job when their Master wasn’t here.



The Smartphone in Olga’s pocket started to ring, just like before when Alexander called to tell them to meet Luu Luu.

Olga smiled when she saw that the contact calling her was “~Anata~” and took the call.

When she hung up, Olga had a strange expression on her face.

“Is something wrong, Olga-sama?” Aki asked.

“No,” Olga shook her head slightly, and smiled, “It looks like… We’ll have another new sister.”


Aki was stunned as in her heart, ‘Another one?’ She thought Alexander was amazing… she also felt her jealousy growing a little more.

“Aki-chan, can you call the others, so they can be in front of the Mansion?”

“Hai…” Aki nodded and then went to call all the others, who except for Alice, were in their rooms.

In a few minutes, they were all at the front of the Mansion, just beyond the garden.

Olga had explained to them that Alexander was going to send another girl here, but when they tried to ask Olga, she just smiled amusedly, while inwardly thinking about what Alexander had told her, or explicitly… where she was.


She sighed happily at the thought of Alexander being in the Capital, as she knew all would be well if so, and felt a great weight lift from her shoulders.

And so, with all of them talking to each other about different subjects, a minute passed.


Suddenly, without sound or anything else, the figure of a person appeared in full view of them all, Prim being the first to notice.

Once they saw who it was, they were all left with complicated feelings…

For while they knew that Alexander had gone to the Sixth Fortress, they didn’t remotely believe that he had also kidnapped a married woman…

Claudia looked surprised and extremely flushed at that moment, but realizing that the place where she was had completely changed, she looked in all directions curiously, then noticed the girls looking at her from nearby.

“Girls… you’re… fine…”

Tears came out from Claudia, which caused the same in each and every Princess Knight there…


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