IAIK Ch 117

Ch 117

“Ah… that’s right, hehe~”

Celestine smiled and settled deeper into Alexander, like a kitten purring as she attached herself to her Master.

“The truth, Alex-sama, is…. in fact, Olga-onee-sama is, my older sister.”

Alexander, though surprised, just listened in silence, began to stroke Celestine’s head as he noticed her mood drop a little.

“It makes…” She paused, not wanting the large amount of years she had on her body, to show to Alexander, “A long time ago, before I reincarnated in a material body… I realized that I had not been the only one, the only one who was awake but at the same time asleep, but that there was also someone else, who was with me.”

Alexander didn’t quite understand what Celestine was saying, but he let her speak in between her caresses.

“Being a Goddess, it’s a very strange thing… because I don’t feel things the way I feel it now, I couldn’t touch anything, I couldn’t breathe or eat, I couldn’t even feel.”

“And I realized that when I thought I was alone, I really wasn’t, there was someone else in the same way as me, beside me.”

Celestine spoke in her dignified voice, as she pressed closer to Alexander, to which he naturally responded by hugging her protectively.

“At the time I didn’t know what a name was, so I didn’t know how to refer to this person who had shared with me by my side for a long time, but one day…”

A small tear glistened in Celestine’s eyes.

“… One day I couldn’t be aware of the other person who was there with me, he was gone.”

“Later I noticed that I was also taken from that place, that lonely place, where I was for who knows how long, to be reborn in a material body.”

Celestine laughed a little, remembering her early life.

Alexander was amazed, as a person was directly telling him about her Goddess experience, rather confusing and abstract, it seemed, which did not take anything surprising away from it.

“After time passed, I had noticed that I was reborn as a High Elf of Light, of Nature, in a very small clan.”

“I also learned that in the other part of the territory, there was another clan where our counterparts existed, the Dark Elves, who miraculously, had also given birth to one like me, a Dark Elf with a great potential of Magic, the energy that exists in this World…”

Celestine continued to speak to Alexander as if it were a narrative of the story, which indeed it was.

Alexander listened quietly as his hands kept caressing Celestine.

She told him all the life she had had until the few Elves also died, her parents had been the first to die and as if it were a curse, the others followed.

Celestine says that according to her it was because of the evil of the World itself that was growing.

That was the reason, since the Elves of the light attract all that magnitude of evil to their bodies, and that is why it acted as a pathogenic agent that killed them little by little.

Knowing something like that, by chance of destiny, one day, somehow, Celestine had been hidden by Olga Discordia, who by that time was already ruler of the Dark Elves.

They shared their experience of both before, and after being reincarnated, and inevitably a family bond was formed between them, since Olga was older, Celestine became the younger sister.

Alexander nodded as he listened to all this, for after her almost everything was similar to what Olga herself had told him of her past, except the part where she said nothing about Celestine.

‘Would she have wanted me to hear it from herself?’

Alexander knew Olga very well, too well and laughed at her slightly childish thoughts.

“But, there was one day…”

Suddenly, Celestine’s tone soured a little, Alexander continued to stroke her head directly without any Skill activated.

Celestine told that one day an attack occurred, all kinds of magical beasts and demons invaded the only existing capital of the Dark Elves, where in the depths of the castle, she was protected.

Then, the Dark Elves were decimated.

Olga took the battle to the north of her current position, with all her army and her people, but before…

She left her a letter from Celestine.

She explained to her that there was a settlement of humans in the other part of the Region, to the North, but that they were too old-fashioned where they didn’t even have exactly an established colony yet… that this was a place where she could survive, now that possibly the Dark Elves’ settlement would be completely destroyed in not so long.

Celestine with deep fears and despair, and even though she did not want to, did everything that her adored Big Sister had told her to do.

In that place of humans, Celestine, being able to use Magic freely, was taken as a Goddess.

Each and every one of those beings called humans, took her as a Goddess for every magical thing Celestine did.

She then resignedly accepted that position, and from there, time passed.

It was not only the cunning and potential of the humans that surprised both Celestine and Olga, as well as the more powerful monsters, but their extremely rapid growth, both in numbers and intelligence, that did it.

Celestine several times tried to send groups to ensure the safety of Olga, her older sister, who by her confidants and her best spies knew perfectly well what was going on, but…

Unexpectedly for both of them…

It was not less than two days, what it took for a fierce war between the races to start…

Even though they didn’t know the reasons specifically, it was almost… it was almost as if the races were entirely repellent to each other, each hated the other to the core.

Both for Humans, and for Dark Elves.

Though they tried to stop all the spark that had been ignited….

No matter how hard they tried, there was no way that hatred would stop.

There came a point, where instead of stopping the war, Celestine and Olga, began to diminish as much as possible, the clashes between the races.

Time, cruel in its own way, passed, passed, passed and passed.

Not even sending secret letters to each other, or even contacting each other in any other way, Celestine Lucross, and Olga Discordia, lost contact with each other.

Even so, Celestine still could not forget that figure who cared for her, that figure who was her only family in this World….

“That would be… everything so far, Alex-sama… no, Master.” Celestine lifted her head from the perfect, rich embrace she was in, to look Alexander in his face, “Ever since …. Ever since I heard that Kuroinu’s army had attacked the Dark Elves to extermination… I felt my heart break…”


She began to sob for a very short time, but then she smiled, smiled with what was the most beautiful smile Alexander had ever seen.

“But, when I heard that Big Sister wasn’t… dead, but was traveling with a Hero, and even that she helped that Hero fight Kuroinu in the First Fortress, earning the favor of the citizens there even though she was a Dark Elf…” Celestine paused, “I felt like my soul could go to heaven again from how relieved I was… thank you, Master~ Thank you for helping my Onee-sama, thank you for saving all the Princess Knights, thank you for being here, to ease my loneliness, Master~”


Alexander was struck dumb by the feelings Celestine was conveying by the way she spoke, by her gestures, by her voice, by her whole being….

Alexander again became mute….

Then he smiled and hugged Celestine.

“From now on… you will always, always be by my side, always.”


Celestine squeezed Alexander to her as much as she could, almost as if she wanted to become one with him, while her face melted in pure happiness.

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