IAIK Ch 116

Ch 116

[Name: Alexander Smith.

Race: Human, ???.

Job: Mage.

Vitality: 999999+.

Strength: 333.

Energy: 10080/11163 (EX Quality).

*List of Abilities:

-Creation (EX).

-Photographic Memory (EX).

-Asora (EX).

-System (2.0).

-More-More (EX).

-Erebea Magic (EX).

-Haki (EX).

-Unique Body (EX).

-One Soul (EX).

-Multiversal Energy Processing (EX).

-Rinne-Sharingan (EX) (NEW): This ability allows the user to use the Power of his previous Sharingan along with the Power of Rinnegan, Ocular Ability also from the Naruto Anime, at its maximum capacity.

-Kaioken (EX).

-Manifestation of Mind/Energy (EX).

-Human Area (EX).

-Normal Aura (92% of Mastery).

-Law of ??? (EX): ???

-Hands of Rebirth (EX).

-Lightning-Ray (EX).

-S Skills (EX):

1- Connection.

2- God Yang Body.

3- Sexual Impulse connected to Energy.

-One Heart (EX): ????]

‘… Oh, it’s amazing that just by being with Celestine I received 90 Energy points, since it’s not even 3 days since I left the Fifth Fortress, just like the great and important expense by creating the Rinne-Sharingan, or not, by replacing it with the Sharingan, and according to the memories in my brain, only practice is what I lack to completely master the Rinnegan side, since I have every single one of all of its Abilities well clear in my mind…’

A sigh of restrained excitement came out of Alexander when he realized that he had the Eye Skill of one of Naruto’s most important Bosses… although, the shared Skill itself was one that Alexander had mostly seen in the adult Sasuke… anyway, this was such an impressive milestone that Alexander was still a bit numb….

He also thought about how he received a great deal of points from Celestine, because she was herself, a Divine Being, or at least, part of his Existence was.

Which strengthened his thought that her Energy was actually increased by interacting with the main energy of a whole World.

That is, being the Princess Knights or the Queen of the Dark Elves and her Right Hand, the “protagonists”… of this unpleasant World, Alexander only increased his Energy by interacting with them, not to mention having sex, since they were his Wives.

Which makes, that the girls, who have the main energy of a whole World inside them, would unknowingly toast this energy to their Husband, and mainly, since he had taken his vital Yin, i.e. his virginity, in almost all of them.

There was also the fact that with Chaia, or Eleonora, Alexander realized that his Energy didn’t really have a big jump in Stats, although, the least Alexander thought of when making love to them was something like that.

He loved each and every one of them to the best of his heart’s ability.

Alexander smiled, satisfied, and realized something, then looked to the side.

“… Ehehe~ Good morning~ Husband~”

Celestine, who had a veneer of mature, Milf aura about her, smiled at Alexander as she looked at him with her face pressed against the pillow.


Alexander smiled and went to her again, then kissed her on her forehead.


But when he saw that she pouted divinely with a chibi face, Alexander, who was almost melting from high blood sugar, kissed her lips.


Celestine immediately became happy and her inexperienced tongue tried to get into Alexander’s mouth, only Alexander went ahead first.

Celestine, with extremely erotic and simple movements, moved her body until she was with her legs on Alexander’s back, and held from his chest, as Alexander held her big round white buttocks towards him.

“Pu~ha~ Itadakimasu~”

Celestine spoke as she tried to slurp Alexander’s saliva in her mouth, and her perky, but huge breasts jiggled slightly making a very lewd image.

“Celestine… wait a minute.”

Alexander smiled at her, and Celestine, like a good Wife, nodded as she lay in Seiza on the bed, completely naked.

Her large breasts, slender waist and big ass made for an Hourglass body landscape, even sitting in that position, plus her golden hair strewn across her chest, which miraculously covered only her nipples, and lower down, her tender vagina which due to the position looked like a vertical cleft in the middle of her pink cheeks….

Unique Soul.

Without wasting another moment not to lose himself right there, Alexander concentrated, and stood with his back to Celestine.


Quickly, two seconds passed in succession, and Alexander turned around.

Then he smiled and showed Celestine a ring that was precisely made for her.

“This is…” Alexander spoke and took Celestine’s hands, then tenderly her ring finger, “Proof that you are my wife, that you belong to me, and that I belong to you.”

He finished saying and had put the ring on Celestine.


All of Celestine’s skin and hair bristled, as she felt an unknown Energy flood her body, her mind, and her soul.

She was a Goddess, in the past, so her senses were more than abnormal, and she managed to feel a figure of higher rank than her, much larger, embracing her existence.

“Thank you… Alex-sama… thank you…”

Unknowingly, she started to tear up little by little, Alexander hugged her and she still cried some more on his shoulder.

Alexander sighed at how Kind and Humble Celestine was, and although he liked her, he wished that now that she was his wife, she had that pride, that he belonged to her, only it was something he wasn’t willing to rush, after all…. Alexander was a huge Wife-con.

And in this way, just as is the transition of a pretty girl pulling down her panties, the time passed.

Half an hour later, Alexander and Celestine were sitting at the table, only Celestine was on Alexander’s lap, already dressed, of course….

Celestine now wore the clothes of a noble figure, with an aura of a Wife of medieval times, but it was more than clear that the clothes were tight, for if the button that was holding the union of her two breasts, could make faces, it would be red right now from the great effort she was making to hold the pressure there.

20 Minutes later, though silent, Celestine was still smiling at the sight of Alexander acting so jealous.

She saw that there was no way in this World Alexander was going to let her have the same clothes she had before she was his Wife.

And of course, Celestine having the great infinitely growing feeling of Love and obsession she had with Alexander, seeing her Husband so jealous, she had still spent 20 minutes laughing silently, with overflowing happiness.

Once they were calmer, enjoying the silence of having only each other in the World, Alexander, who had doubts, finally spoke….

“So… what’s that thing you had mentioned earlier about…. Olga-onee sama?”

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