IAIK Ch 115

Ch 115

It was about 3 PM in the afternoon, the sun was shining brightly in the sky and the people of the Capital of Mankind, the City-State in the Seventh Fortress, were extremely happy.

Parties were held on different sides of the great City, together with the two smaller cities.

This was so, because of the arrival of the Hero that had taken place earlier.

The Hero who had already saved the previous Fortresses.

But at the same time, a pressure, still small, but invisible and formless was on the most capable people in the Capital, as well as on the army.

Naturally, they were also each and every one of them excited about the arrival of the Hero, and the fact that Celestine-sama had already spoken about it, or that their connections to the previous Fortresses said so, but they knew that the army that at this moment marched here, was not a normal one.

Reports received showed that in the previous Fortresses, the attackers numbered no more than 1200 or so, but according to Celestine-sama herself and the Hero, the attack would bring with it every single one of Kuroinu’s reserves.

A banal and overwhelming amount of Mercenaries and Monsters alike.

A quantity that exceeds the total army here by a few times.

Because of this, because of this worry that loomed over their heads, the people of some rank had already devised several ideas to somehow safeguard the population.

They had not yet been executed, but due to the large number of magicians in this great City, it made the whole process much easier.

For today, they would let the City be in joy, but tomorrow, after discussing it with the Castle, they would undoubtedly do it.

These people who wanted to do this, were a group of nobles and commoners of high rank due to exploits, who acted as an external appendage to the Castle’s management, but of course, still with their permission, they were called the Board of Directors.

Celestine had never presented it clearly, but she was more than okay with something like that since she had been bailed out of a lot of trouble for that reason.

Anyway, to everyone’s surprise if they knew it, unlike the City, which was in full joy right now, the mood in the Castle was….

A bit…

How to say…?

Strange… maybe?



Alexander opened his eyelids slowly and then yawned a little, looking up at the ceiling of the large Royal Bed.

‘That was a real nap…’

It had been a week or so ago, that since it wasn’t Olga’s day, Alexander hadn’t been able to sleep with his sword tucked away in Olga’s sheath, which had been some of his best sleeping moments he’d ever witnessed.

But, feeling this sensation in his penis, which felt in an embrace throughout the rest of his body, incredibly, Alexander was very satisfied.

‘This is why I was able to fall asleep at this hour, huh?’

Alexander smiled hopelessly and lowered his head.

“Fiuuu~ Hmm~ Fiuuu~”

Cute snores of came out from Celestine, with her face pressed against his chest, she also had a big smile on her beautiful face, and Alexander felt himself getting a little hard at the sight of something like that.


Celestine’s snores turned into light gasps as she felt the overwhelming presence in her womb that seemed to be waking up.


But unexpectedly for Alexander, Celestine then smiled in a kinky, flushed-faced way as she felt Alexander’s penis in her womb as she dreamed.


Alexander gave up on discovering how perverted his women were, so gently….

Manifestation of Mind/Energy.

He moved Celestine to about float a little, and then he came completely naked out of bed, with different liquids mixed at the tip of his penis.

He dressed quickly with his clothes thrown to the side, after a coat of Cleanse, first.

Then, he activated Cleanse several times, both on Celestine and the bed, so that they were as clean and pleasant smelling as if they had been run through a washing machine.

Then, she sat down on the floor.

He crossed his legs and breathed, closing his eyes….

Once he was completely calm, he opened his eyes again, but this time, they showed the Sharingan in its Eternal Stage, making slight rotations.

‘Ready, now all that’s left is…’


Activating his first Ability, Alexander was about to do something that perfectly the section he had removed from the System could do.

A second passed.


*Ding: You have created a new Ability.

Rinne-Sharingan Skill: This ability allows the user to use the Power of his previous Sharingan along with the Rinnegan Power, Eye Ability also from the Naruto Anime, to its fullest capacity.*

‘I see… hm…. as I thought, it happens that creation can also do something like that.’

Alexander realized that his vision changed in absolutely no way, but….

Tiny Creation.

Manifestation of Mind/Energy.

He created a hand mirror in front of himself and with his Telekinesis held it there in the air.

‘Exactly, the Rinnegan is on my right side, and the Sharingan is on my left… it still looks a bit scary, if I do say so myself.’

Alexander saw that his right eye, unlike the Sharingan which looked a bit more charming, with the Rinnegan, was rather gloomy.

Also, he didn’t look like that in 2D, so the eye looked very real, extremely real.


He sighed slowly, and deactivated his Eye Abilities.


Alexander spoke in his mind.

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